2jewellery Healing bracelets for men2024

                            2jewellery Healing bracelets for men2024

 Healing bracelets for men    Agarwood, tree, 5-15 m high, bark dark gray, almost smooth, fiber tough; branchlets cylindrical, wrinkled, sparsely pubescent when young, then shed gradually, glabrous or nearly glabrous.

Leaves are leathery, round, elliptic to oblong, sometimes nearly obovate, 5-9 cm long, 2.8-6 cm wide, apex acute or acute and short pointed, base broadly cuneate, dark green or purple-green above , bright, pale green below, glabrous on both sides, lateral veins 15-20 on each side, more pronounced below, veinlets slender, subparallel, inconspicuous, margin sometimes sparsely pubescent; petiole ca. 5-7 mm , coat.

 Flowers fragrant, yellow-green, many, forming umbels; pedicels 5-6 mm long, densely yellow-gray pubescent; calyx tube shallowly campanulate, 5-6 mm long, densely pubescent on both sides, 5 Cleft, lobes ovate, 4-5 mm long, apex obtuse or acute, pubescent on both sides; petals 10, scale-like, inserted at throat of calyx tube, densely hairy; stamens 10, arranged in a whorl , filaments about 1 mm long, anthers oblong, about 4 mm long; ovary ovate, densely covered with grayish-white hairs, 2-celled, 1 ovule per cell, very short or absent style, stigma capitate.

Capsule fruit pedicel short, ovoid, green when young, 2-3 cm long, ca. 2 cm in diameter, apex with mucrocus, base attenuate, densely yellow pubescent, 2-valved, 2-loculed, each with 1 seed, seed brown, ovoid, about 1 cm long, about 5.5 mm wide, sparsely pubescent, with appendages at the base, appendages about 1.5 cm long, broadly flat at the upper end, about 4 mm wide, and stalk-shaped at the lower end. Flowering in spring and summer, fruit ripening in summer and autumn.

The resin accumulated after the old stem is injured is commonly known as agarwood (lignaloo), which can be used as a raw material for spice and a special medicine for stomach diseases; the bark fiber is flexible, white and delicate, and can be used as a high-grade paper material and rayon; the xylem can extract aromatic oil, Flowers can be made into extract.

healing bracelets for menAgarwood beads


  • It has the effect of relieving mental stress and purifying the human body's aura.
  • It has strong antibacterial effect.
  • It has the functions of clearing heat and expelling wind, cooling blood and dredging the pulse, nourishing the heart and soothing the nerves, and has the effect of helping and curing heart disease caused by heart disease, shortness of breath, restlessness, neurasthenia, insomnia and dreaminess, fainting and unconsciousness.
  • It has the beauty effect of activating blood and beautifying the skin, eliminating dark spots and removing oil.

To identify agarwood bracelets, you can observe its properties, smell its fragrance, and see if it will fade. The texture of each bead in a real agarwood bracelet will be different, and the size of the beads will not be exactly the same. The aroma is not pungent, continuous, and will not fade. The fake agarwood bracelets will have beads of the same size, have a pungent smell, and will be dyed on the hands.

How to identify healing bracelets for men

Agarwood beads:

  • Looking at its shape, the texture of each bead of the real agarwood bracelet will be different, and most of the agarwood bracelets are artificially made, so there is no guarantee that the size of each bead is exactly the same. If each bead of the agarwood bracelet is very round, it is usually machined. ,
  • Smell its fragrance, the real agarwood bracelets have a natural taste, will not irritate the nose, and the fragrance will be continuously input into the nostrils, while the fake agarwood bracelets may smell irritating because of the addition of artificial fragrances or chemicals. Sensation, and the taste came in bursts.
  • Check to see if the color fades. If the agarwood bracelet will fade after wearing it for a long time, and the wrist will be stained with the color of the bracelet, then it is a fake, because the fake agarwood bracelet is usually coated with fuel. The real agarwood bracelet is natural, although it will fade, but it will not be stained on the hands.

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