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Or Give us a call: +852 52664425. If you have any minor questions or other questions about our products, you can contact us if You hope in return.

whether it is product details, shipping, or return policy. You can also contact us through the Contact Us form on the website. You only need to fill in the details in the form, please send it to us.

If you just purchased the product or are not satisfied with the product, you will purchase and return the product within 30 days. It may be that we provide you with a return number (RMA), which you will use to return and let us process your refund.

If the items we ship are damaged in transit, please get in touch with us via email at

or Give us a call: at +852 52664425 You also need to replace items with equivalent items or other items. Contacting us will enable us to provide you with further instructions regarding replacement items and process refunds when you need special items.

If you have received an incorrect item or something is missing, you should contact us via email. This may enable us to process the replacement and provide you with instructions for creating a return.

If you have any questions about returns, shipping, and delivery, please use the contact form on the website or Give us a call: at +852 52664425 for help, and answer.
If you have special delivery requirements, please Contact us via the contact form. This may enable us to form special arrangements to ship your purchased items faster. This may require you to bear additional costs.

Our customer service can usually help you. If you have any questions, you can leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our real-time chat can respond to your questions immediately.

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Hi all! Feel free to reach out to ask any questions or let us know if you have any issues. We will reply in a timely manner of 1-3 business days. Stay cozy 😊