What Will The Patek Philippe Tourbillon Look Like In 5 Years?

How will the Patek Philippe tourbillon watch of the future look in 2022? No one knows, of course, but let’s take a few guesses based on what we think about the future of Patek Philippe watches and what we think about the currently available technology. We might not be correct, but it will be fun to discuss!

 Patek Philippe Tourbillon

The new Patek Philippe 5980 will have a tourbillon.


Launched this summer, the 5980 is a bestseller for Patek and will be around for a while. The new tourbillon model has a lot of good things going for it: it's thin, lightweight, and sports an updated movement. I think this could be one of their coolest watches yet, and I can't wait to see what else is coming down the line!


Considering how much work goes into making just one watch, it might surprise you that Patek Philippe is rolling out so many versions of its iconic timepieces within such a short period. It's exciting, though — with each new version, we get closer to seeing how our favorite watches evolve and change along with trends. I'm interested in seeing how future models unfold because there are so many possible directions that these classic designs can go — whether on a bigger or smaller scale or involving more or less tech. It'll be fascinating watching them evolve over time.


The new Patek Philippe 5980 will be 45mm wide.


It's hard to believe that a watch as elegant as the Patek Philippe Nautilus is nearly 30 years old. The legendary timepiece, with its octagonal bezel and sloping case, has aged beautifully over time--becoming one of the most collectible watches of all time. And now, for the first time ever, it is about to be replaced by a more modern successor: The 5980.


Although I'll miss my Nautilus dearly, I'm optimistic about what this new model has to offer--starting with its width of 45mm--which helps make it more significant than any other 39mm-wide wristwatch on offer from Patek today. What else will change? Well, we know the tourbillon will rotate in the opposite direction (counterclockwise), but beyond that, there are no confirmed details just yet. One thing is sure, though: Watch lovers should prepare themselves for a new era of this iconic timepiece and an opportunity to pick up an excellent example at auction while they still can!

 Patek Philippe Tourbillon

All five models (replica watches in the UK) will use the same movement.


Tourbillon has been a fixture on one-of-a-kind timepieces since 1801, and for over 170 years, it has been the pièce de résistance on a well-made watch. So what does the future hold for this pinnacle of mechanical engineering? As technology improves and Swiss watchmakers evolve, we should expect to see tourbillons incorporated into an even wider variety of movements than we can today. By 2022, tourbillons will be found not only in exceptionally complicated perpetual calendars and chronographs but also in simpler models that use quartz movements and many wristwatches for women with diamond dials. Today, such watches would most likely use a Maltese cross or subdial as a secondhand.


We may find these references persisting for some time (pleasing Patek Philippe tourbillon), especially when keeping them at three o'clock (top Patek Philippe tourbillon) where they were initially placed to imitate the classic pocket watch chainwheel or carriage movement. While they are unusual today, they are still readable by many younger people who grew up reading analog clocks with big hands.


New dial designs will emerge.


Over the past five years, Patek Philippe has radically changed its dial design. Hands have been swapped for batons, pointers have gone from guilloche to dotted hour markers, and even colors have changed. For example, on Reference 5438P-001 in platinum, we find three of its four subdials are now colored blue rather than black. But what will be trending five years from now? Here are a few ideas... As recent watch designs have trended towards more simple looks, the idea of adding more color is appealing to many watch enthusiasts.


Gold or silver bezels might give way to colorful accents with these new designs - or at least an exciting variation. Another idea could see both gold and silver variants being offered as two options, something unheard of in previous Patek Philippe watches. A third option could include different sizes: 38mm cases, 45mm cases, etc. And finally, it wouldn't hurt to see a return of precious gems on the dials or hands: pink sapphires, green emeralds, and deep red rubies would make any watch lover happy!


The next generation Patek Philippe tourbillon may not come until 2032, but this blog post offers a sneak peek into what it may look like!


Future Complications, features, and caliber design elements are coming.


The future of horology is big and has many possibilities, so what will our favorite watch be like in 2022, or even five years from now? Well, 2023 is next on the calendar. 2023 seems more than likely to see some significant developments yet unheard of today. I guess that there will be a new caliber design element we can't even imagine in five years.

 Patek Philippe Tourbillon

You may have seen people speculate about combining complications on one dial, and that is something I'd love to see happen. It would be great if you could display a date next to your day of the month at 12 o'clock but still have all your other complications function on their own as well. So you get two displays in one: 12-hour military time and 24-hour military time. That's just an idea, though! It's hard to know exactly what the future holds for us but here's hoping for a good one! And speaking of good things, if you're looking for a cool tourbillon or any other kind of wristwatch, please come by Patek Philippe Dallas to see our beautiful inventory.


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