2jewellery men's bead bracelets

2jewellery men's bead bracelets Small leaf red sandalwood bamboo .The beads of this batch of Indian lobular red sandalwood are very good in color, with a little gold star, very oily and the material is very muddy. The lobular red sandalwood grows slowly and cannot be used for hundreds of years. Compare. It is extremely difficult to obtain large materials, and the wood is hard and dense, suitable for carving all kinds of exquisite patterns, the texture is slender and floating, and the changes are endless. "Gold in the wood" has the characteristics of hard fragrance, good color, natural texture, uniform texture, grains along the grain, and mellow color. It takes more time and material to make the shape of the bamboo than the original bead, and the bamboo has the meaning of rising step by step.

men's bead bracelet

The scent of lobular rosewood is sweet, like chocolate, especially in the new section of wood. It is more obvious. A little closer to the nose, you can smell the obvious sweet scent. There are no other sour odors. This scent makes people feel comfortable but needs to be It should be noted that the finished product of lobular red sandalwood will hinder the release of fragrance after coating. Only by re-grinding one place and polishing off the coating, the fragrance can be regained. The wood of Indian lobular red sandalwood is generally orange-red when it is just cut out, but due to the presence of pterostilbene for a long time, it will oxidize and deepen, from orange-red to red, and then further darkens after pulping, becoming a nearly black color. But it can be seen that the color is a deep purple-red color in the sun or light.

The real Indian lobular red sandalwood, when it is new, the color is red and the color gradually becomes deeper and smells the fragrance. If the sandalwood red sandalwood is rubbed with objects, it will have a very weak fragrance (similar to sandalwood, but it does not smell with our daily life. The smell is very strong when you use a file and a table saw to plan. If the sandalwood rosewood has an oily texture, the oily texture comes from the small-leaf rosewood, and it is not as oily and smooth as other large-leaf rosewood or Dry as any other wood.

Identification method of lobular red sandalwood

Gently rub the surface of the wood with an alcohol cotton ball. If the cotton ball is purple-red, it is red sandalwood. You can also scrape a little wood dust from the wood and soak it in the wine. In fact, it is very easy to identify whether it is genuine or not. The old red sandalwood will not fade when soaked in water, and the color will fall off as soon as the new red sandalwood is soaked in water.

Maintenance method of wooden bracelet

  1. Waterproof. There is a lot of rain in the summer season. If you accidentally bump into the beads you wear on your hands, it is best to put them in your bag at this time to avoid rain. If the hard disk is destroyed, if it is unfortunately exposed to rain, it should be dried immediately and placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally.
  2.  Sunscreen In summer, the temperature is high, such as being outdoors for a long time, in order to avoid fading, it is best to remove it and avoid prolonged exposure.
  3.  The outdoor temperature of anti-air conditioning is high in summer, and there are many air conditioners in the room and the car. It must not be placed under the air conditioner. In addition to atomization, there is also a sudden heat and cold environment that can easily cause cracking. Small beads are better, and the probability of large beads is higher. Therefore, in order to avoid the cracking of the beloved beads, try to maintain a constant temperature, and do not place them in the air conditioner.
  4.  Anti-sweat In summer, the outdoor temperature is high, and the human body needs to adjust the internal temperature by perspiration. Red sandalwood is also contradictory, so it is recommended not to wear it when sweating a lot. In addition, for sweaty hands, it is recommended to take anti-sweat measures (such as Wear a layer of disposable medical plastic gloves first), then wear cotton gloves

How to play the small leaf rosewood bracelet

  1. Gently rub the column for about half an hour every day.
  2. After playing for a few days in a row, leave it for a period of time, this is to allow the oily oozing beads to naturally oxidize and form a slurry.
  3. Then repeat the first and second steps until the slurry is completely formed.

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