2Jewellery Beaded Bracelet Red Agate

2Jewellery Beaded Bracelet Red Agate,Ladies beaded bracelet  Red Agate is considered an object to ward off evil spirits and protect the safety, but in fact, wearing onyx does have certain benefits for the body, such as moisturizing the heart and lungs, calming emotions, resolving irritability, touching the onyx, cool and delicate, can refresh the mind Brain, think calmly.


The onyx bracelet has the effect of nourishing the human body, and a large number of minerals and trace elements it contains can enter the human body through the pores on the skin surface. In addition, the onyx bracelet can also promote blood circulation. When wearing the onyx bracelet, it will constantly rub against the skin and play a massage role.


The effect of Beaded Bracelet

  1. Beauty and beauty

The red agate bracelet contains a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. When worn frequently, these substances will penetrate into the body through the skin, thereby promoting the regeneration function of cells, preventing skin keratinization, making the skin ruddier and more complex. come better.


  1. Eliminate stress

The color of onyx is bright and bright, it seems that it can make people feel happier, eliminate mental stress in the heart, maintain physical health, relieve irritability, anxiety, and other emotions, make people more concentrated, and improve sleep quality.


  1. Enhance physical fitness

When wearing the onyx bracelet for a long time, can improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body, enhance the body's resistance and immunity, balance the positive and negative energy of the human body, and help the body's rapid recovery.


  1. Nourish the human body

Nourishing the human body is one of the main functions of the onyx bracelet. During the process of wearing the onyx bracelet, a large number of minerals and trace elements contained in it can gradually enter the human body through the pores on the skin surface, thereby nourishing the human body.


  1. Promote blood circulation

In addition, the onyx bracelet can also promote blood circulation, because when wearing onyx, it will rub against the skin continuously, and the friction is also massaging the skin, so the blood circulation under the skin will become more smooth.


The role of the onyx bracelet

  1. Agate belongs to a kind of jade, and jade includes two categories: jadeite and agate. There are many colors of agate, especially red agate.


  1. Onyx has a very good decorative effect. The most common ones are onyx necklaces and onyx bracelets. Onyx bracelets are generally worn alone. Wearing both hands is a bit awkward and inconvenient. Generally, it is mostly worn on the left hand, giving people a sense of luxury, because agate itself is a very expensive decoration.


  1. The function of red agate is the same as that of jade. As the saying goes, "people raise jade for three years, and jade raises people for a lifetime". Red agate has the effect of cooling blood and warding off evil spirits. Red agate has a cool feeling when worn on the hand, especially Suitable for wearing in summer, it can prevent prickly heat, and jade has the effect of warding off evil spirits, so onyx is no exception, and it can be worn on the body to ensure safety.


The physiological effect of wearing an onyx bracelet

  1. The red onyx can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, and make the complexion better.
  2. The orange-red agate can be effective on the rectum and stomach, activate the internal organs, prevent constipation, help expel toxins, and have a soothing effect on liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose veins, etc.
  3. Different colors of agate have their own functions. Among them, Botswana is also a kind of agate. It is a natural and complete eye-catching mineral bead. Rotational energy transmission and development.
  4. Strengthen personal spirit and magnetic field, attract positive force and good luck, and enhance fortune! Experts of Dotting Eye Jewelry said: Wearing onyx can also enhance immune function, promote blood circulation, and strengthen metabolism so that your mind will be healthy and your hands and feet will not be cold.
  5. It can also treat insomnia and avoid nightmares, and has an effect on the thyroid, thymus, vocal cords, and solar plexus.


The psychological effect of wearing an Beaded Bracelet

  1. Stimulates curiosity and action for people who are negative in the current situation and have no goals and motivation.
  2. Let it recognize the target clearly, it can also eliminate the enemy's malice and jealousy, and bring about a new peaceful relationship.
  3. Strengthen creativity and creativity, and inspire inspiration in the process of creation.
  4. At the same time, onyx can eliminate stress and mental tension, resolve the generation gap, and promote honesty and honesty between people. A gem that keeps families in harmony.


