2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

2jewellery women's silver bracelets,Women's silver bracelets are very suitable for girls to wear. It has a little freshness like a girl and exudes a lady-like quietness, and long-term wearing can help blood system circulation and improve complexion. It can also increase interpersonal charm, so the effect of strawberry crystal to attract peach blossoms has been circulated.


The efficacy and role of women's silver bracelet

  1. Helps to socialize

Strawberry crystals can regulate relationships in life, work, and love. Wearing strawberry crystals can enhance the personal charm, make the wearer feel at ease, make thinking clear, and improve the human-machine relationship in life and work. Strawberry crystals can also help improve the fortune of love and can inject the feelings of love into it so that others can also feel the feelings in it.


  1. Soothe the mood

Strawberry crystal can adjust the wearer's mood. The magnetic field contained in the strawberry crystal can echo with the magnetic field of the human body, so as to guide the negative emotions, achieve the effect of soothing the mood and relieving the pressure, and help the wearer to relieve work and life. fatigue.


  1. Nourish the body

A large number of minerals and trace elements contained in natural gemstones can be absorbed by the human body during the wearing process. These minerals can supplement certain nutrients needed by the human body, so as to achieve the effect of nourishing the body. In addition, wearing strawberry crystals, the process of rubbing the strawberry crystals with the body's skin is also massaging the skin, making the blood circulation under the skin more smooth.


Meaning of women's silver bracelet

Strawberry crystal bracelet means love fortune, interpersonal relationship, fashion gem. Strawberry crystal bracelets give people the feeling of being young and fresh like a girl, and very cute. At the same time, they have the unique allure of mature women. Strawberry crystals are natural products.

  1. Love fortune

In ancient times, there was a legend that if you wear a strawberry crystal bracelet, you can improve your love fortune. At the same time, it can make one clear-headed, clear in thinking, and can think about things peacefully. Whether in modern times or in ancient times, as long as you wear a strawberry crystal bracelet, it is definitely related to love. If your relationship is in a blank period, or things are not going well recently, you must wear a strawberry crystal bracelet, which can change your emotions, change your fortune, and at the same time attract the opposite sex.


  1. The interpersonal relationship

A Strawberry crystal bracelet can improve your career fortune and make your interpersonal relationship better and better. Wearing a strawberry crystal bracelet can reflect your personality, and you are definitely an upright and generous person. There are many people who want their work to be smooth and to be able to go to the next level, so they prefer to wear strawberry crystals. Especially working people are very fond of strawberry crystal bracelets. At the same time, when wearing a strawberry crystal bracelet, can also enhance personal temperament and personal charm, and also make one's popularity better and better, and get along with friends will be very harmonious.


  1. Fashion gems

Modern people's life philosophy is mainly based on fashion, and the strawberry crystal bracelet is very fashionable in design, the materials used are very high-end, and the workmanship is also very delicate. Although it is not a luxury, it can also reflect high-end Atmospheric grade. At the same time, it is also very good-looking when matched with clothes, which can reflect the personality. The strawberry crystal bracelet is not only clear but also has gold deposits. Of course, the better the clarity of the strawberry crystal bracelet, the higher the value, and there is a certain collection significance. If you are a fashionable person, then the strawberry crystal bracelet is indeed the best choice.


Women's silver bracelets wearing taboo

  1. Strawberry crystals cannot be exposed to the sun. Strawberry crystals cannot be exposed to the sun or high temperatures for a long time. These two factors can have a great impact on the fineness of strawberry crystals. If they are in contact for a long time, the strawberry crystals will easily fade. When placing, do not place strawberry crystals in a place where the sun can directly shine.


  1. Avoid collision Strawberry crystal is similar to glass in some aspects, so it also needs to be very careful to avoid the collision. It is best to take off the bracelet when bathing or exercising. If it is inconvenient, then be careful not to let the bracelet falls from a high place, do not let the bracelet collide or rub against other hard objects to avoid damage to the bracelet.


  1. The bracelet needs to be degaussed Strawberry crystals can help absorb less than negative energy. After a long time, it needs to be demagnetized and cleaned up, so as to ensure the purity of the strawberry crystals, and the effect of recruiting peach blossoms will be better.


  1. Don't wear it when you sleep at night. People's neural defense ability will decline. Strawberry crystals absorb a lot of negative energy during the day. If you sleep with them, it is quite possible that the negative energy will, In turn, affects people's sleep, so it is best not to wear bracelets to sleep at night.


Women's silver bracelet maintenance method

  1. It is necessary to purify and maintain strawberry crystals regularly. Generally speaking, regular purification and maintenance can be done once every 1-3 months. The purification of strawberry crystals can be done in a variety of ways. It is recommended to use the Yushu salt purification method or white crystal crushed stone. purification method.
  2. In addition to the fixed purification and maintenance, the usual maintenance is the most important.

Regular cleaning: Wash or wipe the strawberry crystal with a damp cloth, and then air dry it naturally. Remember not to leave the strawberry crystal in a dry environment for a long time, so that it will lose moisture.

Do not wear it sometimes: Do not wear strawberry crystals when bathing or exercising, because it is easy to bump into strawberry crystals, causing damage to the exterior or interior, thus affecting the life and appearance of strawberry crystals.

Avoid high temperature: Strawberry crystal is a kind of crystal and cannot be placed in a high-temperature environment. High-temperature exposure will make strawberry crystals lose their fresh and tender appearance.


Which hand should the strawberry crystal bracelet be worn on?

The Strawberry crystal bracelet is a very common natural crystal bracelet. The tender red color with a little strawberry dots is very cute. So should the strawberry crystal bracelet be worn on the left hand or the right hand?

Under normal circumstances, strawberry crystal bracelets are generally worn on the left hand.

There are two reasons: First, people usually think that "left in and right out", natural crystals that attract peach blossoms like strawberry crystal bracelets are divergent crystals, which are more suitable for wearing on the left hand, which can make the effect of strawberry crystals easier to be read. acceptance by the human body;

Second, people usually work with their right hand. If the strawberry crystal bracelet is worn on the right hand, it may be inconvenient or uncomfortable to perform fine movements.

Therefore, considering the above two reasons, the natural strawberry crystal bracelet is more suitable for wearing on the left hand and is more convenient.


How to demagnetize women's silver bracelets?

  1. Degaussing pure water

The easiest way to demagnetize the strawberry crystal is to soak it in clean water for 3-4 hours. When the water supply is abundant, the strawberry crystal can be rinsed under running water for 20 minutes.


  1. Demagnetizer

When buying strawberry crystals, merchants usually give demagnetizing stones. You only need to place the demagnetizing stones and strawberry crystals together for 5-8 hours to demagnetize. Wearing strawberry crystals for a long time can improve your love fortune and increase your personal charm.


  1. Moonlight degaussing

As long as the strawberry crystal is placed in a place where it can be illuminated by the moonlight, it can absorb the essence of the moonlight for a night to achieve the effect of purifying the crystal. Strawberry crystals are best degaussed once every 1-2 months.

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