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2jewellery The meaning of the best women's bracelets,Best women's bracelets Cordierite (Cordierite or Iolite, Dichroite) comes from the Greek word Violet, violet, and Dichroite comes from the Greek word "bicolor," which refers to the gemstone's strong pleochroism. Because of its sapphire-like blue color, iolite is called "water sapphire."

Cordierite is a silicate mineral that usually has a bluish or purple color, a vitreous luster, and is transparent to translucent. Cordierite is also characterized by its pronounced pleochroism (trichromatic), emitting different colors of light in different directions. In addition, cordierite is widely used as a honeycomb carrier material for automobile purifiers due to its good fire resistance and low thermal expansion rate. Cordierite occurs in schist, gneiss, and altered igneous rocks. Therefore, people also call cordierite a dichromatic stone. Magnesium cordierite can be synthesized artificially for use in refractory materials. Rough cordierite generally weighs 4-5 carats, although larger ones are also found. Iolite is usually cut in traditional shapes, and the most popular color is blue-violet.

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The Best Women's Bracelets Benefit and Function

Iolite is a colored gemstone with a light blue, bluish-purple, and bluish-gray core, and it is also a colored gemstone with two colors. The cross-section of cordierite looks like acne petals, and everyone in Japan calls it "Sakura Stone." The surface layer of iolite is unique, and the price is highly cost-effective. As a result, it is favored by many gem lovers and has a high popularity. So, what is the efficacy and role of cordierite?


Iolite is an unusual lucky stone. Therefore, wearing cordierite decorations can bring good luck to the wearer. So, what are the effects and functions of wearing cordierite decorations? In the initial state, people in China had not invented and created the feng shui compass. However, everyone uses the polychromatic vision of iolite to determine the position of natural light and identify the direction. Therefore, iolite is everyone's "feng shui compass in the dark," and wearing iolite ornaments can help people feel confused about people looking for the appropriate way forward.


Best Women's Bracelet The color of iolite looks like a blue gemstone, and the calm and deep color can repair everyone's unpredictable and disturbing psychological state. Friends who wear iolite ornaments can solve problems rationally, distinguish them properly, and make decisive strategic decisions no matter what they encounter at work or in daily life. In addition, wearing iolite ornaments can help relieve mental stress and make the wearer intelligent. Friends who are overweight and obese can also wear cordierite ornaments to help remove fat.


Beautiful iolite ornaments are good friends of human beings. They are not only beautiful ornaments but also powerful and good fitness sports and have a positive impact on the human body!


Iolite is the stone of imagination; it can stimulate the eyebrows. It is suitable for visualization, improves judgment and judgment ability, and improves the connection between everyone and inner wisdom. In terms of mentality, it is understood that iolite also has various effects, such as helping everyone deal with bad habits, excessive pressure and hope, and describing the truth itself. In terms of logical thinking, it is said that it can make people's thinking patterns clear and bright. On the emotional level, everyone feels that it can eliminate disharmony in getting along with others and encourage couples to strengthen each other's self-reliance and deal with excessively relying on the other's way of living.

  1. Relax

Iolite has a color similar to a sapphire, and it has a profound and quiet feeling. When you look at it when you are bored, it can relax your body and mind, calm your mind, and to a certain extent, soothe irritability. For the wearer, it can calm the mind...


  1. Guiding direction

People will use the pleochroism of cordierite to judge the exact position of the sun to clarify the direction, so cordierite has the function of helping people guide the movement. Therefore, wearing iolite now also represents the hope that you will not be confused.


  1. Relieve fatigue

Cordierite is rich in mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body. Therefore, when wearing cordierite, the human skin will gradually absorb the features, which can adequately enhance the physique, relieve the fatigue of the human body, and make people more awake.


The Meaning of the Best Women's Bracelets

Iolite means pointing, which will guide people to the destination, symbolizing the navigator that leads people to the light. It also means trust, and iolite will lead people out of the predicament and make people return to the right path. It also means peace. It is believed that wearing iolite around you often can play a protective role and at the same time highlight your personal temperament.

  1. Specify

When people sail, they will use the birefringence and dichroism of cordierite to guide the way to achieve the purpose of navigation. Therefore, iolite means pointing, symbolizing the navigator that leads people to the light.


  1. Trust

Iolite means trust. In the era of fantastic voyages, if some exceptional circumstances make it impossible to use a navigator such as a compass, people will pin their hopes on iolite to lead the crew out of the predicament.