Wearing onyx also maintains the harmony of body and mind, enhances love, loyalty, and courage, promotes abundance, happiness, and longevity, and has the effect of maintaining peace. It can exert the power of a king, make it easy to reach an agreement on events, achieve fame and fortune, and have the effect of warding off evil and attracting wealth, and gathering wealth. A gem that inspires courage, brings confidence, and makes people brave; it can be done consistently, and a person can stick to principles; it can also strengthen the vitality of the body, suitable for those who are infirm or who have just recovered.


What are the benefits of wearing an onyx bracelet

  1. Nourishes the skin

Onyx contains a variety of minerals and trace elements. After being worn by people, these trace elements will be absorbed by the human body, which is beneficial to expel toxins from the body and make the complexion better. After a long period of nourishment, the skin will become delicate, smooth, rosy, and full of luster.


  1. Relieve stress

Onyx is a gem with a soft energy. It can balance the positive and negative energy in the human body, eliminate negative emotions, and maintain physical and mental health. Wearing a bracelet made of it can make people feel happy. It has the effect of relieving tension and eliminating stress.


  1. 3embellishment

Onyx has a wide variety of colors, its texture is oily and smooth, and its transparency is high. Under natural light, the internal natural structural lines can be seen. Wearing the onyx bracelet on the hand can play a decorative role, and it will make the skin fairer and more delicate.


Meaning of Beaded Bracelet

  1. Twenty-one: Twenty-one means ten places, ten paramitas, and Buddha fruit.
  2. Thirty-two: The thirty-two beads in the southern red agate represent the thirty-two appearances of the Buddha statue. The solemn and virtuous appearance of the Buddha is felt by practicing good deeds for a long time. Other practitioners may have certain majestic features, but only the Buddha and the four wheel-turning kings, the golden, silver, iron, and bronze kings in the true sense of the word possess the thirty-two victories.
  3. One hundred and eight beads: The meaning of the 108 beads of southern red agate means seeking the right one hundred and eighty samadhi, and eliminating one hundred and eight kinds of troubles.


Maintenance Notes:

  1. Nanhong products should avoid collision with hard objects. Although the hardness of southern red agate is relatively high, it is easy to be broken by impact, especially hollowed-out works that are more easily damaged. Usually placed and carried should be firm and strong, or stored in a softbox;


  1. Cleaning of Nanchong. The surface of agate worn or placed for a long time produces oil or dust. Dust should be cleaned with a soft brush; oil should be washed with warm soapy water, and then rinsed with water;


  1. Nanhong should try to avoid direct sunlight or excessive cold and overheating to avoid damage due to thermal expansion and contraction;


  1. Nanhong should try to avoid contact with chemical reagents and other items to avoid corrosion and affect its brightness and brightness;


  1. The wiping of Nanhong should use a soft cloth or towel to avoid scratches and help maintain and maintain the original quality;


  1. Nanhong needs to be replenished frequently to maintain the balance of water. If you feel that the water shortage of Nanhong agate is serious, you can put it in pure water for replenishment.


Beaded Bracelet are taboo

It is taboo to wear onyx bracelets if they are not cleaned for a long time, otherwise, the surface of the onyx bracelet will easily adhere to a lot of dust, dirt, and other impurities, and the color of the bracelet will be affected. In addition, it is also taboo to wear onyx bracelets in contact with hard objects, because the hardness of onyx is relatively small, and contact with other hard objects can easily cause the appearance to be damaged or broken.

  1. Avoid long-term uncleaning

It is one of the taboos of wearing onyx bracelets to avoid long-term. After a long-term wearing of onyx bracelets, a large amount of dust, dirt, and other impurities are easily attached to the surface. Irregular cleaning will affect the color of the bracelet.


  1. Avoid contact with oil

In addition, wearing onyx bracelets is also taboo to contact with oil. Onyx has good lipophilicity. If you touch oil when wearing onyx bracelets, the oil will adhere to the surface of the onyx and it is difficult to completely remove it, and the color of the bracelet will also be affected.


  1. Avoid contact with hard objects

Usually wear onyx bracelets to avoid contact with hard objects, because the hardness of onyx is small, if it comes into contact with other objects with higher hardness or collides, it is easy to cause damage to the appearance of the bracelet.

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