2Jewellery Copper Pearl Men's Jewelry Bracelets 2022

copper pearl Men's beading is generally divided into two categories. One is jade, and the other is wood. 

Men must choose a suitable bracelet according to their temperament. Otherwise, it is easy to reduce their taste and character. If you don't know what kind of bracelet is suitable for you, you must uphold a principle, the fewer colors of the bracelet, the better, especially the colorful ones, must not be selected. Wear it like you don't know yourself!

For Emerald, you can choose Obsidian. If you want the bracelet to be different, match it with silver or wooden beads. For wood beads, ebony is a good choice. Finally, I recommend a distinctive copper bead bracelet to show men's temperament. 

Try not to have more than three colors, as long as it looks coordinated!

This beaded bracelet uses natural black agate. It is a common agate in nature. After polishing, the high-grade black sense of agate increases. At the same time, black agate symbolizes tenacity and can bring joy and confidence to the wearer.

The raw material of this copper pearl beaded men's bracelet is agarwood from Brunei. The oil is rich and shiny, the oil line is clear and delicate; the elegant and fresh fragrance, in the palm of the hand, with a deep and mellow fragrance. The unique mellow rhythm is intoxicating. Natural agarwood with warm tentacles. Finely polished by hand, the texture is bright and smooth. The beaded bracelet is rich in oil and stable in color. Vintage old silver, Bodhisattva mantra.

This bracelet set is made of a combination of volcanic stone and brass. The retro texture is used to make it old, and the hardness of the brass is finally lost to careful polishing.

The material of the product is solid brass. The surface has undergone an old texture process. Therefore, the parts in contact with the skin will show the oxidation color of brass.It is easy to oxidize and blacken when exposed to humid air for a long time. However, it can keep the light when worn.



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