  1. Peace

Iolite also means peace. Ancient people believed that Iolite contained an incredible magic power. Wearing it around can play a protective role in avoiding various disasters. At the same time, it can highlight the individual's unique personality. Temperament.


  1. Elegant

Iolite is a beautiful gemstone. It has a color like sapphire. It has always been regarded as a symbol of elegance and steadfastness. Meaning.


  1. Health

Cordierite contains various trace elements needed by the human body. It also has the meaning of health and smoothness. When worn for a long time, it can purify people's minds, make people feel happier, and make their bodies will be healthier.

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Best women's bracelets on which hand

Iolite is recommended to be worn on the left hand. As an absorbing crystal, wearing it on the left hand can better play its role and achieve the effect of balancing energy. It is also more convenient to wear on the left hand, and it is not easy to be worn and bumped. It relieves stress and is very suitable for wearing as accessories.


Cordierite is an absorbing crystal that can absorb the negative energy discharged from the human body and play the role of energy transformation. Therefore, according to the left in and right out principle, it is recommended to wear cordierite on the left hand to balance energy and soothe the body and mind.


It is more convenient to wear the iolite on the left hand. The place where the left hand is used in life is relatively small. Wearing the iolite bracelet on the left can reduce wear and tear and avoid scratching the gemstone. It is recommended to place it in the jewelry box when not wearing it to prevent bumps.


The appearance of iolite is light blue and blue-purple; crystal clear, deep blue can also calm people's anxiety and relieve stress. In addition, the price of iolite is affordable; it is a very suitable gemstone to wear jewelry.


Best Women's Bracelet Taboos

When wearing cordierite, avoid bumping it to prevent cracks or even breakage. Chemicals are also to be avoided as they can corrode the cordierite and thus affect the quality. It is also necessary to avoid contact with oil fume. Once cordierite absorbs oil fume, it will destroy its internal structure and affect the texture of cordierite.

  1. Avoid bumps

When wearing iolite, avoid bumping. Because the texture of cordierite is relatively fragile, it will crack or even break when it is bumped. Therefore, when iolite is worn, do not match it with other gemstones to not affect it.


  1. Avoid chemicals

When wearing cordierite, it is also necessary to avoid contact with chemical substances in daily life, such as soaps and shower gels. These products are chemically synthesized and corrode the cordierite, so do not bathe it while wearing it.


  1. Keep away from lampblack

Oil fumes are taboo for all gems, and cordierite is no exception. Once cordierite absorbs oil fume, it will destroy its internal structure, thus affecting the texture of cordierite. Therefore, when wearing cordierite, it should be kept away from places with heavy fumes, such as kitchens.


  1. Avoid sun exposure

When wearing iolite, do not expose it to sunlight. Cordierite contains a certain amount of water. Exposure to sunlight evaporates the moisture inside and reduces the luster of the cordierite surface.


  1. Avoid corrosion

Cordierite should not corrode when worn. Cosmetics, perfumes, and cosmetics in daily life are all chemically synthesized items. ContaminaTherefore, contaminationordierite surface will cause it to rust and cause damage.

 best women's bracelets

Best Women's Bracelet Care Methods

  1. Avoid dust

The best women's bracelet should avoid dust as much as possible. If it is accidentally contaminated with dust, you can use a soft brush to gently brush it or use soapy water to wash it, and then rinse it off with water. Unfortunately, it cannot be cleaned with a degreaser containing chemical substances, which may fill the cleaning agent along the cracks and affect the viewing effect. Therefore, try to keep the jewelry as clean as possible when wearing it.


  1. Proper placement

When it is not usually worn, it should be placed in a professional jewelry box as much as possible to avoid damaging the jewelry, accumulating dust, and affecting the brightness.


  1. Contact

When wearing cordierite, try to avoid contact with perfume, sweat, and chemicals. If it comes into contact with work and is not wiped clean in time, the jewelry will be eroded, and the brightness will be affected. If it comes into contact with acid and alkali, it will also have a corrosive effect on the surface of the jewelry.


  1. Avoid sunlight

The bracelet should also be protected from sunlight. According to the thermal expansion and cold contraction principle, the bracelet will expand when heated and even burst if exposed to high heat for a long time.


  1. wipe

When wiping the bracelet, use a soft white cloth, not a dyed cloth, to help maintain the jewelry.

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