19 Best Bangle Bracelet For Women In 2023

Bangle bracelet have been around for hundreds of years, dating back as early as 2600 BC. The circular-shaped, slip-on bracelets are traditionally worn by women in India, Africa, and South East Asian and Middle Eastern countries, but over the last few decades, they have rapidly become a staple in jewelry boxes elsewhere around the world. And it's not hard to see why.

Sleek, minimalistic, and downright unfussy, bangle bracelets are exceptionally versatile and are a great way to freshen up any ensemble, whether you're dressing for the office or getting dolled up for an evening out. You can go the classic route and stack 'em on your wrist or keep it simple by wearing one as a standalone—the beauty of these baubles is that they're no wrong way to style them.

Ahead, we rounded up a selection of the best bangle bracelets to add to your jewelry collection.

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

Small Seal Script Fine silver bracelet for women This silver bracelet is engraved with a small seal. There are eight different names, each with its meaning.

  1. Gods are cautious, strictly control their desires, do not rely on other people's supervision, and consciously direct their desires.
  2. Self-discipline is self-discipline, that is, in the absence of on-site supervision, through self-demand, change from passive to active, consciously abide by discipline and law, and use the law to restrain one's words and deeds.
  3. PING AN is Safety, which means no accidents, stability, and safety.
  4. XI LE is Joy, which means joy and happiness.
  5. Contentment, contentment, contentment, contentment.
  6. ZI ZAI is freedom, which means being yourself eclectic.
  7. BU ZHENG is incompetent and does not compete with others in the first place.
  8. BU BIAN does not argue, which means that a capable person does not need to speak with others, nor does he just use words to prove that he is right。


2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

This bracelet is made of solid sterling silver, which is not easy to fade and not easy to allergies.
With the design of the letter "H", zircon is added as an embellishment.
The chain length is about 16.5cm plus a 3.5cm extension chain, and the pendant size is about 5.5*6mm.
Precautions for maintenance: Keep dry, sealed, and preserved. A silver cloth is required.

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelet

Original Ancient Silver Bracelet, Open design, portable to wear, smooth, and not hurting hands.

999 pure silver material, anti-oxidation, not easy to allergies, solid, and not easy to deform.

The best homemade birthday gifts of 2022 for someone or yourself.

2Jewellery Women's Sterling Silver Bracelets

Lucky Silver Bracelet--Lotus Pendant sterling silver bracelets
The silver is like the moon, symbolizing the brilliance of whiteness, while the lotus has a sense of purity like a lotus.
The combination of the two is exquisite and unique.
Many things in this world are trivial, but inadvertently support us through many difficulties.

If there is excess energy, then protect all good things.
I hope that through this design, I can see in my heart my inner pursuit of cleanliness and beauty.
Find a moment of tranquility in complex interpersonal relationships.

Finally, this bracelet is adjustable. I believe it will fit your hand circumference.

2Jewellery Silver Bracelet For Women

Adjustable Heart Sutra Silver Bracelet.
Heart Sutra bracelet, made of sterling silver.
There are scriptures engraved on it, so it is very comfortable to wear.
There are entanglements of different colors to meet different preferences.
In push-pull design, you can adjust the hand circumference at will.
Cultivating the heart is not just a bracelet, it also represents a belief and a wish.
Wish you all the best!

Suitable for hands with a circumference of 14-18cm.

2Jewellery Engraved Bracelets For Women

Closed Heart Sutra Bracelet-Silver blessing bracelet.
The Heart Sutra is a classic with positive energy and positive energy. No matter if your wealth is in the tens of millions, or whether you are poor or not, you must seek to be rich in your heart. Only when the heart is rich can you truly have happiness.
The heart sutra bracelet has been prepared for a long time.
The bracelet is made of 999 sterling silver and is solid. And made into a thin style, more suitable for girls to wear.
The bracelet is clearly and powerfully engraved with fine and dense scriptures.
The width of the bracelet is about 35mm, and the inner diameter has 6 sizes.

