2jewellery Features of Turquoise Bracelet

2jewellery Features of Turquoise Bracelet

Turquoise is a high-quality jade material,named for its pine ball-like color and nearly pine green.

The texture of turquoise is not very uniform, and the color is dark or light, as well as light blue, blue-green, green, light green, yellow-green, gray-green, pale and other colors, and even contains light-colored stripes, spots and brown-black iron wires. Color is an important factor affecting the quality of turquoise. There is also a big difference in the degree of compaction, the ones with more pores are loose, and the ones with less pores are dense and hard. Polished with a soft vitreous to waxy sheen. High-quality products look like glazed porcelain after polishing, so they are called "porcelain turquoise". Turquoise products are beautiful in color, delicate and soft in texture, moderate in hardness, and delicate in color. They are deeply loved by people at home and abroad, especially Muslims and people in the western United States. Turquoise varies greatly in color, hardness and quality. Turquoise is usually divided into four varieties, namely porcelain pine, green pine, bubble (noodle) pine and iron wire pine.Turquoise is an aggregate of copper and aluminum phosphate minerals, most characteristic of an opaque azure blue. Under long-wave ultraviolet light, it can emit light green to blue fluorescence. Turquoise also has disadvantages, that is, turquoise is easy to fade when heated, and it is also easy to be corroded and discolored by strong acid. In addition, the lower the hardness of turquoise, the more developed the pores, the more water-absorbing and fragile defects, so oil stains, stains, perspiration, cosmetics, tea, rust, etc. may enter through the pores, resulting in difficult to remove discoloration. Turquoise is a relatively delicate variety of jade. Whether it is the processing process or the use process, it needs to be cherished. But as long as it's kept clean and protected from heat and strong collisions, it shouldn't be a problem.


Because turquoise is rich in phosphate minerals with a variety of trace elements, long-term wear can promote cell regeneration and enhance the body's immunity. As one of the four famous jades, turquoise is also very powerful. So what are the functions and functions of turquoise?

  • The physiology of the role of turquoise bracelets: Turquoise bracelets contain many trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Long-term wear can promote cell regeneration, enhance immunity, and strengthen the body. Turquoise can be used as medicine to remove wind-cold, resolve congestion, clear heat and detoxify, reduce inflammation and stop bleeding, lower blood pressure, and has a good effect on treating lung and respiratory system problems. At the same time, it also has a certain curative effect on the treatment of ulcers, heartache, liver disease and a series of diseases. Turquoise can also treat eye diseases and has a certain effect on radiation protection. Therefore, we think turquoise is very suitable for office workers who face the computer all day;
  • the psychology of the role of turquoise bracelets: turquoise is regarded as the birthstone of December, symbolizing victory and success, and is known as the "stone of success" and "Lucky Stone". Turquoise bracelets can bring courage and confidence to people, make people get along friendly with people around them, harmonious interpersonal communication, and reconcile people's emotions and psychology, so as to maintain a healthy and cheerful state of mind and make people full of positive energy. Long-term wearing can make people often maintain a cheerful and magnanimous personality, making it easier to release the energy of love;
  • the spirituality of the turquoise bracelet: the turquoise blue color is regarded by the Indians as a spirit of the blue sea and blue sky, symbolizing the infinite. Luck and auspiciousness. Some countries believe that turquoise has unparalleled magical powers and is often used to make Buddhist items such as turquoise rosaries.Turquoise has the functions of gathering wealth, prospering wealth, warding off evil spirits and keeping peace. Wearing it can ward off evil spirits and get the blessing of the gods. Placing turquoise ornaments or hanging a few turquoise stones in the house has the effect of calming the house and warding off evil spirits.

Turquoise bracelet maintenance method: Like other cherished items, turquoise bracelets need to be cherished and maintained, otherwise during use, they will turn from clean to dirty, from light to dark, and from new to old. Most turquoises are porous and will absorb hand oils, lip balms, perfumes, etc., although during processing, a layer of paraffin wax is applied to the surface of the turquoise to increase the color of the turquoise and also to protect the turquoise bracelet However, when wearing, you should still pay attention to sweat, oil, etc., to avoid excessive contact with cosmetics and skin oils, so as not to damage the gem. Due to the porosity of turquoise, avoid using heavy liquid to measure the density when identifying. The color of turquoise is delicate, and it is afraid of pollution. Contact with tea, soapy water, oil, rust and alcohol should be avoided to prevent the gemstone from infiltrating along the pores and discoloring.Turquoise is afraid of high temperature, so it cannot be directly baked or exposed to direct sunlight, so as to avoid fading, bursting and drying. Long-term exposure to sunlight will cause cracks and discoloration of turquoise due to loss of water, and baking at too high temperature will make turquoise brittle and brittle. Turquoise is not very hard, so it should be avoided to collide with other hard jewelry or objects when wearing it. Do not put the turquoise into the ultrasonic cleaner. On the one hand, the turquoise with holes will absorb the solution and cause it to fade; damaged.



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