2jewellery men's bead bracelet 2024

                              2jewellery men's bead bracelet 2024

How many beads to wear on Men's bead bracelet  Because the bracelet is worn on the wrist, the number is not fixed, and the number varies according to the diameter of the beads.


Generally speaking, in hand beads: 12 beads with a diameter of 20MM, 13 beads with a diameter of 18MM, 14 beads with a diameter of 16MM, 15 beads with a diameter of 15MM, 16 beads with a diameter of 14MM, and 16 beads with a diameter of 14MM. There are 17 and 18 beads with a diameter of 12MM, and 19 beads with a diameter of 10MM. The number of beads on the hand does not pay attention to how many beads, and the principle is that they can fit on the wrist.


 You have to pay attention to how many Men's bead bracelet are appropriate, summed up a few points:

the number of beads is 13. "Thirteen" is considered to be an auspicious number in Buddhism, representing the perfection of merit, so the bead bracelet is 13 beads. However, there are no 13 beads in the records of Buddhist scriptures, and the number of beads is specified in the Buddhist scriptures. When a bead is strung together, Buddhists have the meaning of reconciliation and reconciliation. Generally speaking, this bead generally has important meaning or is very precious. Wear it as a pendant or put it on your neck.

  • The two have no special meaning. According to the understanding of practice, they are considered to be the meaning of harmony, such as the number of harmony in the harmony of yin and yang.
  • Three devout monks who represent the Buddhist Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) generally have a string.
  • The five fingers refer to the five vehicles: the human vehicle, the heaven vehicle, the sravaka vehicle, the predestined enlightenment vehicle, and the bodhisattva vehicle.
  • Six refers to the six senses, also known as the six doors. The six doors include the ear, nose, tongue, eyes, body, and mind, and refer to the six senses of human beings. Also known as "Six Roots and Six Emotions".
  • Twelve refers to twelve karma. The karma here is different from marriage. In Buddhism, when it comes to "twelve karma", most things in the world are born and go away because of karma. Eighteen are also relatively common, easy to carry, and the numbers are auspicious.
  • There are eighteen arhats or eighteen variations of Buddha in Buddhism.
  • Twenty-one represents the twenty-first stage of the Bodhisattva's practice.
  • Twenty-seven beads that we commonly see are carved figures, each representing a saint, called the twenty-seven saints.
  • Thirty-six are called the Thirty-six Good Gods, and they are also abbreviated 108, mainly for easy portability, conveying the wisdom of simplifying the complex and seeing the big from the small.
  • One hundred and eight means that each of the ten realms has one hundred and eight kinds of troubles (ten realms) refers to the world of delusion and enlightenment, which is divided into ten categories: hell realm, hungry ghost realm, animal realm, Asura realm, human realm, and heaven realm , the voice-hearer world, the world of conditioned enlightenment, the bodhisattva. This is the most common number. This number implies eliminating 108 kinds of afflictions, achieving physical and mental stability, and turning into a posture of no desire and no desire. It is the number chosen by many Buddhist practitioners to wear Wenwan Bodhi seeds.

In addition, 108 is also the sum of the number of Tiangang and Disha in Taoist culture, and wearing it also means protecting the body.

How to choose a  Men's bead bracelet  has also become very important

As more and more people like bracelets, how to choose a Men's bead bracelet  has also becomes important. In addition to looking at the number of beads and whether it is suitable to wear on your hand, you should also consider the following points when choosing a bracelet:

  • First of all, it depends on whether the shape is suitable for the wrist. After all, when choosing a bracelet, you must look at the shape at first glance. You should choose your favorite shape according to your age and usual style. 
  • Second, look at the texture of the exterior. In addition to having a delicate appearance, the bracelet should also pay attention to its texture. After all, it also needs to directly touch the skin of the hand. Generally, bracelets that are comfortable to wear will be polished or polished. For materials, precious metal materials will feel light and comfortable to wear, jade bracelets will be cooler and smoother, and hand-woven materials may feel a little rough.
  • Finally, pay attention to whether the size can be adjusted. Because the thickness of each person's wrist is different, the bracelets bought back must be adjusted, and some even go to the store for interception, so it is very inconvenient. It is best to choose a bracelet that can adjust the length by yourself. It is also more convenient to wear. These are the suggestions on how to choose a bracelet. For those who love beauty, some details on the dress are very important, and sometimes a person's taste can be seen from the details. For those who love beauty, the decoration on the wrist is also very important to reflect the details of personal taste. Therefore, when choosing a bracelet, you must think carefully and choose carefully.

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