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Men's jewelry braceletsThe lobular rosewood is a tree of the dicotyledon class, the butterfly family, and the rosewood genus. Its distinctive features are high density and small brown eyes, and the wood is very stable, which is not easy to deform and crack. The lobular red sandalwood is mostly produced in tropical and subtropical virgin forests, and the red sandalwood produced in Mysore, India and Myanmar is the best. The lobular rosewood is hard in texture, and its color varies from orange-red to purple-black after playing, with fine texture and oily feet. Known as "gold in wood", it has the characteristics of hard fragrance, good color, natural texture, uniform texture, smooth grain and mellow color. There are many types of red sandalwood. The growth rate of red sandalwood is slow. It takes only 5 years for one year to become a material. It takes more than 800 years to become a wood. The hardness is the first of the wood.


Hetian jade auspicious elephant three-way red sandalwood bracelet + brand gift box, $668


Southern Red Agate Pixiu Rosewood Bracelet + Brand Gift Box, $298



men's jewelry bracelets Nanhong agate is also called "red jade". The southern red agate is the Pixiu, which is warm and thick, full of color and engraved with wishful patterns. It is matched with sandalwood, and it is simple and agile. Pixiu is also called Tianlu. It is one of the five auspicious beasts. 1. Pixiu has a dragon head, a horse body, and lin feet. It looks like a lion. The ancient cloud is like a lucky beast. It has a mouth but no anus. bless.

men's jewelry bracelets Hetian jade is produced in China and is one of the "Four Famous Jade in China". Hetian jade is a metamorphic rock formed by the contact and metasomatism of magnesia marble and medium-acid magmatic rock. Qi Shi and other multi-mineral aggregates, warm and transparent, fresh and refined color, adhere to the tranquility of the heart, match with sandalwood, a little eye-catching charm, Hetian jade is used to describe the good character of a gentleman, and is often used as a lover to express love token.

How to play the small leaf rosewood bracelet

  • Gently rub the column for about half an hour every day.
  • After playing for a few days in a row, leave it for a period of time, this is to allow the oily oozing beads to naturally oxidize and form a slurry.
  • Then repeat the first and second steps until the slurry is completely formed.
Disc play: Antique industry terminology. It refers to the process of making beads, bracelets, handles, etc., to produce pulp by playing with mousse with hands for a long time, also called playing.

How to stay shiny

It is normal for the lobular rosewood bracelet to become black after wearing it, but it is not an irreversible situation. The wood itself produces a wood pulp, which acts like a protective film to lock in moisture and maintain gloss. Kneading the wooden ball can make the pulp secreted. Try not to get a lot of water. Once it gets on it, wipe it off immediately. Store in an airtight bag away from light when not wearing.

Avoid quick success

The most taboo thing about pan beads is quick success. You can only do it slowly, one process at a time. With the change of beads, you can also get a kind of spiritual pleasure at the same time. Playing anything is the same, it’s not just that we bring an object or something, more importantly, we learn from the process of playing, to cultivate one’s self-cultivation, and to keep some of our impetuous character and irritable temper in the process of playing. Introverted, continuous sublimation, this is the essence of Wenwan.

How to maintain the lobular rosewood bracelet

It should not be exposed to the sun for a long time to crack. It should not be placed in a very noisy or very dry room. It should not be placed near open flames, fire walls, kangs, and stoves. It is not advisable to wipe with a towel with water, it is better to wipe with a pure cotton towel. The correct storage method: put it in a sealed bag and keep it away from light, and play with it often to form a uniform slurry on the surface of the beads. When wearing it, try not to touch it with water. Occasionally, please dry it in time to avoid affecting the quality of the beads. It is absolutely not allowed to wear it in the shower, the whole bead will be soaked until it turns white, which is ugly.




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