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2Jewellery Best women's bracelet purple gold cinnabar benefits.Purple gold cinnabar, also known as "Emperor Sand", is made of raw cinnabar granules by the ancient method. The color is purple-red. The surface has small silver particles, not a magazine. The fracture surface has obvious crystal particles and diamond luster. The rough cinnabar is hard, with filamentous irregular lines on the cross-section.


The effect of a purple gold cinnabar bracelet

The purple gold cinnabar bracelet can sterilize, help sleep, calm the nerves, and can also be worn as a mascot to drive away bad things. , saltwater, fire, and toilets.

Purple gold cinnabar has the effect of sterilization and sleeps aid. It can inhibit bacteria or sterilize when worn on the body. The effect is very good. Wearing Purple gold cinnabar at night, or placing it under the pillow, can play a certain role in calming the nerves and helping sleep.

Wearing a purple gold cinnabar bracelet also has many beautiful meanings. It has a strong positive magnetic field and can be used to drive away from some bad things. Therefore, from emperors to commoners, purple gold cinnabar is often regarded as an auspicious thing.

Although purple gold cinnabar has a good effect, it should be noted that it cannot be worn during pregnancy. Daily storage should be kept away from magnets, saltwater, fires and toilets, and other dirty places, which may make purple gold cinnabar toxic or reduce its efficacy.

  1. Beauty and skincare

Purple cinnabar has an effect on beauty and skincare. Purple cinnabar is rich in mineral elements, which can penetrate into human skin, making human skin smooth and white, and can play a role in softening and rejuvenating the skin.


  1. Release negative energy

A purple gold cinnabar bracelet has the effect of releasing negative energy. The magnetic field energy contained in purple gold cinnabar is very strong. Wearing it on the body can release one's own pressure, relieve inner depression, and relieve the body and mind.


  1. Improve temperament

The purple gold cinnabar bracelet has the effect of enhancing temperament. The cinnabar is ruddy in color and has a high refractive index. The surface is generally metallic, with a diamond, or glass luster. Wearing it on the body shows its own unique temperament and has a good decorative effect.


The benefits of wearing the Best Women's Bracelet

Wearing purple gold sand has the benefits of relieving stress, which can relax people's originally tense nerves, and has a soothing effect on the body and mind. It also has the benefits of calming the mind, which can make people feel relaxed and help relieve tension. It also has the benefits of calming the nerves and helping sleep and can play a certain role in helping sleep.

  1. Relieve stress

Wearing purple gold sand has the advantage of relieving stress because purple gold sand can release the negative energy accumulated in the human body, relax the originally tense nerves, thereby relaxing the body and soothing the body and mind.


  1. Calm down your mind

Wearing purple gold sand also has the benefit of calming down the mind. The minerals in purple gold sand can calm people's complicated and fearful emotions and make people feel at ease. At the same time, purple gold sand can also calm people's excited and manic moods and play a role in meditation.


  1. Soothe the nerves and help sleep

Wearing purple gold sand also has the benefits of calming the nerves and helping people sleep. Wearing purple gold sand close to the body can calm people's complex emotions. It can also play a certain role in helping people sleep at night, making people fall asleep quickly.


Is the long-term wearing of Best Women's Bracelet harmful to the body?

Wearing purple gold sand for a long time is usually not harmful to the body. Purple gold sand is made of raw cinnabar particles by the ancient method. The color is purple and red, and there are small silver particles on the surface. Although the purple gold sand contains high mercury sulfide substances, it will only be produced when the temperature reaches 300 degrees. It can cause toxic damage to the human body, so it will be fine to wear purple gold sand every day. Secondly, pay attention not to enter this kind of purple gold sand, so as not to endanger human health.

In the process of wearing purple gold sand, you need to pay attention. Do not wear purple gold sand when exercising. A lot of sweat will be produced during exercise, which will erode the surface of purple gold sand. At the same time, the movement of the human body during exercise is relatively large, and it is easy to cause bumps, resulting in cracks, damage, and other defects. To keep away from high temperatures, when wearing purple gold sand, you should keep away from high temperatures. When the temperature reaches 300 degrees, it will volatilize trace elements and cause harm to the human body. If you work in a high-temperature environment such as a steel mill, you cannot wear purple gold sand. so as not to affect human health. It is also necessary to avoid contact with chemicals. Avoid contact with many chemicals in life, such as shower gel, perfume, cosmetics, etc. When wearing purple gold sand, you need to stay away from these substances to prevent erosion of purple gold sand and affect the luster and beauty.


Taboo wearing the purple gold cinnabar bracelet

  1. Cinnabar is a natural ore, which has the effects of calming the mind and calming the nerves, clearing heat, and detoxifying, but it cannot be taken for a long time because of its toxicity. And because of its special composition, it cannot be stored in iron, nor can it be washed with saltwater. Moreover, cinnabar has a strong yang magnetic field, and it is also taboo to use objects such as magnets to damage its own magnetism, so try to wear it together with a watch. Husbands and wives can't wear it during intercourse and don't let cinnabar jewelry get stained with blood.


