2 Jewellery turquoise bracelet

 2 jewelleryTurquoise bracelets have the effect of soothing nervous emotions, which can give people spiritual sustenance and make people's mentality more optimistic. Wearing a turquoise bracelet also has the meaning of peace, and people believe that wearing it can bless peace and health. Turquoise also has the effect of improving interpersonal relationships, enhancing the wearer's charm, and making love happier and sweeter.


The effect of the turquoise bracelet

Turquoise is known as the stone of success, which symbolizes success and luck. Wearing a turquoise bracelet has the effect of transporting and ensuring peace. It can turn a bad situation into a good one. It can also be used at home to protect the family, and it can bless the safety and health of the family.


The role of the Women's Bracelet

  1. Soothe your emotions

Turquoise is mainly green, which can make people more relaxed and relieve tension. It can make people get spiritual sustenance, make people's mentality more optimistic and life more smooth.


  1. Improve relationships

Turquoise also has the effect of improving interpersonal relationships. Wearing a turquoise bracelet for a long time can enhance the wearer's temperament and charm, exude a unique and attractive temperament from the inside out and enhance the wearer's tolerance. Heart and friendliness, thereby improving their social skills, boys can send turquoise bracelets to their lovers as a token of love, which can make the relationship between the two parties happier and sweeter.


  1. Nourish the body

Usually wearing a turquoise bracelet can massage the local skin. Turquoise itself contains a variety of natural minerals and trace elements, which can enter the body through the pores on the skin surface and nourish the body to a certain extent.


What does it mean to wear a turquoise bracelet?

Meaning one. Power and status: Turquoise is regarded as the incarnation of God, so the people there regard turquoise as power and status. It can also be found in the history of the Tibetan people that all people with status wear turquoise to highlight their personal status. Even now, many people still wear turquoise to show their status.


Meaning two. Healthy and beautiful: Anyone who is familiar with turquoise knows that turquoise itself has the functions of lowering blood pressure, clearing heat, detoxifying, and being anti-inflammatory, and it can have obvious effects if worn for a long time. And the color of turquoise itself is very beautiful, even if it is worn for a long time, the bracelet will not heat up, so many people like to wear turquoise.


Meaning three. Mysterious and evil spirits: Turquoise is known as the gem of heaven, and turquoise is deeply loved. This is because turquoise itself has a mysterious color, and even has a certain religious color, so it gives people the feeling that it is. mysterious feeling. And with the passage of time, turquoise continues to appear in people's vision, and its meaning is deeper.


Meaning four. Success: Turquoise is known as the birthstone of December. It is very good for people born in December to wear turquoise bracelets. There is a legend that people born in December wearing turquoise bracelets can realize their dreams more easily and quickly, whether, in career or love, they will be more successful.

Turquoise is a gem that has really been precipitated over the years. Whether it is for decoration or other metaphysical purposes, it is a very good choice.


The benefits of wearing a Women's Bracelet

  1. Turquoise can be used as medicine, and its effects are: dispelling wind and cold, reducing inflammation and hemostasis, clearing heat and detoxifying, lowering blood pressure, etc. In addition, it also has a good effect on human lung and respiratory system diseases. Wearing turquoise for a long time can strengthen the body and have good health effects. Turquoise can also treat eye diseases and has a certain effect on radiation protection. So we think turquoise is very suitable for office workers who face the computer all day.


  1. Turquoise can reconcile people's emotional and psychological states; turquoise can bring people courage and confidence, be kind to people, harmonious interpersonal communication, promote peace and stability of mentality, so as to maintain a healthy and cheerful state of mind so that people are always full of positive energy.


  1. Turquoise has always been worn by people as amulets and has strong energy. Tibetans in my country believe that turquoise has unparalleled power and is often used to make Buddhist items, such as turquoise rosary beads. Turquoise has the functions of gathering wealth, prospering wealth, warding off evil spirits, and keeping the peace. Wearing it can ward off evil spirits and get the blessing of the gods. Placing turquoise ornaments or hanging a few turquoise stones in the house has the effect of calming the house and warding off evil spirits.


Turquoise bracelet to wear left or right hand

There is no difference whether the turquoise bracelet is worn on the left or the right hand. Generally, it is the default behavior of people to wear the bracelet on the left hand, so there is no special attention. The turquoise bracelet must be worn on which hand and choose the left hand. Or right hand is mainly according to their own preferences and habits.


