2Jewellery Bracelets For Women 2022

The Bodhi seed bracelet is a symbol of great wisdom and life. The beaded bracelet for women can also be called the "Tree of Enlightenment" bracelet.


The Bodhi tree is known for its deep roots, long stems, and numerous branches. It symbolizes letting go of all desires and achieving eternal peace, and represents the hopes and beliefs of followers. These seeds are believed to help purify the mind, refresh the owner's mind, and feel good about themselves. Especially for people who are easily irritable, it can play a calming role, keep a happy mood, and live a happy life. Women wearing such a bodhi bracelet can not only get spiritual benefits but also massage their hands. The human hand is located in the reflex zone and has many vital organs. Massage during play is good for the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, etc. Therefore, women wearing bodhi bracelets can make people healthier. This is a great gift idea for loved ones who want to distance themselves from worldly desires and problems and help them find peace in this world.


The six mantras are also known as "Om Mani Padme Hum" mantras and are believed to increase the luck and fortune of the wearer. It can also be recited to increase wisdom and awareness. It is a spell passed down from generation to generation, and the meaning has not changed in any way. The Six Mantra Mantra Bracelet is a meaningful piece for every wearer, and chanting these words brings a sense of peace and tranquility while reminding yourself to stay positive at all times. Bodhi seeds are also an environmentally friendly product. They are taken from branches that would otherwise be pruned. Therefore, this recycling process helps protect the environment. They are used to purify and clarify the mind and spirit, wisdom, consciousness, and protection from danger. The wearer is able to increase his/her positive energy and reduce negative energy. The wearer is able to increase his/her positive energy and reduce negative energy.


What are the varieties of female star moon bodhi finished bracelets?



  1. Shun Bai

Shunbai Xingyue uses fresh seeds from trees as raw materials. First of all, it must go through the degreasing process of boiling water to remove the grease of the stars and moons. The purpose is to increase the stability and color uniformity of Xingyue Bodhi. The second is the drying process. Drying is to take away the moisture of the moon itself. The color of Shunbaixing was clean at the end of the month, and the closing process changed slowly. Currently, it is loved by most people.


  1. Original ecology

Xingyueyuanguo is rich in oil, and it is quite oily. The oil will form dark patches on the surface of the beads, so the beads coming out of the car are what we often call the original seed. The color of the original ecological beads is generally emerald green and light yellow. The original ecological Xingyue Bodhi has not been skimmed and has high oil content, maintaining the original characteristics of the yellow vine seeds.


  1. Chen Zi

Aged seeds are beads processed from the original fruit that has been aged for many years. The aging time is long enough, and the internal water evaporates naturally, but the internal structure of the beads remains relatively stable and dense, and the oiliness remains, without degreasing and drying. The oil of the original seed is directly processed, and the processed bracelet is the quality of the old seed. Chen Zizhu is golden yellow, has a deep luster, and is waxy. The beads are extremely oily, and the texture, hanging porcelain, and beating speed is much higher than those of Shunbai.


  1. Emerald Seed


Yuzi Xingyue Bodhi is formed when the original fruit is immature, and it is left for one or two years after picking to naturally weather. This jade seed is a tender fruit that loses moisture during the weathering of the original seed. After a year or two of weathering, the original seed specifications have been greatly reduced, but the oiliness remains intact, becoming particularly hard and translucent like jade.

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