2Jewellery The Meaning of Women's Pearl Bracelet

2Jewellery The meaning of women's pearl bracelet,Wearing women's pearl bracelet means health, longevity, and complete happiness. The pearl bracelet is round and gentle, representing women's gentleness, softness, and virtuousness. Pearls are the only jewels on earth conceived by life, which symbolize the greatness and tolerance of a mother's love. Sending pearl bracelets to mothers means children's gratitude to mothers.

Pearl is a relatively ancient and magical gemstone. People make it into a bracelet and give it to their lover, meaning they want to be with you forever and never separate. At the same time, it is also a symbol of cherishing and cherishing, which can make one's friendship more stable and improve one's self-confidence.


The Meaning of Women's Pearl Bracelet

  1. love

Pearl is an ancient gemstone. Many men make it into a bracelet and give it to their lover as a token of mutual affection, expressing their deep love for each other and hoping that the other party can understand their own feelings. A perfect expression of love that means wanting to be with you for the rest of your life.


  1. Cherish

Pearl is a relatively precious and magical gemstone. It has always been called "the gem of the moon god." It has the meaning of cherishing and cherishing. After wearing pearls on the body, you can consolidate your friendship and improve yourself. It is best to give it to your confidant and friends, which means that the company will last long.


  1. Soft

Pearls are relatively smooth, representing the soft beauty of oriental women, so they also have the meaning of gentleness, softness, and virtuousness. It is best to give them to your lover to express a high degree of recognition for the other party. No matter the passage of time, they will be washed. It does not lose its luster; just like love, the love for you will never change.


The effect and function of wearing a pearl bracelet

  1. Pearl powder contains a variety of high-grade fatty alcohols, which are easily digested and absorbed by epidermal cells of the body, which can improve the charm of somatic cells and promote the basal metabolism of somatic cells. Pearl powder can promote the growth of collagen cells in the body. When used, it can promote the development of collagen cells to fill the gaps, connect tissues, promote skin reconstruction, and maintain skin tender, white, smooth and detailed. Wear it with a pearl bracelet.


  1. Wearing pearls can clear the air oxidative lipids of the blood vessels of the human body, skincare, and beauty and slow down the aging of the skin and enhance the immunity of the human body. It can also avoid the outflow of bone hyperplasia, nourish the liver, improve eyesight, clear heat, eliminate fire, delay aging and prolong life. It can also treat tonsillitis and mouth ulcers reasonably. The benefits of wearing pearls.


  1. The women's pearl bracelet is close to the person's neck. Its reasonable components enter the body through contradictions. Pearls have a specific absorption force for blood metabolism. The skin also digests and absorbs the drugs often exposed in pearls and even affects some wounds. , has the effect of anti-inflammatory treatment; Pearl dew has calcium bicarbonate, calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, calcium bicarbonate, and its magnesium, manganese, copper, iodine, phosphorus, strontium, lead, sodium, potassium and other types of elements and ten various kinds of carbohydrates, in medicine, have the functions of threatening the mind and calming panic, clearing away heat and detoxifying the yin, earning the eyes and removing toxins, and removing toxins from the side. Especially in women during menstruation and women's menopause, wearing pearl bracelets can have a reasonable adjustment and relief effect, prevent chronic tonsillitis and thyroid cysts, etc., and make the skin extra clear and delicate.


  1. Use pearls to massage the skin slowly in the morning, noon, and evening, which can achieve the effects of skincare, beauty care, and freckle and wrinkle reduction!

The most important thing is to wear beautiful confidence, enhancing the beauty and appeal of women.


Organic ingredients:

The inorganic components of pearls are mainly calcium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate, accounting for more than 91%, followed by silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, Al2O3, and Fe2O3.

The organic compounds in the pearl contain aspartic acid, threonine, serine, phosphoric acid, glycine, alanine, cystine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tryptophan, benzene, 17 kinds of carbohydrates such as alanine, histidine, arginine, and proline. In addition, it also contains 30 types of nutrients, lysine, various vitamins, and peptides.


