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Best Women's Bracelets Turquoise bracelets have the effect of soothing nervous emotions, allowing people to get spiritual sustenance and making people's mentality more optimistic. Wearing a turquoise bracelet also has the meaning of peace, and people believe that wearing it can bless peace and health. Turquoise also has the effect of improving interpersonal relationships, enhancing the wearer's charm, and making love happier and sweeter.


The effect of the turquoise bracelet

Turquoise is known as the stone of success, which symbolizes success and luck. Wearing turquoise bracelets has the effect of transporting and ensuring safety. It can turn a bad situation into a safe place. It can also be used at home to control the house, and it can bless the safety and health of the family.


The role of the turquoise bracelet

Turquoise is an ancient gemstone with the reputation of a "successful stone" and is highly sought after by people at home and abroad. Turquoise is not just an everyday accessory, the legends and stories behind it also carry auspicious meanings and embody people's spiritual beliefs.

In ancient times, turquoise was the royal gemstone of the royal family, and in the Qing Dynasty, it was called the "Stone of Heaven"; in the hearts of Tibetan compatriots, turquoise bracelets are the incarnation of gods, symbolizing power and status, the first Tibetan king The crown is made of turquoise as a tribute to the altar.

In ancient Egypt, ancient Mexico, and ancient Persia, turquoise was mysterious, warding off evil, and was used as amulets and funerary objects. The oldest and most precious turquoise in the world is the four turquoise gold bracelets worn on the arms of the mummy of an Egyptian queen more than 5,000 years ago, still dazzling when it was discovered.

Today, turquoise has returned to people's field of vision. With the increasing awareness of turquoise, the spiritual beliefs we put on turquoise are often greater than its physical effects.


  1. Soothe your emotions

Turquoise bracelets are mainly green, which can make people more relaxed and relieve tension. It can make people get spiritual sustenance, make people's mentality more optimistic and life more smooth.


  1. Improve relationships

Turquoise bracelets also have the effect of improving interpersonal relationships, which can enhance the wearer's charm. Boys can give turquoise bracelets to their lovers as a token of love, which can make the relationship between both parties happier and sweeter.


  1. Success and Victory

Internationally, turquoise is recognized as the "December Birthstone". It is the stone of success and luck. It symbolizes success and victory. Wearing turquoise bracelets can pray for good luck and ensure safety.


  1. Turn bad luck into good luck, exorcise evil spirits

The ancients often wear turquoise as a peace charm and amulet, which can turn bad luck into good luck, drive away evil spirits, and bless everything going smoothly.


How to play the turquoise bracelet

When playing the turquoise bracelet, first soak it in warm water, wash it with a brush after 30 minutes, and then soak the turquoise bracelet in hot water of 80~85℃, and soak it three times in a row until the hot water is completely cooled. . Then take out the turquoise bracelet and dry it, and put on cotton gloves to start playing, and play 2 to 3 hours a day. Until the surface of the turquoise bracelet is out of the pulp.


After the turquoise bracelet is put out of the pulp, it needs to be left naturally for 7 days to harden the pulp on the surface of the turquoise bracelet. Then play with the turquoise bracelet to make it evenly absorb the oil secreted by the human body to thicken the pulp. After 1 month of playing, place the turquoise bracelet again for 7 days, and repeat the process of placing the turquoise bracelet.


How to care for a turquoise bracelet

  1. Soak with water

When we buy turquoise, in a professional jade sales store, we will see that a glass of water is placed on the counter. The purpose of placing the water is mainly to allow turquoise to absorb water because turquoise is very water-loving, If the internal moisture evaporates, the interior is too dry, and it is easy to fade or crack, so regularly soaking the turquoise can be very good for maintenance.


  1. Do not use irritating liquids

When the turquoise is polluted, we should not be afraid of panic and do not use some very irritating liquids for cleaning. Many friends will directly use some cleaning agents or alcohol when they find that the turquoise is dirty, especially for For those colored cleaners, it is even more important to choose carefully, because these liquids will enter the interior with the surface pores of the turquoise, such damage is irreversible, and the color and quality cannot be recovered after the change.


  1. Use a soft towel

In the process of cleaning the turquoise bracelet, it is best to use a soft towel that is not easy to fall off, or use a clean and soft deerskin, which can not only wipe very clean but also do not have to worry about dust and hair damage to the turquoise surface, Because the surface layer of turquoise is dense voids, if such pores are damaged, it will cause irreversible effects, affecting the quality of the entire turquoise.


  1. Points for attention when playing

The turquoise bracelet can indeed be played to make the overall gloss better, so in the process of playing, we must pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of our hands, if the sweat is serious, or the palms are rough If it is smooth, then it is best to recommend that you wear a soft glove before playing with it, so as to protect the appearance of the turquoise to the greatest extent possible.

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