18 Best New Home Gifts In 2024

18 Best  New Home Gifts In 2024,If you have friends or family who recently moved into a new home, a thoughtful and easy way to welcome them into their space is with housewarming gifts. Whether they opt for a grand soirée or a small get-together (or are too stressed out to throw any kind of party at all), don't miss out on your chance to celebrate this major milestone.

We've curated a spot-on list featuring housewarming gifts that homeowners and renters alike would be absolutely thrilled to receive. Shop on and get excited to make a memorable impact on their place and their new lives. There's no doubt that as soon as you get rocking, rolling, and adding items to your online shopping cart, you'll want to treat yourself to a few luxuries too.

2Jewellery Women's Sterling Silver Bracelets

2Jewellery women's sterling silver bracelets, Cinnabar Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet, The silver bracelet symbolizes peace and good fortune and can bring good luck. The cinnabar mole represents a mark left in the heart after experiencing love, which cannot be forgotten.
The bracelet made of ancient craftsmanship guarantees a long-lasting luster.
The design of the bead string makes it more comfortable to wear.
The hand circumference can be worn between 14-17 cm.
I hope this bracelet will bring you good luck and love.

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets, Geometric Square Bracelet, Hollow geometric small squares are connected in series and polished. The gloss is simple and the design comes with wild attributes. Different sides show the sparkling details

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelet, Silver Buckle Red String Bracelet, The red string represents celebration, culture, and good luck. It means auspicious, auspicious, auspicious, auspicious, healthy, happy, peaceful, and prosperous

2Jewellery Women's Silver Bracelets

2jewellery women's silver bracelets, personalized charm bracelets, extension chain design, Buckle can be adjusted freely, Comfortable fit, Delicate mirror polishing, The whole is as smooth and delicate as a mirror。

material: S925 silver material 

weight: about 11 grams  

Chain length: Total chain length is 21cm

2Jewellery Women's Sterling Silver Bracelets

Women's Gold Bracelet, Exquisite craftsmanship, twelve-layer electroplating process, enhanced metal luster, not easy to fade, 360-degree mirror polishing technology, smooth and delicate surface, metal parts of the pendant are made of international standard 925 silver, long-lasting and beautiful luster, comfortable to wear, not easy to fade, not easy to allergies. Inlaid with high-quality white Hao, and exquisite mosaic technology, Hao stone is firm and not easy to fall off, and the light is bright and moving.


2Jewellery Women's Sterling Silver Bracelets

Silver jewelry means blessing, peace, and wealth. Wearing silver jewelry on the body symbolizes health and longevity, and symbolizes great wealth and honor. The style of this bracelet is simple and versatile. The sterling silver transfer beads are very shiny together. The whole body is sterling silver, hand-polished, delicate, and small, and it is not easy to be allergic.

2Jewellery Mens Diamond Watch In 2024

Model: 9201R11
style: luxury
shape: square
Condition: New
Popular elements: flying
Movement type: mechanical movement - manual mechanical movement
Strap Material: Silicone
Dial thickness: 11.4mm
Color classification: Tourbillon 9201R11-transparent red-sapphire case, tourbillon 9201S11-transparent black-sapphire case, tourbillon 9204S11-transparent blue-sapphire case
Dial diameter: 42mm
Case material: other
Time to market: Winter 2020
Additional features: luminous perspective window tourbillon
Display mode: pointer
Watch type: male
Crown type: ordinary
Bottom type: through the bottom
Buckle style: pin buckle
Waterproof depth: 5ATM
Watch mirror material: synthetic sapphire mirror


2Jewelllery Waterproof Smart Watches For Men In 2024

Model: 6401A1
Style: Fashion
Shape: Circular
Quality: brand new
Warranty: National Joint Insurance
Brand Origin: Domestic
Popular Element: Art IP
Movement type: mechanical movement - automatic mechanical movement
Watch strap material: genuine leather
Dial thickness: 11mm

Color classification: Astronomer 6401A1 Van Gogh Silver Moon Astronomer 6404A1 Galaxy Silver Moon Astronomer 6401D2 Van Gogh Gold Moon Astronomer 6404D2 Galaxy Gold Moon Astronomer 6401E1 Van Gogh Silver Moon Diamond Circle Astronomer 6404E1 Galaxy Silver Moon Diamond Circle Astronomer 6401F2 Van Gogh Gold Moon Diamond Circle Astronomer 6404F2 Galaxy Gold Moon Diamond Circle Astronomer
Dial diameter: 40mm
Case Material: precision steel
Listing time: Fall 2020
Additional function: Lunar phase display perspective window
Display method: pointer type
Watch type: male
Crown type: Normal
Bottom type: Transparent
Watch buckle style: single-fold buckle
Waterproof depth: 5ATM
Is it the same model in the mall? Yes
Sales channel type: Same model in shopping malls (sold both online and offline)
Watch Mirror Material: Artificial Synthetic Sapphire Mirror
Origin of movement: China
Is there a warranty card available? Yes


