How To Spot A Fake Vintage Dive Watch In 2024

Vintage dive watch are gaining in popularity as collectibles and everyday wear that function as they were initially designed. Unfortunately, as more people become interested in vintage dive watches, so do those who want to make a quick buck by scamming innocent buyers out of hard-earned money with fake watches—this guide will help you spot the fakes before you buy!

 Vintage Dive Watch

Check the seller's feedback.

It's essential to do your research and check the seller's feedback. If you're looking for a good vintage dive watch, it's worth checking reviews for sellers. You should also look at the product's photos and ensure they're taken from different angles. The best part about researching is finding out if there are any known issues with the product before purchase! For example, is the movement running? Does it have an original strap? Is there a stamp on the caseback?


Inspect the watch for signs of wear

The best way to tell whether your vintage diving watch is genuine is by looking for signs of wear. For example, if the dial's lettering has faded, it was likely never used. Signs of wear can also be discovered inside where the movement and hands rest. If you see scratches on these surfaces, there's a good chance that your vintage diving watch is not authentic. Check out our top vintage diving watches here on our website.


Request close-up photos of the watch

If you're looking for a good or excellent vintage dive watch, it's essential that you know the different types of alerts and how to spot fake ones. So here are some tips on what features to look out for when shopping for your next timepiece:

-Case back should not have any engravings; instead, it should be plain. This is because watchmakers only engraved the case to display something special about the movement. Therefore, a straight point back is much more common.

-The water resistance should be stated as 100m or 200m with an atmosphere rating between 300m and 1,000m. The atmosphere rating corresponds to the air pressure at sea level--a higher number means better resistance against water pressure from deep depths. The words No Diver usually appear on top-quality vintage dive watches due to their high-water resistance capabilities.

Another telltale sign that this could be a fake is if the watch has no metal covering its face. When manufacturers made these watches, they would use metal because metal could quickly seal off any openings and protect the inner components from moisture. However, today many plastic diving watches can withstand certain pressure levels while still being lightweight enough to fit comfortably on your wrist.


Compare the price to similar watches.

If you're looking for that perfect excellent, good, or best vintage dive watch, you'll want one on the lower end of the price spectrum. Dive watches from the 1950s or 1960s usually cost around USD 1,000. They could be much more expensive than if they were designed by an expensive Swiss brand like Omega or Rolex. A top vintage dive watch should be able to stand up to its description and history. The best vintage dive watch will have its original parts (case, dial, and strap), which should all be functional. There may also be minor scratches or marks on the subject and dial, which can't always be buffed out with a quick polish because it's inherent to how the item has aged over time.

 Vintage Dive Watch

Ask the seller questions about the watch.

Hey, I'm looking for my first good vintage dive watch. I've been reading online, and it seems like those watches will stand the test of time and always be relaxed. Is this one of those watches? What do you think? It's a pretty cool vintage dive watch. Sure, there arere newer models on the mark, but nothing beats having an old classic. Plus, with all these fakes on the market today, it's hard to find one that's not a knock-off. You know what they say about buying things from China!


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