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Submerged water grade old agarwood charm bracelets for men

A good channel comes from a good raw material Submerged water grade old agarwood charm bracelets for men Selected from first-tier production areas, the old submerged water the year before, the natural fragrance has a long history, the lines are clearly visible, and the taste is mellow and sweet. This is the "sinking monster "

charm bracelets for men

The value of 



charm bracelets for men  Agarwood is a kind of precious wood, which can be made into accessories or ornaments for people to watch. Agarwood can also be used as medicine. It is an excellent Chinese herbal medicine.

  • Invigorating Qi and relieving pain: Agarwood has the functions of relieving pain, warming and antiemetic, inhaling Qi and relieving asthma. It is used to treat vomiting, hiccups and asthma due to kidney deficiency. When Qi and blood are smooth, all poisons can be avoided, and agarwood can significantly reduce symptoms by regulating and balancing the operation of Qi in the human body.

  • Calming and soothing: Agarwood contains a lot of natural volatile oils, which can directly act on the central nervous system and can play a calming and soothing effect.

  • Conditioning the spleen and stomach: Conditioning the spleen and stomach is the main effect of agarwood after it is used as medicine. When there is disharmony between the spleen and stomach, abdominal pain, and deficiency of the spleen and stomach, a suitable amount of agarwood can be taken to relieve the symptoms of loss of appetite and chest and flank pain.

  • Regulating Qi and laxative: When the stagnation of qi in the large intestine causes difficulty in expelling stool or the body is weak, you can take an appropriate amount of agarwood, which can play a role in regulating qi and defecation.


What are the benefits of wearing agarwood for men





 For male friends, wearing agarwood is more of a symbol of status. Agarwood has always been known as a modest gentleman, and agarwood is respected. Male friends use agarwood as a noble status. At the same time, men wear agarwood to pray for peace and blessings. In the past, many soldiers who went abroad used agarwood as a spiritual object. They wore agarwood more to exorcise evil spirits and pray for peace


Five taboos of wearing agarwood

  • Collision   The main body of agarwood is sparse wood and secreted alcoholized oil, so its hardness can be imagined. We must be careful when wearing it, it is easy to cause physical damage to agarwood by being hit or scratched by foreign objects.

  • High temperature  We all know that agarwood has an application called fragrance, which is heated by high temperature or ignited by an open flame to volatilize the oil of agarwood, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the fragrance in the process of tasting. From this, we can know that agarwood is not resistant to high temperature. If the agarwood is worn near the high temperature, its oil will soon be volatilized, and the fragrance will fade.

  • Take a bath  Some people have to wear agarwood with them when taking a bath because a brief immersion in water does not have much effect. But what we need to understand is that although agarwood can be soaked in water for a short period of time, the chemical reagents such as shower gel and shampoo are very harmful to it, and it is easy to decompose the surface oil of agarwood.

  • Smell  Wearing agarwood is not allowed to spray perfume or powder, or even go to places with strong smells like hot pot restaurants and barbecue restaurants. Other flavors can easily affect the purity of the agarwood fragrance. If you want your bracelet to have a hot pot flavor, just eat it with it.

  • Sports  We all know that sweat is one of the ways for the body to detoxify. During exercise, various wastes are produced in the body, and it is easy to damage the texture and oil of agarwood.

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