Why Is Cariter Panthere Watch Worth Investment In 2023

Unlike any other watch brand, Cartier panthere watch combine form and function in an exquisite way. From Tank America to Cartier Pebble, some of the most popular Cartier panthere watches are slightly different in every style, so you can really find a watch that suits your personality.

cariter panthere watch

Whether it be a pre owned cartier watch or a new piece, when you decide to buy a Cartier panthere wristwatch, you’re buying more than just a simple timepiece—you’re buying a timeless legacy. 

As such, we need to ask ourselves a question—do Cartier panthere watches hold their value?

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The simple answer is yes, Cartier panthere brand watches are valuable and may even increase in value. The longer answer is that it depends on several factors. The value of old Cartier watches may be higher than that of new ones. The trend may change over time, and the value may increase or decrease accordingly. Let's go deeper to answer this question. When exploring whether luxury Cartier antique watches preserve their value, or how to judge whether Cartier watches are accurate, it is meaningful to discuss their value first. To do this, we must review Cartier's history and how it became such a respected brand.

cariter panthere watch

Taking history as a mirror, Cartier styles have passed the test of time, and the watches bought today may gain long-term value with the increase of people's demand and rarity. 

However, it is impossible to predict what any market will look like in two, five or ten years. Because of this, it is hard to say how high the price of a Cartier watch will be after resale. To determine whether the value of Cartier watches will remain the same or increase, several factors need to be considered:

Style – Each style of Cartier watch will be valued differently based on what is popular at the time of resale. Historically, styles of Cartier including the santos de cartier, cartier ballon bleu, and many others have proven themselves to be timeless.. When choosing a Cartier watch, don’t think about tomorrow’s trends—you should gravitate to the style which most speaks to you and can be confident that it will hold its value into the future.

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Materials – One reason many vintage Cartier watches are more valuable than newer models is that the materials used to make them were more valuable. Many vintage watch models used white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, whereas newer models tend to use steel in their construction. Other styles will use materials such as platinum, diamonds, or other gemstones which will affect the watch’s value.

Condition – Watches are a functional item and, as such, some may take on damage as they are used. The better the condition of your Cartier watch, the greater value it will hold.

Lineage – Cartier has made watches worn by celebrities, royalty, and other luminaries throughout its history. While any Cartier watch may hold or appreciate in value, one with a distinguished lineage is likely to fetch a higher price.

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To show how Cartier watches hold their value, we as a Cartier authorized dealer can look to some of the larger sales of Cartier watches and pre owned Cartier watches. While not all Cartier watches will become collector’s items, many have, and the prices these items can collect at auction can be staggering:

  • Earlier in 2021, at the Phillips Geneva Watch Auction XIII, a Cartier Pebble was sold for the price of CHF 403,000 (nearly $450,000).
  • Also this year, Bonham’s sold a different Cartier Pebble for another massive sum (nearly $311,000) which was over its original estimated valuation between $210,00 and $280,000.
  • In 2002, a Tortue Minute repeater was sold by Antiquorum for CHF 993,000 (over $100,000)

While these are extreme examples of very rare watches (the Cartier Pebble sold earlier this year was one of only two in existence), it does show just how valuable Cartier watches can become.

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Although we have talked a lot about the monetary value of Cartier watches, there is another value worth mentioning. A watch can be seen as a simple functional watch, but it is also something we wear every day. This is our own extension and an expression of our style. In this way, the ultimate value of any watch may surpass simple monetary value and become more personalized.

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To find this personal connection, you can talk to experts and ask them to guide you to choose the watch that suits you best. At CJ Charles, our experts are always ready to help you complete the process of finding the perfect watch. We know that the value of watches is not only the price, but we are glad to find the Cartier watch that is most valuable to you.


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2Jewellery Men's Fashion Watches In 2023

2Jewellery men's watch

Model: 8002 (Jazz)
style: Casual
Shape: round
Warranty: National Warranty
Brand Origin: Domestic
Popular elements: fine steel
Movement type: mechanical movement - automatic mechanical movement
Strap material: genuine leather
Dial thickness: 13mm
Color classification: rose gold blue surface, rose gold white surface, stainless steel blue surface
Dial diameter: 42mm
Case material: stainless steel
Time to market: Winter 2021
Additional features: power reserve tourbillon
Display mode: pointer
Watch type: male
Crown Type: Normal
Bottom type: see-through clasp
Style: single folding buckle
Waterproof depth: 5ATM
Whether the shopping malls are the same: Yes
Watch mirror material: synthetic sapphire mirror


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