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Those things about bodhi root bracelets

Beads bracelet men's Bodhi root is not a tree root, but a kind of seed called bay leaf palm, which belongs to a kind of bodhi seed. Bodhi root will change color after a long period of play, and it may also open after a long period of time. It is a good product for making rosary beads.Now there is another kind of bodhi seed called Baiyu Bodhi on the market, which is easy to be confused with Bodhi Root. The two are different: Bodhi Root is the seed of bay leaf palm, and Burmese material is the best, while White Jade Bodhi is not. The seeds of oil palm, Bodhi root bloom and bear fruit for many years, and white jade Bodhi blooms and bears fruit every year.The middle of the dried bodhi root will be hollow. After the raw seeds are ground, they will have a sour taste when exposed to water. The taste will gradually disappear as the pan is played with the pulp. The phenomenon of dry grinding seeds will be much better, even not There will be a taste.It is an evergreen tree native to tropical Asia. It is usually about 20 meters high and grows tall and majestic. The trunk is straight, round, and has no branches. The crown resembles a giant umbrella and the leaves resemble It spreads out like a palm, giving people a solemn and energetic feeling. It is an excellent tree species for green environment in tropical regions.Bodhi root is a dark horse in the literary world, and more and more people play Bodhi root bracelets. At present, the most played games in China are Vajra Bodhi and Xingyue Bodhi, followed by Bodhi Root. And it can also be dyed, as warm as jade, and can also be rolled out and very beautifully wrapped.

Bodhi Root Beads bracelet men's care and taboos

  • 1) Rub the surface of the beads vigorously with a bath towel. The function is actually to clean the wax layer and dirty color on the surface of the beads and re-polish, about 2-3 hours a day for two to three days.
  • 2) Rubbing with a soft cotton cloth for a week can be regarded as polishing the soft cloth table at this time.
  • 3) Naturally placed for a week. Let the bodhi root bracelet dry naturally, and at the same time, the surface is evenly in contact with the air to form a fine and uniform oxide protective layer.
  • 4) Start the hand tray. At this time, the hands must be freshly washed and dry, please do not directly wash the sweaty hands. Note that the beads must be placed around the mouth of the beads. It can be placed for about 30 minutes a day. After a week to two weeks, you can feel the sticky feeling of sticking when the beads are dry. In fact, the beads at this time are already A thin layer of pulp is formed. Repeat 5 to 6 times for 3 months, and you will see your beads have a very aura luster. Well-coiled beads sometimes show strong reflections, some like glass luster.

Of particular note are:

If the beads are dirty, you can wipe them several times with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Put it aside for a while and then play, and try to play all areas of the beads, especially the orifice. The most taboo thing about pan beads is quick success. You can only do it slowly, one process at a time, and you can get a kind of spiritual pleasure at the same time as the beads change.

Bodhi Root Beads bracelet men's identification method

  • It can be burned directly by fire. The real Bodhi root fruit is black after burning, like charcoal. When burning, it is accompanied by the burning smell of plants. The plastic resin imitations will melt and burn violently.
  • Smash the beads directly, the interior will be small hollow, and the mature large beads will have hollows the size of soybeans
  • You can use a red-burning needle or iron wire to scald the surface. If you can pierce it, it is a resin counterfeit.
  • Real bodhi root beads will have a special aroma when they are polished, and dust will also be generated when sandpaper is polished, while counterfeit products cannot have the above phenomenon.

    Bodhi Root Beads bracelet men's  meaning

    Bodhi root bracelet represents strong, energetic and positive vitality. Especially for the elderly, they think that the white bodhi root can be blessed by the Buddha, and they always like to use it to prolong life, ward off evil spirits and eliminate diseases. It can absorb the sickness of the human body, and often holding the white jade bodhi root is helpful to enhance physical fitness and eliminate fatigue. White jade bodhi root also has the meaning of being able to exorcise evil, long-term security, and resolve the evil nature. Fire dragon eye bodhi root ornaments are beneficial to practice, so that practitioners can hinder and lessen blessings on the road of practice, and can also drive away disasters and eliminate karma. Fire dragon eye bodhi root is of great help to the success and take-off of business. Fire dragon eye bodhi root not only It can increase wealth, increase wisdom, and make families harmonious. It is also a top-grade collection.


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