Appearance features:

Pearls come in various shapes, including ring, pear, egg, teardrop, button, and random, among which the ring is the most suitable. Heterogeneous protoplasm. The shades are milky white, light pink, yellow, green, blue, dark brown, purple, gray-black, etc., dominated by milky white. Milky white vertical marks. Typical pearl luster, mild luster, and iridescent color. Fully transparent to transparent color. Refractive index 1.530-1.686, birefringence: the combination cannot be measured. No dispersion phenomenon. Strength 2.5-4.5. The relative density of pure natural freshwater pearls is generally 2.66-2.78g/cm3, depending on the origin. Classless. Extensibility is good. Under medium and short-wave ultraviolet rays, pearls show milky white, light yellow, light green, dark blue fluorescence, and gray-black pearls emit weak red fluorescence; under X-rays, there is faint yellow milky white fluorescence in the case of hydrochloric acid foaming.


What are the benefits of wearing pearl bracelets for women?

Whitening skin, the organic substances and trace elements contained in the pearl bracelet can have the effect of beauty and beauty; calm the mind, the nacre in the pearl bracelet can make people feel calm and stable to a certain extent; improve temperament, The dazzling luster of the pearl bracelet is unforgettable at first sight and can increase affinity.

  1. Whitening skin

Women wearing pearl bracelets have the benefits of whitening their skin. When people wear pearl bracelets, the organic substances and trace elements rich in women's pearl bracelets can act on the human body and affect beauty and beauty, making people's skin white and tender. Smooth.


  1. Peace of mind

Women wearing pearl bracelets have the benefit of stabilizing their moods. The nacre in pearl bracelets can calm people's minds to a certain extent, soothe people's irritable emotions, calm people's moods, and effectively relieve people's original annoyed feelings.


  1. Improve temperament

Women wearing pearl bracelets have the advantage of improving their temperament. The luster on the surface of pearl bracelets looks very dazzling, making people unforgettable at first sight. In addition, wearing them on the neck can make people look gentle and elegant, increase people's affinity, and draw them closer to interpersonal relationships.


Women's pearl bracelets wearing taboo

  1. Avoid touching the pearl bracelet frequently. As an organic gemstone, the main component of pearl is calcium carbonate. The oil on the human skin is often stained on the surface of the hand. Turn yellow.


  1. Do not wear pearl jewelry in the kitchen. The surface of the pearl is covered with many tiny pores, and the oil fume and water vapor in the kitchen will enter the pores of the pearl. If the pearl jewelry is contaminated with these air pollutants for a long time, the luster of the pearl cortex will gradually slow down. Eroded and become dull.


  1. Do not use water to clean pearl jewelry. Many friends like to use water to clean pearls. In fact, this cleaning method is entirely wrong because, during the cleaning process, water will enter the tiny pores of pearls, which is difficult to wipe dry and causes pollution. In addition, the residue remains in the pores and destroys the cortex of the pearl.


  1. Avoid high-temperature exposure. Pearls contain a certain amount of moisture. When wearing and storing pearls, try to avoid direct sunlight. Therefore, in outdoor activities during the day, do not wear pearl bracelets to prevent the sun's exposure from dehydrating the pearls. Tarnished.


What should I pay attention to when wearing a pearl bracelet?

  1. It is not advisable to wear it in the bath

Note that women's pearl bracelets should not be worn in the process of bathing. Long-term exposure to water with excessively high temperatures will cause the internal structure of the pearls to be thermally expanded, causing the pearls' epidermis to become soft and fall off. Therefore, removing the pearl bracelet when taking a bath and storing it in a dry place is recommended.


  1. Keep away from lampblack

When wearing the pearl bracelet, it is necessary to avoid contact with oil fumes because the surface of the pearl bracelet has many tiny pores, and it is not advisable to inhale too much oil fumes. Otherwise, the surface of the pearl will appear yellow and discolored, which will affect the beauty of the bracelet.


  1. Chemical composition

Be careful not to touch cosmetics, detergents, perfumes, and other items in wearing the pearl bracelet. These items contain various chemical substances, which will corrode the surface of the pearl bracelet, causing it to fade and discolor.


How to maintain a pearl bracelet?

  1. to wear

Wipe off the sweat stains to avoid the sweat stains being attached to the pearl bracelet for a long time. The sweat stains contain acidic substances. Wearing them when sweating will corrode the ladies' pearl bracelets, and the pearls will turn yellow and dark in the long run.


  1. Cleaning

Use pure water or cold water after boiling water or neutral detergent to clean the pearl bracelet, and then dry it in time or dry it with cold air. Do not soak the pearl bracelet to avoid residual moisture or detergent in the bead hole, which may cause corrosion.


  1. Storage

When storing pearl bracelets, be careful not to keep them with other jewelry, as this will easily bump the pearl bracelet and cause scratches. It is best to store the pearl bracelet in a sheepskin bag when not wearing it.

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