Why Is Omega Constellation Watch Worth Investment In 2023

Omega constellation (the "constellation" among Omega fans) is not just another beautiful item among Omega models. This is an unparalleled symbol of accuracy and talent, which shines in any era. In 1952, Omega entered the stage of watch industry for the first time, pushing Omega to a higher level.

Omega Constellation

It originally adopted a classic design, including a 10-sided winding crown, a pie plate dial and a diamond hour mark. Connie has many striking features, including a classic badge with eight stars on the back of the case, polished claws on the side of the case, and Roman numerals on the bezel and dial.
In this review of Omega constellation, we will focus on some of the best chronographs in the brand catalogue. Let's get started.

Omega Constellation


Is the Omega constellation watch good?

Omega constellation watch is good. They are made of high quality materials, including durable 316L steel, pure gold (depending on the model), ceramics, alloys, mother of pearl and, of course, diamonds.
In addition, they have the most reliable movement, which can accurately time and undergo rigorous testing before opening to the public. Therefore, whenever you wear it, you can rest assured that you will get unparalleled value.

 Omega Constellation

Is Omega a good investment?

This is a good investment for several reasons: it is the favorite of watch collectors, especially antiques, because of their rarity and precious metals.
In addition, because Omega brands raise prices regularly, their value will appreciate over time. For example, Omega constellation increased from more than S $5,000 to more than S $11,000 in one year.
However, it is helpful to know that all stainless steel models and men's watches have higher demand than gold models in a larger market.

  Omega Constellation

How accurate is the Omega constellation?

Quite accurate, especially those with Master Chronometer. They can be accurate to -0/+5 seconds every day. Compared with the COSC chronograph movement which can only manage the precision of -4/+6 seconds every day, this is impressive.

Which Omega series is the best?

Omega constellation. This is very popular among watch collectors and Seamaster, because Constellation series watches have unique complexity, reluctance, a series of pleasant choices, timeless accuracy and unparalleled structure.

 Omega Constellation

Omega constellation is definitely worthy of hype, even more! Over the years, it has occupied a place among the heavyweights in the watch industry. Its gems ensure accurate timing for many years, and if you take care of it properly, it will make you the center of attention.

Key points

Omega Constellation
Omega watches in Constellation series are famous for their half-moons on the top and bottom of the case, Roman numeral borders and claws on the side of the case.
Constellation family watches are a good investment because their value will appreciate over time.
Omega Constellation watch adopts Master chronograph movement, which is more accurate than Omega watch adopting COSC chronograph.


2Jewellery Tourbillon Watch

2Jewellery women's watch

Ladies tourbillon watch, three colors optional, Swarovski bezel, bezel crown, four claws inlaid with 81 bright stones, compact and firm, shining and luxurious, 316 stainless steel case, high hardness, wear-resistant Anti-corrosion, long service life, small and beautiful, artificial sapphire glass, manual mechanical movement, leather butterfly buckle strap.

Movement model: 5H20 manual tourbillon

Case Diameter: 34mm

Case Thickness: 9.9mm

Strap Width: 16mm

Power Reserve: 40 (hours)

Case Material: 316 stainless steel

Vibration Frequency: 21600 (times per hour

Strap Material: belt

Winding Method: manual winding

Glass: artificial sapphire

Swarovski: 81

Waterproof Depth: 50 meters life waterproof


2jewellery Vintage Womens Watches In 2023

2Jewellery women's watch

Model: 5303A9
Style: Vintage
Shape: round
Condition: New
Warranty: National Warranty
Popular elements: hollow out
Movement type: mechanical movement - automatic mechanical movement
Strap material: stainless steel
Dial thickness: 10mm
Color classification: Black Forest 5301A9-Silver Black Forest 5301D9-Rose Gold Black Forest 5302A9-Black Silver Black Forest 5302D9-Black Gold Black Forest 5303A9--Fritillaria Black Forest 5303D9-Fritillaria Black Forest 5301A1-Silver-Belt Black Forest 5301D4- Rose Gold-Belt Black Forest 5302A1-Black Silver-Belt Black Forest 5302D1-Black Gold-Belt Black Forest 5303D4--Mother-of-Belt-Belt Black Forest 5303A6--Mother-Belt-Belt
Dial diameter: 36mm
Case material: stainless steel
Time to market: Spring 2022
Additional features: Perspective windows
Display mode: pointer
Watch type: female
Crown Type: Normal
Bottom type: transparent bottom
Buckle style: butterfly double button
Waterproof depth: 5ATM
Watch mirror material: synthetic sapphire mirror


2Jewellery Stylish Watches For Women In 2023

2Jewellery women's watch

Model: 6504A6
Style: Fashion
Shape: circular color
New warranty: national joint insurance
Brand origin: domestic
Popular element: Art IP
Movement type: quartz movement
Thickness: 7.6mm
Color classification: Astronomer 6501A1 - Van Gogh Silver Moon Astronomer 6501A6 - Van Gogh Silver Moon - Blue Belt Astronomer 6504A6 - Galaxy Silver Moon - Blue Belt Astronomer 6505A6 - Colored Butterfly Silver Moon - Blue Belt Astronomer 6501D6 - Van Gogh Golden Moon - Blue Belt Astronomer 6501D1 - Van Gogh Golden Moon Astronomer 6504D6 - Galaxy Golden Moon - Blue Belt Astronomer 6505D6 - Colored Butterfly Golden Moon - Blue Belt
Dial diameter: 36mm
Availability: Winter 2020
Additional function: Moon phase display
Display method: pointer type
Crown Type: Normal
Table bottom type: ordinary table
Button style: needle button
Waterproof depth: 5ATM
Whether the same model is available in the mall: Yes
Sales channel type: same model in shopping malls (both online and offline sales)
Watch mirror material: synthetic sapphire watch lens movement
Origin: Switzerland
Is there a warranty card


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