2Jewellery Best Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet

                      2Jewellery Best Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet

Rainbow eye obsidian bracelet and gold obsidian are the best varieties of obsidian. Rainbow eye obsidian is a lot of color circles naturally formed on the basis of full moon cat's eye obsidian. , The common rainbow-eyed obsidian is mostly accompanied by several colors, and even more, sometimes dozens of colors can appear at the same time. The diversity of colors is loved by the majority of consumers. In addition, people love it because of its unique role.


Features of the rainbow eye obsidian bracelet

The rainbow-eyed black stone is the most famous one of the black stone. Also known as rainbow-eyed obsidian with rainbow flash, because some stripes are oval, it is commonly known as single-eyed obsidian or double-eyed obsidian, because in addition to the relatively rare production, the appearance is also quite beautiful.


The role of rainbow eye obsidian bracelet

①The energy of rainbow-eyed obsidian is very strong and powerful, and it has the effect of warding off evil spirits. Usually wearing rainbow-eyed obsidian is very useful in places with heavy negative energy such as hospitals and cemeteries. The negative energy brought back by the human body is absorbed;

②Rainbow-eyed obsidian is especially suitable for people who also change to work or who often walk at night.

③The energy of rainbow-eyed obsidian can also strengthen blood circulation in the body and improve the symptoms of weakness and qi deficiency; in addition, it is very helpful for friends with low sleep quality. Wearing rainbow-eyed obsidian can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality;

④Rainbow eye obsidian can enhance vitality, restore physical strength and spirit. For people who often use their brains and work night shifts, wearing rainbow eye obsidian can restore their refreshed vitality and quickly enter the busy work of the next day. ; For women, wearing rainbow-eyed obsidian can prevent the interference of the opposite sex and improve luck;

⑤Place rainbow-eyed obsidian at home to remove the unpleasant musty smell and bad luck;

⑥Leaders wear rainbow-eyed obsidian, which can make people stable, relieve stress, calm down, and eliminate emotional distress. At the same time, they can also use rainbow-eyed obsidian to strengthen their mobility, increase charisma, centripetal force, and help business and money luck. Also known as the "Leader's Stone";

⑦ Rainbow eye obsidian also improves alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction.


The effect of rainbow eye obsidian bracelet

People regard rainbow obsidian as a mascot, and wearing rainbow-eyed obsidian symbolizes peace and auspiciousness. Rainbow Eye Obsidian's unique rainbow light shines brightly, which can bring people a pleasant feeling. Wearing Rainbow Eye Obsidian can make people refreshed, enhance self-confidence, and help regulate emotions.

  1. Physical massage

Physical massage is one of the main benefits of the rainbow eye obsidian bracelet. When the obsidian is worn on the body for a long time, the obsidian will continuously rub against the local skin, which is also equivalent to "massaging" the local muscles, the local muscles will be relaxed, and the blood vessels under the local skin can also be strengthened.


  1. Nourish the body

Nourishing the human body is also one of the main meanings of the rainbow eye obsidian bracelet. An Obsidian is a naturally formed ore. In addition to the main component of silica, it also contains a variety of trace elements. After wearing obsidian for a long time, these trace elements can enter the human body through the pores on the skin surface.


  1. Decorate yourself

Rainbow eye opal also has the effect of decorating itself. Rainbow eye obsidian is one of the best varieties of obsidian. It has many naturally formed colored circles on its surface, which look very gorgeous and is very suitable for wearing as a piece of jewelry. The more colors the rainbow-eyed obsidian has, the rarer it will be and the better the quality will be.


Who is the rainbow eye obsidian bracelet suitable for?

  1. Rainbow-eyed obsidian is suitable for people who often walk at night, and it can be used to survive in a desperate situation and avoid bad things;
  2. It is very helpful for friends with low sleep quality. Wearing rainbow eye obsidian can cure insomnia and improve sleep quality;
  3. For women, wearing rainbow-eyed obsidian can avoid the disturbance and aggression of the bad opposite sex and improve fate.


About the identification of rainbow eye obsidian bracelet

If your obsidian has rainbow eyes, you don’t need to worry too much about it being fake, because rainbow-eyed obsidian can only be found in medium and high-grade obsidian. To observe whether it is natural because the strong light shines on the rainbow eye obsidian, you will find that its color is not single, and the color is not black! In addition, you can choose Shiweixuan obsidian, which is an authentic Mexican rainbow-eyed obsidian. Rainbow-eyed obsidian also needs to be degaussed and purified, especially when it enters the occasion with extremely strong negative energy, it needs to be removed for degaussing and purification when returning.


Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet Degaussing Tips

  1. Use direct sunlight, preferably around 2 hours from morning to noon, but it does not matter if you accidentally exceed the time, but you must take it back before sunset.


  1. Sea salt degaussing method: It should be noted that it must be sea salt, that is, coarse salt. Put the sea salt in clean and non-polluting water, and then soak the obsidian in the water. Because sea salt has the effect of eroding metal or rope.


  1. Put it in the crystal cluster geode. Use the positive magnetic field released by the cluster geode to clear the negative energy of obsidian. Let him recharge and let it sit for about one night.


  1. Get close to nature. When traveling, put obsidian in the stream to make it close to nature and replenish energy.


  1. Music degaussing method: Put the obsidian in a peaceful and positive music space, because music, like color, will bring different magnetic fields and frequencies. Suggestions such as Buddhist music, gospel singing of Western teachings, etc., can make Obsidian is charged and purified.


Features of the Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet

Obsidian can be processed into crafts. In addition, due to the characteristics of glass, obsidian has a shell-like fracture after being broken, which is very sharp. In the ancient stone age, it was used as cutting tools such as knives and arrows, and modern people use obsidian to make the blades of surgical scalpels. In addition, obsidian is cheap, and after being heated at a temperature above 1000 ° C, due to the moisture contained in the interior, it will become white granular after burning, and the texture is loose and porous. It is used as a soil conditioner in the United States.

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