  1. Take it off when taking a bath. Many people wear amulets or decorations made of cinnabar with them to keep their peace and ward off evil spirits. Because cinnabar has a lot of yang energy, it can expel objects with heavy yin qi. However, if you wear cinnabar ornaments, it is best to remove them when you take a bath. Although cinnabar is insoluble in water, it will be disrespectful to Buddha statues and deities and may affect the effect of warding off evil spirits.


  1. Unpack the cinnabar bogey in the cloth bag. Sometimes the elderly are forgetful or uneasy, so they can wrap cinnabar in a cloth and put it in the room to soothe their nerves and exorcise evil spirits. However, such a cloth bag cannot be disassembled and viewed casually, and the effect will be greatly reduced when disassembled. Or some people want to go to the graveyard and other places with heavy yin and wrap the cinnabar on their body with cloth and try not to open it.


How to identify the true and false Best Women's Bracelet?

  1. Magnet

To identify the purple gold sand bracelet, you can use a magnet. Place the magnet near the purple gold sand bracelet. The real purple gold sand bracelet has a certain adsorption force and can attract the magnet. Fake purple gold sand bracelets have no attraction to magnets and are mostly made of plastic.


  1. Aluminum sheet

The identification of the purple gold sand bracelet can be made of an aluminum sheet. After the real purple gold sand bracelet is scratched by the aluminum sheet, white hairs of 1~5mm long will grow on the surface of the aluminum sheet. This is not the case with fake purple gold sand bracelets, at most scratches are scratched on the surface.


  1. Fire

To identify the purple gold sand bracelet, it can be burned with fire. The real purple gold sand bracelet will turn black after heating and will return to its original color after cooling. Although the fake purple gold sand bracelet will turn black after heating, the color will not be restored.


Can a purple gold cinnabar bracelet ward off evil spirits?

Purple gold sand can have a good effect on warding off evil spirits. Wearing purple gold sand on the body can play a good role in exorcising evil spirits, making the surrounding evil spirits dare not get close, and has the reputation of the king of evil spirits. Because of the production process, purple gold sand can be used on the body to disinfect and sterilize, and it can also make people's skin white, tender, smooth, and shiny.

  1. Purple gold sand can ward off evil spirits because purple gold sand is a kind of cinnabar.purple gold belongs to the powder-pressed cinnabar in cinnabar. Due to the ancient method of pressing and technical purification, purple gold has high purity, that is, mercury sulfide minerals. The higher the purity of cinnabar, the stronger the ability to ward off evil spirits, so purple gold sand has a better effect on exorcising evil spirits.


  1. The color of purple gold sand is purple-red, and there are small silver particles on the surface. In feng shui, purple gold sand belongs to pure yang and contains relatively strong magnetic energy. Wearing it on the body can make evil spirits dare not get close.purple gold is known as "the king of warding off evil spirits".


  1. When the purple gold sand is made, the purity of the cinnabar is improved. Therefore, wearing the purple gold sand on the body can play a role in disinfection and sterilization. After wearing it for a long time, it will have certain benefits for the body and also make the skin become white and smooth.


  1. Because of the ancient method of powder pressing, purple gold sand is harder than other cinnabars in texture. Even if it is accidentally dropped on the ground, purple gold sand is not easy to break, so the texture of purple gold sand is very guaranteed. Mainly used in decoration production.


Can the Best Women's Bracelet work?

  1. Rub the surface of the beads with a bath towel. The function is actually to clean the wax layer and dirty color on the surface of the beads and to re-polish. Two to three days about 2-3 hours a day.
  2. Rubbing with a soft cotton cloth for a week is considered polishing. At this time, there will be red marks on the surface of the soft cloth. This is a normal phenomenon, and the color will fade after a week.
  3. naturally placed for a week. Let the beads dry naturally. At the same time, the surface is evenly contacted with air to form a fine and uniform oxide protective layer.
  1. Start the hand disk. The hands must be freshly washed and dry at this time. Sweaty hands, please don't dish directly. Note that the beads must be coiled around the orifice. A day can be about 30 minutes. After one to two weeks, you can feel the sticky feeling of sticking when the beads are dried. In fact, the beads have formed a thin layer of pulp. Repeat 5 to 6 times for 3 months, and you will see your beads have a very aura luster. Well-coiled beads sometimes exhibit a strong reflective, somewhat vitreous sheen.

It is necessary to pay special attention: if the beads are dirty, you can wipe them several times with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Then put it aside for a while before playing. When dishing, try to fill all areas of the beads as much as possible. Especially the orifice. The most taboo thing about pan beads is their quick success. You can only do it slowly, one process at a time. With the change of beads, you can also get a kind of spiritual pleasure at the same time.

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