2022: The Year Of The Square Watch For Ladies

Square watches for ladies have been in the world of fashion for some time now, but their popularity has yet to find its way into women’s fashion until now. In 2022, many watchmakers are releasing square watches specifically designed with ladies in mind. Here are some of the top ladies’ square watches coming out this year, as well as some trends to look out for in future years.

 Square Watch For Ladies

What are the trends


There’s no denying it. Women want watches with square faces. They’re everywhere and they’re beautiful. We see them on celebrities, in ad campaigns, and worn by fashion influencers – but what is it that makes these timepieces so appealing? Whether you have a round face or not, square watches go well with every body type and can be styled in different ways to match any occasion. More importantly, they’re simply on-trend right now! So which one should you choose?


Here are some quick tips on how to choose your perfect square watch for ladies. How to pick a good square watch for ladies: As long as you know where and when to shop, picking out a good square watch shouldn’t take too much effort. You can buy them from almost anywhere (from streetwear brands like Supreme to big department stores), but there are three main places we recommend looking at first: Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. These sites tend to have lower prices than most others because their stock comes directly from third-party sellers who deal in bulk orders (and sometimes they offer special deals). Amazon tends to carry more high-end brands while eBay usually has more mid-range options.


What Watches to Buy in 2022?


If you’re thinking about what watches to buy in 2022, we can give you a lot of recommendations. With so many brands launching new timepieces and timeless classics getting updated in 2022, it can be hard to narrow down your search. Here are some great choices if you’re looking for good square watches ladies. Some of these are new releases, others are classics getting modernized by iconic brands, and all are fantastic options if you're trying to find the best square watches ladies or want to invest in an enduring watch that will stay relevant long after 2022 comes and goes. So read on!


Abercrombie & Fitch launched its first line of luxury watches for women in 2022. Abercrombie is known for their laid-back aesthetic but has recently been branching out into more formal styles as well. Their best square watches for women feature a classic design with a slightly oversized face inspired by classic dive watches from Rolex and Omega. Its case is crafted from stainless steel with an embossed metal logo at 12 o'clock, which adds some nice detail without being too flashy (in keeping with Abercrombie's signature style). Available in rose gold-tone or silver-tone versions (as well as several sizes), each watch comes with a matching stainless steel bracelet strap.


Best Women’s Luxury Watches Under $1,000


It’s not easy to buy a luxury watch at a price under $1,000. But, if you take your time and read some online reviews and recommendations on Amazon, you can find good options that are both beautiful and affordable. After analyzing tens of thousands of consumer reviews across 19 online shopping sites, we determined that models from Seiko and Movado are best suited for women who want to wear fashion watches under $1,000.


According to our findings, consumers love Seiko’s RSNZ17 Black Sport Solar Mother-of-Pearl Dial Women's Quartz Watch due to its precision accuracy, and innovative features such as compass indicators. As for Movado, customers highly recommend their MM120811553101 Museum Single Tour Rose Gold Tone Women's Watch because it has an elegant design that makes it look great with almost any outfit. Best of all, these two watches provide up to 10 years of battery life so they don't need replacing often—something else consumers love about them. In fact, they're considered so durable that many owners say they never need replacing at all!


Best Unisex Watches Under $500


Watches are a style statement that doesn’t need to break the bank. This doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with overpriced Fossil watches or anything else that screams I bought it on sale at Macy’s! Fortunately, a handful of brands provide both value and quality in their unisex watch offerings. Whether you want something casual or dressy, there is surely an option for you here.


Best Dressy Unisex Watch Under $300: Looking for a formal look without breaking your budget? Look no further than these stunningly elegant dress watches. Whether you’re looking for a wedding band, graduation gift, or just want to treat yourself to something nice, these watches will make sure you stand out from the crowd without making a dent in your wallet.


From bright gold cases and dials to diamonds around the face, these men's and women's formal wear styles will be hard to beat when looking for luxury fashion pieces that won't leave a hole in your wallet. Check out some of our top picks below!


Best Casual Unisex Watch Under $100: If you're looking for an everyday watch that can take a beating while still keeping accurate time, then we've got you covered. Not only do these watches come in many different colors and sizes but they also range from sporty to classy depending on what you're going for. Best Sporty Unisex Watch Under $50: For those who prefer sportier looks, we've got plenty of great options as well. These include everything from neon-colored straps to steel bands made specifically for swimmers and surfers alike!

 Square Watch For Ladies

If you want something that can be worn by both men and women, look no further than a classic unisex watch. These watches offer solid styling at an even better price point and often boast quality materials like stainless steel or sapphire glass. While they aren’t targeted specifically toward one gender, these pieces are perfect if you don’t want to spend a ton but still want a timepiece that looks professional. The best square watches ladies have many of these same features; it's really just about tweaking your style and considering how large or small a piece you need to wear on your wrist.


A round face is never a bad choice, but for formal events or days when you need to elevate your outfit, consider swapping in an oversized square watch instead. It will add polish without drawing attention away from your other accessories.


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