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

Open Sterling Silver Bracelet, The width of the opening is about 0.55cm, and the hand circumference can be adjusted.
2021S999 sterling silver designer niche vintage silver bracelet.
The bracelet is made with ancient craftsmanship
This bracelet called Qian Quan is not only a handmade gift bracelet but also a deep affection.

2Jewellery Women's Silver bracelets

Open Name Couple Bracelet-sterling silver bracelets This bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver electroplating, with strict workmanship requirements, so it can maintain a long-term luster without worrying about fading.

The inner ring is smooth, the appearance is smooth, fits the skin, and is comfortable to wear.
The opening design allows you to fine-tune the bracelet according to the size of your wrist.
These are engraved bracelets for women, bracelets that can be engraved freely, up to 16 characters (including symbols, and alphanumerics).
Since the carvings are customized products, they cannot be returned or exchanged after carving.

2Jewellery Women's Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet, Silver jewelry symbolizes blessing, and wearing silver jewelry symbolizes health and longevity, as well as the meaning of prosperity.
Wearing silver jewelry can bring you good luck, symbolizing a smooth journey, peace, and prosperity.
What makes this silver jewelry unique is that it is not a traditional silver bracelet, but a bracelet that is worn in the form of beads. Unique and extraordinary.
Even though the world of adults is not "easy" at all, although there are busy and difficult things in life, there are surprises and beauty everywhere.
I hope this silver bead bracelet can accompany you on the road to chasing your dreams!

2Jewellery Silver Bracelet For Women

Blessing Bells Silver Bracelet silver cuff bracelet sterling silver open bangle sterling silver bracelets
Sweet ringtones always give people a warm and pleasant feeling.
The bells symbolize good luck, peace, and harmony.
Retro nostalgic texture, handmade temperature.
The simple bracelet has a unique texture of flowers and plants.
There is nothing more gentle in the world.
It is impossible to be young forever, but it can be commemorated in different ways.
May you always maintain your childlike innocence and be happy!
Suitable for hands with a circumference of 14-17cm.

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

personalized charm bracelets, extension chain design, Buckle can be adjusted freely, Comfortable fit, Delicate mirror polishing, The whole is as smooth and delicate as a mirror。

material: S925 silver material 

weight: about 11 grams  

Chain length: Total chain length is 21cm


2Jewellery Silver Bracelet For Women

ade of standard 925 silver, hand-polished and detail-controlled.

The weight of 54mm diameter is about 42-48g, and the weight of 60mm diameter is about 52-58g.

A diameter of 54mm is suitable for a wrist circumference of 12-14.5cm.

A diameter of 60mm is suitable for a wrist circumference of 14.6-17cm.


2Jewellery Silver Bracelet For Women

Solid curved open bracelet, S990 silver, simple and fashionable, about 75g for small and 84g for large.

Small is suitable for wrist circumference within 15cm, and large is suitable for a wrist circumference of 15.1-17.5cm.

2Jewellery Silver Bracelet For Women

Irregular Design Sterling Silver Bracelet, S925 Silver Open Bracelet, Seiko craftsmanship with controlled details.

Small: 58-59g, Large: 62-63g.

Small is suitable for a wrist circumference of 12-14cm, and large is suitable for a wrist circumference of 14.1-16.5cm.


2Jewellery Silver Bracelet For Women

S999 silver solid glossy thin bracelet, weighing about 14g, made of standard 925 silver, hand-polished, detail-controlled, and beautifully packaged.

2Jewellery Best Women's Bracelets

Made of standard S925 silver, inlaid with Mabe beads, hand-polished, and made with control of

2Jewellery Women's Sterling Silver Bracelets

Bracelet with round strap, S925 silver, 7 sections weighs about 35g, 8 saves 42g, 9 sections 49g, the extension buckle is about 6g, the thickness of the bracelet is about 2.5mm, the extension buckle needs to be purchased separately, and the extension buckle can be extended by about 20mm.

2Jewellery Silver Bracelet For Women

Solid wide-faced silver bracelet, using standard 925 silver, small size is about 60-65g, the large size is about 70-75g, hand-polished and details are controlled.

The circumference of the model's wrist is about 12cm.

Small (suitable for wrist circumference within 15.5cm),
Large (suitable for wrist circumference 15.6-18cm).

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