7 Best New Chic Brands Jewelry Affiliate Programs On Shareasale

7 Best jewelry affiliate programs on shareasale,Written by: Faith_Thurnwald


The jewelry business has been thriving since prehistoric times when bones and shells were used as ornaments. Weddings and fashion are two of the most important industries in the world, and the wedding industry is intimately linked to the fashion industry.


Examples of jewelry affiliate bracelets

The new chic brands 2jewellery team believes in offering high-quality accessories for fashion lovers and Christians everywhere, simple but stylish and trendy. This is why they have carefully curated top-of-the-line products for their customers that also serve as the perfect gifts for women.

1: 2JEWELLERY Affiliate Program

  • 2JEWELLERY offers a whopping 40% commission to affiliates on every successful sale.
  • Provide a large number of creatives
  • Updated date feed to automate your publishing
  • 7 days tracking gap
  • Dedicated affiliate support

 Jewelry Affiliate Programs -40% commissions!

2: Etsy

Handmade jewelry can be found in abundance on Etsy. This store sells a wide range of products, from low-cost fashion jewelry to expensive five-figure jewelry. When it comes to finding things to recommend, the platform's more than four million active vendors ensure you won't be lacking. Check the seller's rating before directing your audience to them, just as you would on any marketplace.

For every sale made through Etsy's affiliate network, you'll get paid 4%. The 30-day cookie window is generous compared to Amazon, but it's still not great. Jewelry affiliates can use the marketplace in English, French, and German.


3: Littman jewelers

Purchasing jewelry has never been more enjoyable than it is at Littman Jewelers. Customers can expect Littman Jewelers to be more than just a supplier of beautiful jewelry; they are involved in every step of the purchasing process from the initial research to the final purchase.


Along with an extensive selection of jewelry, they also provide information about gems and metals, as well as certification of each stone's quality by highly qualified staff and post-purchase assurances. As a result, their dedicated customers can tell how much effort they put into making their experience exceptional.


Customers and affiliates are treated equally by this company. Affiliate applications are processed within 24 hours, and if accepted, you'll be eligible for a 7% commission on each sale you refer. You'll be assigned a personal affiliate manager, and you'll get monthly updates on new releases, promotions, and content to help you stay on top of things.


They'll also keep the creativity you can employ for your platform updated regularly. To ensure that affiliates can focus on promoting Littman Jewelers, Littman Jewelers has taken care of everything else. Your content will be published by them and they will share in the profits with you.


4: Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader, also known as MV, is the most popular jewelry and fashion brand in the United Kingdom. Even royalty have been spotted sporting their designs. They're a well-known brand that began in the United Kingdom but has now expanded to include New York City and other major cities across the world. Known for their renowned friendship bracelets, they quickly rose to the top of the industry's hierarchy.


They feature a wide variety of jewelry, as well as carefully chosen collections of gemstones and precious metals. To this day, the hallmark of all MV jewelry is its responsibly sourced hand-cut stones, which ensure that no two pieces are the same.


As an affiliate manager, Monica Vinader often delivers material, brand updates, and discount codes to her partners. Affiliates with significant contact networks have also been given professional collaterals and an HTML email address by the company to help them spread the word.


Monica Vinader's customers, suppliers, and affiliates are all taken into consideration. This high-end jeweler uses ethically sourced gemstones and cutting techniques and has a list of high-profile clients. In addition to the commission rate, MV will be a beneficial addition to any platform.

 Jewelry Affiliate Programs -40% commissions!

5: James Allen

When it comes to diamond and bridal jewelry on the internet, no one knows James Allen better than he does. First, such an online shop to show all gems for inspection in high resolution 360 photographs made waves in the community. You may rest easy knowing that every one of their 200,000 diamonds has been ethically sourced from non-conflict regions.


More than that, they've done everything they can to ensure that their customers can know exactly what they're getting even if they buy online. With their lifetime warranty program, free sizing for one year, a tax and duty calculator, and jewelry insurance they have ensured that all purchases are appropriate for their customers.


To be the new chic brands in the industry, they must treat their affiliates with respect. In addition to the fact that they have a choice of patterns and cuts to choose from, their typical order is $6,500. This is especially good news for James Allen affiliates. James Allen is a leader in the internet diamond selling sector and a top performer in his field. It's a breeze to become an affiliate with them. With the right promotion, you may make a steady stream of significant commissions as an affiliate of this company.


6:Rockford collection

Rockford has a wide selection of wedding rings for men. Rather than making a typical band, they want to make a statement through their work. They've succeeded in their mission. There are many different styles of wedding bands to choose from at this store that come with a lifetime warranty. It's also evident in their enthusiasm for designing custom bands that are truly one-of-a-kind.


Great designs and excellent customer service have earned Rockford Collection a steady stream of 5-star reviews. When it comes to affiliates, Rockford says that they are very selective, only partnering with platforms that have extremely relevant content. Nonetheless, it's worth a shot. The average order value is over $2,000, which means they have a sizable commission to pay out to affiliates.


An industry void had gone unfilled for far too long before Rockford Collective stepped in. Because of this, being an affiliate for them is a smart move for any platform that caters mostly to males in the market. Even if the company claims to be picky about its affiliates, it's okay to sign up anyhow because it's free to do so.

 Jewelry Affiliate Programs -40% commissions!

7: Amorium

Amorium is a New York-based lifestyle brand that specializes in high-quality, fashionable jewelry. A lack of fashionable, long-lasting accessories prompted the company's founding. Customers no longer have to pick between quality and design because Amorium offers both!


With their delicate contemporary designs, they make any clothing look more stylish. Because of their excellent social media presence and continuous catalog updates, they can keep their customers abreast of all the most recent fashions. A commission of 20% is given to their affiliates on each sale. They cater mostly to female users, which makes them an excellent choice for female-focused networks. You'll also have access to Amorium's professional online creatives, which you can use on your platform.


To sweeten the deal, you'll get $25 for bringing new affiliates to the program, and you'll save 2% on your commissions as a result. An appropriate affiliate scheme for fashion-oriented sites is Amorium's one-stop shop. Elegantly and stylishly, they address a common problem encountered by today's fashionable women. Because of this, the affiliate program is a terrific way to increase your profits while also creating a reliable secondary stream of passive income.

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