2Jewellery Most Popular Men's Watches In 2024

Model: 9001A1
Style: Luxury
Shape: round
Condition: New
Warranty: National Warranty
Brand Origin: Domestic
Popular element: flying movement
Type: mechanical movement - manual mechanical movement
Strap material: leather dial
Thickness: 10mm
Color classification: Tourbillon 9001A1-gun black tourbillon 9004A1-sea blue tourbillon 9001D2-black gold tourbillon 9004D2-blue gold tourbillon 9001E1-gun black-drill ring tourbillon 9004E1-sea blue-drill ring tourbillon 9001F2-black gold-drill ring Tourbillon 9004F2-Blue Gold-Diamond Ring
Dial diameter: 40mm case
Material: fine steel
Time to market: Winter 2020
Buckle style: single folding buckle
Waterproof depth: 5ATM
Whether the shopping malls are the same: Yes
Sales channel type: the same model in shopping malls (both online and offline sales)
Watch mirror material: synthetic sapphire mirror

2Jewellery Men's Sterling Silver Bracelet

 Silver medal polished couple bracelet,
Avant-garde trendy, stylish personality, calm atmosphere, simple style.
925 silver material, open and restrained, looks versatile.
Hand-woven, exquisite silver bars, hand-woven ingenious, not easy to deform or break.
The silver bracelet is left blank on three sides and customized for engraving. So it makes sense to give it away or wear it yourself.

2Jewellery Men's Sterling Silver Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Bracelet, Thai silver is made of 925/990 sterling silver. It is a special process called black silver made of old vintage special craftsmanship. It melts the mixture of silver and sulfur on silver jewelry and forms a covering layer in a vitreous state. The silver covering, the loose layer, the black, and the bright silver-white of the silver form a sharp contrast, which produces a special visual effect. Due to the special anti-aging treatment, the black silver jewelry not only does not change color for a long time.

2Jewellery Men Leather Bracelet

Tanned Cowhide Silver Buckle Men's Bracelet, The characteristic of this men's bracelet is that the leather is vegetable-tanned cowhide. The vegetable-tanned leather will absorb the grease from daily hands with the passage of time and daily use, and begin to pack size, the surface will gradually become shiny, and brighter, and the color will darken.

Under the feeding of time, the traces that are slowly formed will have your exclusive taste, which cannot be copied.
The length of the bracelet is 19cm.

2Jewellery men's sterling silver bracelet

This Men's bracelet is characterized by craftsmanship-Thai silver craftsmanship. The material of Thai silver is 925/990 sterling silver. Black silver jewelry not only does not change color for a long time, but the surface hardness is also greatly enhanced. The unique texture and color make the bracelet rough and simple.

2Jewellery Leather Bracelet Men

Sterling Silver Braided Bracelet, A mermaid inspires the design of this men's bracelet. The weave pattern is like scales. The scales of the mermaid's tail symbolize charm and wisdom.
The material is S999 pure silver. Craft masters use a winding made of 999 pure silver wire with a diameter of 80 or 180 microns and then use this winding to support the wearable artwork.

2Jewellery Cheap Watches For Womens 2024

Brand Name : OLEVS
Water Resistance Depth : 3Bar
Movement : Quartz
Case Material : Alloy
Style : Fashion & Casual
Clasp Type : Buckle
Origin : Mainland China
Dial Window Material Type : Coated Glass
Case Thickness : 9mm
Boxes & Cases Material : Paper
Band Material Type : Leather
Band Width : 20mm
Feature : Water Resistant
Band Length : 20cm
Dial Diameter : 33mm
Certification : CE
Case Shape : Rectangle
Model Number : OLEVS 9940 watch for women

2Jewellery Ladies' Watches For Small Wrists 

Brand Name : POEDAGAR
Water Resistance Depth : 3Bar
Movement : Quartz
Case Material : Stainless Steel
Style : Fashion & Casual
Clasp Type : Push Button Hidden Clasp
Origin : Mainland China
Dial Window Material Type : Hardlex
Case Thickness : 6mm
Boxes & Cases Material : Paper
Band Material Type : Stainless Steel
Band Width : 14mm
Feature : Diver,Water Resistant,Swim
Band Length : 22cm
Dial Diameter : 32mm
Certification : CE
Case Shape : Round
Model Number : 719

2Jewellery Affordable Watches

Watch style: simple, casual, and fashionable

Case diameter: 43mm

Dial thickness: 12mm

Strap width: 20mm

Strap length: 22mm(including case)

Product: 1 watch

The strap can be removed to adjust the size. Tools are required

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