Most people will choose to wear the turquoise bracelet on the left hand because the frequency of using the right hand is higher than the left hand in life. Wearing the bracelet on the left hand is not only convenient for work but also protects the bracelet from damage. However, if it is a person who uses the left hand frequently, it is more convenient to wear the bracelet on the right hand.


In addition, wearing turquoise on the left hand can soothe your emotions, make people feel relaxed, and at the same time eliminate fatigue and improve people's work efficiency.


Seven taboos and maintenance methods of Women's Bracelet

Turquoise is very skillful in the process of wearing and maintaining it. Improper wearing and maintenance methods will damage the turquoise. Everything has its "natural enemies", and turquoise is no exception. Let's take a look at the seven taboos and maintenance methods of turquoise.

TOP1: Taboo: Heat

Turquoise is afraid of heat, because when it is heated, it will react with "thermal expansion and cold contraction", which will increase the volume of the molecules in the body, and some will show a fading state, and even change the physical properties of turquoise, resulting in fading, cracked.

Maintenance method: In view of the characteristics of "heat expansion and cold contraction" when it is exposed to heat, avoid high-temperature environment during maintenance, especially avoid sun exposure in summer, take it off when bathing and put it on a clean white cotton cloth.


TOP2: Taboo: Collision

Turquoise players all know that the hardness of turquoise is generally relatively low, and it cannot withstand strong collisions. Sometimes a small bump will crack, and a large collision will even break.

Maintenance method: Handle it gently during maintenance to avoid accidental bumps. No matter the size of the turquoise, please be sure to place it in a stable place when viewing and maintaining it.


TOP3: Taboo: Dyeing

Turquoise likes water and has strong water absorption. It is precisely this feature that makes it easy to be dyed into a "big face"

Maintenance method: Do not put turquoise with items that are easy to fade during maintenance, such as ropes, juices, inks, and clothes as small as turquoise, which are fatal to turquoise. When turquoise is stained and cannot be washed off, no amount of compensation will help.


TOP4: Taboo: chemical lotion

Because of its unstable chemical properties, turquoise is particularly afraid of acidic solutions, which will cause it to discolor and corrode.

Maintenance method: Avoid direct contact with cosmetics and ingredients containing chemical lotions during maintenance, because the acid and alkali substances in cosmetics will be absorbed by the pores of the turquoise, so please remove them when washing your face, bathing, or even swimming in the pool. turquoise. 


TOP5: Taboo: Metal

When metal and turquoise are worn together, an elemental infection reaction will occur. After the metal element penetrates into the turquoise, the color of the turquoise will be darker or lighter. The long-term close contact between metal and turquoise will also make turquoise inevitable bumps and scratches.

Maintenance method: Keep away from metal objects during maintenance. If it must be matched with gold and silver jewelry, be sure to put a small piece of coconut shell between the turquoise and gold and silver jewelry. Because it contains activated carbon, it can strongly absorb the element ions in the metal.


TOP6: Taboo: Dirty

Turquoise is like a girl who loves to clean, mainly because it is not easy to clean after the surface is contaminated.

Maintenance method: If it is accidentally contaminated during maintenance, soak it in warm or cool water, wipe it with a clean white cotton towel, and do not use soap, detergent, and other chemical lotions even if it is dirty. High, please consult a turquoise collection expert immediately for help.


TOP7: Taboo: Sweat

Because human sweat contains salt and alkali, it will erode the internal structure of turquoise, causing it to become dull.

Maintenance method: Refuse direct contact between sweat and turquoise during maintenance, especially in summer, do not wear it close to your body or play with turquoise.

Turquoise is a mineral composed of water, copper, and aluminum phosphates. It is jade with relatively high water content. If there is too much water loss, it will appear: the color will become darker, the surface will be dull, and the iron wire will dry up. , and even cracking. Therefore, when turquoise is being maintained, we must pay attention to replenishing water in time. Generally every ten days and a half months, it is necessary to soak it in water for one to two days. When it is completely full of water, seal it with a sealed bag and put it in a cool place. If turquoise players have a lot of ornamental turquoises to store, they can keep soaking in water and put them in the refrigerator of the refrigerator to simulate the living environment of turquoise underground, which is good for the storage and maintenance of turquoise.

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