2Jewellery Ladies 14K Bracelet

2jewellery ladies 14K bracelet,Wearing women's 14K bracelets has the benefits of nourishing the body. When wearing agate bracelets for a long time, the human body can gradually absorb many minerals and trace elements contained in agate. In addition, during the process of wearing the agate bracelet, it can continuously rub against the skin, and the friction is also a physical massage on the local skin.

 Ladies 14K Bracelet

Benefits of Women's 14K Bracelet for the Body

  1. Nourish the body

Nourishing the body is one of the main benefits of agate bracelets. Natural agate or other gemstones contain many minerals and trace elements. When wearing agate bracelets for a long time, the body can gradually absorb these minerals and trace elements.


  1. Physical massage

In addition, wearing an agate bracelet has the advantage of physical massage. When the agate bracelet is worn on the body, the bracelet can continuously rub against the skin, and the friction is also a physical massage of the local skin. The muscles under the skin can also be to a certain extent. Get relaxed.


  1. Improve temperament

Agate is a very precious gemstone. It can show a very charming and soft color, and it has a delicate and moist hand. So when a female friend wears an agate bracelet on her body, it can add elegance and charm to herself.


  1. Relieve stress

Relief of stress is one of the main effects of agate bracelets. Wearing agate bracelets for a long time can relax the mind, reduce the stress in life and work to a certain extent, and thus promote family harmony.


  1. Beauty and beauty

The agate bracelet also has the effect of beauty and beauty. When wearing the agate bracelet, it can massage the wrist, which can promote blood circulation and increase the skin's elasticity to a certain extent to achieve the effect of beauty and beauty.


The efficacy and role of women's 14K bracelet

  1. Efficacy

It has an effect on beauty and beauty. The color of the agate bracelet is gleaming and has a good impact on matching. Wearing agate bracelets for a long time can also promote the blood circulation of our body, thus playing a role in beauty and beauty, so agate bracelets are very suitable for women to wear.


Bracelets that women wear for a long time can also balance our hormones, make our complexion more and more radiant, and reduce wrinkles. So the agate bracelet is very suitable for middle-aged or older women because it will make us look younger than our peers, and it can also make our body better and more energetic.


Able to protect us. Since ancient times, agate bracelets have been used as amulets by others because they can remove evil spirits from our bodies and protect our safety. Agate bracelets are also a symbol of happiness and longevity, so when buying gifts, agate bracelets are the first choice. Agate bracelets can not only be given to the elderly but also to young people. This small gift also represents our splendid wishes for each other.


  1. Function

can enhance our vitality. Wearing agate bracelets for a long time can also improve our stamina, relieve the pressure in our lives, and make our lives happier. Each of us lives under pressure every day. There are a lot of forces that we can’t talk to those around us, and we can only solve problems by ourselves. So wearing agate bracelets for a long time can make your thinking more relaxed. Agate bracelets also have an excellent soothing effect on rheumatism and liver disease. For people with these two problems, wearing agate bracelets at ordinary times can make their bodies recover slowly.


Meaning of Ladies 14K Bracelet

Agate is a mineral with different colors and shapes, and the colors are vibrant. In addition to being used as industrial supplies, agate is often used as a gemstone or made into a handicraft, as an ornament or ornamental object, such as some common The bracelets, pendants, etc. that arrive, in our daily life, in addition to using agate as a decoration, it is more because the agate has many benefits. Let's explain the meaning of the ladies' 14K bracelet.

Meaning 1. The white agate bracelet is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. As the name suggests, it has a robust positive ability to make offerings to Buddha, ward off evil spirits, block brakes, and control the house. In addition, it has a powerful effect on clearing negative energy.


Meaning 2. The white agate bracelet has a solid spiritual effect. When resting at night, placing the white agate under the pillow will help relieve stress, relieve fatigue, and enable you to sleep peacefully. Wearing a white agate bracelet with you in your daily life can also strengthen your affinity and make you flexible, cheerful, and exquisite, which will help your career grow and your wealth is prosperous.


Meaning 3. A white onyx bracelet is one of the most curative gemstones and has an excellent medical recovery effect. In addition, the long-term wearing of a white onyx bracelet can improve the endocrine, strengthen human affinity, make you lively and cheerful and white agate can also maintain The metabolism of human body functions, enhance human immunity, and long-term wearing white agate bracelets can also prolong life.


Meaning 4. The white agate bracelet is not only round in color but also has very bright crystals. The effect of white agate is not only this. Since ancient times, it has been used as a white agate rough stone to ward off evil spirits - Bajinwu and amulets, which symbolize friendly love and hope. Helps to eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue, and turbidity. White onyx bracelets can make people bright.


The meaning of wearing women's 14K bracelets

  1. Health care: Often wearing agate bracelets can also have a particular health care effect, which can improve the endocrine system of the human body, thereby enhancing the blood circulation of the human body, improving the metabolism of the human body, and the immunity of the human body; the improvement of the mood is also apparent. Wearing agate bracelets over time can help calm the mind and allow it to rest and sleep, thus achieving a state of harmony between the body and the mind.


  1. To ward off evil spirits: it is generally left in and right out when there is qi. Therefore, the human body inhales the left hand, and the right is exhausted. Therefore, when wearing an agate bracelet, it is usually worn on the right hand, which helps Absorb the negative energy or toxins in our body; agate belongs to one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It has been used to ward off evil or amulets since ancient times. It can not only help to eliminate stress and fatigue in our bodies. Some negative energy, but also a symbol of love and hope.


  1. Bless: Because agate has been formed for thousands of years before it is made into a gem, it has absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon, and has been baptized and tempered by nature, so it can bless the owner. The color of agate bracelets can bring people a different feeling. For example, white agate bracelets can make people bright, while green agate bracelets can make people feel peaceful. In contrast, their authentic agate bracelets are warm in winter and cool in summer. Give us a different feeling.


How do you identify true and false women's 14K bracelets?

(1) Temperature: Real agate is warm in winter and cool in summer, while artificial agate changes with temperature. It becomes hot in hot weather and cool in cool weather. How to choose agate jewelry? First of all, choose the color according to your favorite. Red agate jewelry is the most valuable. If you select an agate necklace, you must pay attention to the same shade of color of each bead, no variegated color, appropriate matching of the size of the dots, and good finish. Then, lift the necklace to see if it is vertical and whether each bead hangs on some beads that have misaligned eyes fine. If the chained eyes and the processing technology are rough.


(2) Color: The color of genuine agate is bright and bright, and the color and light of false agate are worse, and the contrast between the two is more pronounced. The natural red agate has distinct colors and apparent bands. If you observe carefully, you can see densely arranged small red spots on the red bars. Most of the fake agate smoke pots imitated with stone have a petal-shaped pattern at the bottom, forming a chrysanthemum bottom. In contrast, the dyed blue agate has a bright and uniform color, giving people a fake feeling.


(3) The most significant difference between natural agate and counterfeit products is whether there is a concentric layer structure in the cross-section. However, the whole piece of agate is easier to identify, and the finished product after cutting has no evident and neat pattern, which is easy to be mistaken. The hardness is above the Mohs level. It cannot be carved with a knife; it is a crystal formed in a molten state, it is spherical primarily like Yuhua stone, incredibly dense, and the surface is more delicate after grinding. A few times, the genuine agate is generally not hot, but the wood board is hot; the color is often mixed with a variety of colors in a piece of agate, forming beautiful patterns, layers, brocades, and other colorful patterns.

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