8 Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns For Summertime Fun!

Friendship bracelets aren’t just for pre-teens anymore! Instead of buying overpriced friendship bracelets in stores, learn how to make them yourself with these eight easy friendship bracelet patterns! These bracelets work perfectly for summertime fun with friends and family, and they’re so easy that even kids can create them!


Beaded Elastic Bracelets

Beaded elastic bracelets are a great way to show your personality and style. They are also very easy to make! You can find all sorts of cool patterns online or in magazines. Here are some of the best easy friendship bracelet patterns: -Beaded Elastic Square Link: Follow this pattern here -Effortless Friendship Bracelet Pattern: Follow this pattern here -Braided Elastic Braided Hair Ties into Friendship Bracelets: Follow this pattern here -Easy Chunky Chain Stretchy Clasping Bracelet: Follow this pattern here.

 Friendship Bracelet

String Connector Bracelets

These are good easy friendship bracelet patterns for beginners. You will need two colors of string, a connector, and scissors. Cut the strings to the desired length, then tie them together with a connector. Make sure the connector is secure. Start braiding the friendship bracelet following the desired pattern. Once you reach the end, tie off the bracelet and cut any excess string. If you want your friendship bracelets to be extra durable, use glue on both ends of the braid.


Paper Cuff Bracelets

These bracelets are made from strips of paper that are glued or taped together. They're easy to make and can be customized with any pattern or design you want. Plus, they're super affordable - perfect for when you want to make a bunch of bracelets for your friends! There's also the Rope Cuff Bracelet which is another really simple one.


All you need is some rope or string and some glue to create this bracelet. The Cool Kids Band Bracelet takes just a few minutes longer than the other ones but it'll be worth it because it's so unique! You'll need cool bands like ribbon, rubber bands, hair ties, cloth strips (or fabric), buttons (etc.), double-sided tape (or glue), and scissors.

Friendship Bracelet 

One String Connector Double String Bracelets

These are some of the good easy friendship bracelet patterns that you can use to make double-string bracelets. You will need one string connector, two strings, and scissors. Start by tying the two strings together at one end. Make a loop with one string and put the other string through it. Pull the string tight and then tie it off. Repeat this process with the other string.


Once you have both loops tied, put the connector through both loops and pull it tight. The next step is to start weaving each string around the other. In between each weave, cut the string on an angle (making sure not to cut through any previous weaves). After you’ve woven in both strings, tuck them into your first weaves and secure them with another knot before cutting away any excess string.


Covered Button Friendship Bracelets

These bracelets are so easy to make and only require a few supplies that you probably already have at home. All you need is some embroidery thread, a needle, and some buttons. Start by threading your needle with a double length of thread. Then, tie a knot at one end of the thread. Next, start threading the button onto the thread, leaving about an inch of space between the button and the knot. Continue threading the button until you have about six inches of thread left. Thread another button onto the thread, making sure it’s far enough from the first button so that there are about four inches of space in between them.


Make sure both buttons are facing in opposite directions before you go on to do this again. You should now have two buttons on your bracelet, but there will be two more spaces for more buttons before you reach the other side of the bracelet. Thread as many buttons as you want on your bracelet, just make sure they're facing opposite directions from each other.


Braided Loop Pattern

This pattern is one of the cool easy friendship bracelet patterns and is also one of the top easy friendship bracelet patterns. It is made by braiding three strands of thread together and then looping the end around to form a bracelet. You can make this pattern with any type of thread, but it looks best with brightly colored threads. String your needle with the same number of pieces as you have strands (for example, if you have four strands, string your needle with four pieces). Pass two pieces under the two pieces in front of them, like you would when making an overhand knot.


Split Ring Pattern

The Split Ring pattern is one of the cool easy friendship bracelet patterns that has been around for years. This top easy friendship bracelet pattern is simple, yet effective and can be made with any type of string. To make this best easy friendship bracelet pattern, you will need two colors of string and a pair of scissors.


First, tie the two strings together in an overhand knot to form a ring. Now cut off both ends of the strings from inside the ring.

 Friendship Bracelet

Next, thread your left-hand needle under both strands on the right side of your overhand knot and then bring it back up through both strands on the left side of your overhand knot to create another loop. After that, use your right-hand needle to pull both strands through this loop until they are snug against each other at their point of intersection.


Simple Knot Pattern

The Simple Knot is one of the most basic friendship bracelet patterns and is perfect for beginners. To make this pattern, you will need two colors of string. Cut each string to be about 18 inches long. Tie a knot at one end of each string, then thread the other end through the loop on the other string. Pull tight to secure the knot. Now you’re ready to start making knots!


Take the strings in your left hand and cross them over the right strings, then pull through the space in front of them with your right hand. Take both strings in your left hand again and cross them over the right strings before pulling through with your right hand again. Continue tying knots until there's an inch or so left on each side. Cut off any excess from either side, tuck it into a knot, then pull tight to create a new knot.

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