The Top 10 Men's Luxury Watches Of 2022

At first, men's luxury watches were worn by only the rich and famous; those who owned companies or countries, those who had power, and those who were at the top of the social ladder. But soon enough, regular men wanted in on this trend of wearing a watch that cost more than their house was worth. As a result, by 2022, men's luxury watches will be more popular than ever, with many companies vying to become the top brand in men's luxury watches 2022. Here are the top 10 men's luxury watches of 2022.

 Men's Luxury Watches

1) Rolex

Rolex watches are among the most well-known in the world. They offer a wide range of men's luxury watches, from the entry-level Oyster collection to the iconic Rolex Datejust and Daytona models. Rolex watches are available for purchase worldwide or on their website. The company also offers many variations of Rolex watchbands and bracelets.

Their newest line is the Day-Date 40, with an automatic movement that features an alligator leather band with six different dial options. A three-time winner of the prestigious Neuchâtel International Watchmaking Competition, Rolex manufactures only mechanical movements; they do not produce quartz watches.


2) Omega

One of the top men's luxury watches for 2022 is the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. At 44mm, it has a steel case and a white dial with silver-tone hands and Roman numeral hour markers. The movement is automatic, and the watch is water resistant to up to 300 meters. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra will retail for $5,000 in 2022. Omega is one of the most popular brands when it comes to Swiss-made luxury watches. In addition, they offer an extensive line of quality timepieces at various price points.


3) Audemars

Audemars Piguet is one of the top men's luxury watches and was founded in 1875. The founder, Jules Audemars, was a master watchmaker and goldsmith that created the first extraordinarily complicated pocket watch. The company is best known for its Royal Oak line, which has been around since 1972. The eyes are made with a blend of stainless steel and 18-carat gold.


4) Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is a Swiss watchmaker founded by two French air force pilots in the 1960s. Bell & Ross watches are known for their square and rectangular designs and innovative use of materials, such as carbon fiber. Bell & Ross watches are popular among watch collectors because they offer good men's luxury watches that are cool but not flashy or ostentatious.


5) Cartier

Cartier is one of the best men's luxury watches. It has a strong history in watchmaking and was founded in 1847 in Paris, France, by Louis-François Cartier and Alfred Cartier. The company is known for innovative designs and for being a part of the watch industry for over 160 years. They have collaborated with artists like Gisele Bundchen, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Princess Kate to create custom pieces. They are also known for their Le Must line, a bezel made of ceramic with faceted gems encrusted on the dial that emit different colors based on how they're hit by light.


6) Longines

Longines is one of the top luxury watch brands for men and has been in business since 1832. Their timepieces are made with precision and accuracy, which makes them perfect for any occasion. With a reputation for quality and elegance, Longines is the ideal choice if you're looking for fabulous men's luxury watches or the best men's luxury watches.


7) Breguet

Breguet is a company founded in 1775 with nearly 250 years of expertise and experience in the field. The name Breguet derives from the family name of Antoine-Louis Breguet, who built his first clocks at 13. Since then, Breguet has been designing and manufacturing watches for all walks of life. Breguet's are good men's luxury watches because they are reliable timepieces that have a lasting effect on their owners.


8) Hublot

Hublot is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1980. The company is most well-known for its Big Bang series, which was introduced in 2005 and has since become one of the world's best-selling watches. Hublot also makes sports watches and jewelry, as well as glasses. In 2017, Hublot became the official timekeeper for the Ferrari Formula One racing team.


9) IWC

IWC watches are some of the world's most prestigious and coveted watches. The company's history has been filled with ups and downs, but it has always managed to maintain a reputation for excellence. IWC stands for International Watch Company, and it was founded in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, by an enterprising American named Florentine Ariosto Jones. The company quickly became known for its signature big crown design, which is still a hallmark feature today.

 Men's Luxury Watches

10) Panerai

Panerai is an incredible men's luxury watch but has an impressive military history. Founded in 1860 by Giovanni Panerai and his son Giuseppe, the company began as a supplier to the Italian navy. In 1904, the company was awarded a contract for supplying wristwatches to the Italian Royal Navy. After World War I, many navies worldwide adopted Panerai watches for their new divers.


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