2Jewellery Sandstone 14K Beaded Bracelet

                          2Jewellery Sandstone 14K Beaded Bracelet

A sandstone bracelet is a kind of auspicious symbol. It also means an opportunity. Wearing it can bring better opportunities and good luck. At the same time, it is also a symbol of wealth and can also reflect a kind of nobility. , and at the same time, it is best to send it to your relatives, which represents a kind of good blessing to them.


The meaning of a sandstone bracelet

  1. Good luck

 Sandstone is the symbol of the mascot, so the golden stone bracelet also has a very auspicious meaning. Wearing the golden stone bracelet means that you can meet good opportunities, whether it is at work or in the study, you will meet good luck, the golden stone bracelet has become It is an auspicious representative and is widely praised by consumers.


  1. Wealth is rolling

Wealth and wealth are one of the meanings of sandstone bracelets. The price of natural sandstone bracelets is not low. Wearing sandstone bracelets is not only a symbol of wealth, status, but also a symbol of wealth, so many business people will wear sandstone bracelets on their wrists. , in the hearts of businessmen, this is not only an ornament but also a symbol of wealth.


  1. Meet the nobles

Wearing a golden stone bracelet also has the meaning of meeting a noble person. It means that good things are coming and suffering will end. It is especially suitable for people who have a bad career or encounter difficulties. This is not only a hint to oneself to solve the current predicament bravely, but also to give oneself the determination to move forward bravely. power.


  1. Happiness and well-being

The golden sandstone bracelet also means happiness and well-being. Both men and women can wear golden sandstone bracelets. It is said that the golden sandstone bracelet is also a kind of wishing stone, which can bless the people who wear it and live a happy and happy life. From the perspective of Feng Shui To a certain extent, it also has the effect of warding off evil spirits.


The role of sandstone bracelets

  1. The efficacy and function ofsandstoneto attract wealth

Sandstone is also one of the fortune stones. It is said that its orange-red gold piece has golden reflection light, which has the energy of attracting fortune, which can improve fortune and gather wealth. In addition, if you hold the golden sandstone in your hand when meditating, it can promote blood circulation. Sandstone can also increase a person's clear, bright and pleasant awareness, which can make people like and pursue higher wisdom.


  1. The efficacy and function ofsandstoneattract the nobles

The golden sandstone, which symbolizes opportunity, helps to seek wealth and gather wealth. Like the treasures of the gold diggers, the red-brown golden sands can help to refresh opportunities and attract the destined nobles.


  1. The effect and function ofsandstone: wishing stone

In Indian legend, sandstone is a kind of wishing stone, which has the function of warding off evil spirits. Long-term wear is said to have incredible magical power, lowering blood pressure, calming the nerves, and improving sleep!


How to purify the sandstone bracelet

  1. But if it is a colored crystal, such as pink crystal and amethyst, it is best not to use the sunlight degaussing method. It is a pity that the molecular structure inside is easy to change due to high temperature, and the color is easy becomes pale and white. The most suitable for the sun degaussing method is a white crystal, citrine, citrine, hair crystal, and another relatively high-temperature spar.


  1. Bury the sandstone in coarse salt for 12 hours, then rinse it with clean water. Leave the spar, jewelry, or hand beads for at least 24 hours, all spar jewelry can be placed on the white crystal cluster at any time for purification. Place the spar around the incense smoke and purify it with lit sandalwood.


  1. If you want to purify the golden sandstone bracelet, you can choose to degauss the golden sandstone bracelet often in the sun. Of course, you can also take the golden sandstone bracelet to the Buddhist temple to consecrate it, so that it can be purified and at the same time it can become spiritual. , and in daily life, pay attention to taking good care of the bracelet so that it can be well purified.


The hazards of sandstone bracelets

  1. Sandstoneore is a non-rare mineral, it is a quartz mineral whose chemical composition is silica, also known as "Venus stone". Must be decontaminated before use. Gold mines also need to be cleaned regularly. Scientists believe that people's dead skin tissue attached to the sand will breed fungi, and it is easy to get skin diseases for a long time.


  1. The sandstone bracelet is actually a bracelet made of sandstone. The color of the sandstone is brownish red, ranging from translucent to opaque. It is mixed with some copper powder, which acts as a reflection. It looks like a little bit of sand. Made of these bling golden sandstones.

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