2Jewellery The Meaning Of The Text Beaded Bracelet

2jewellery The meaning of the text beaded bracelet,The text beaded bracelet is a very fashionable item. Many girls have a soft spot for it. Wearing it can not only enhance the taste and connotation, but also make people feel elegant, and it has a good meaning, such as completeness and happiness.

Wearing a text beaded bracelet means health, longevity, and complete happiness. The beaded bracelet is round and gentle, representing the gentleness, softness, and virtuousness of women. Beads are the only jewels on earth that are conceived by life, which symbolize the greatness and tolerance of a mother's love. Sending text beaded bracelets to mothers means the gratitude of children to mothers.


What does the text beaded bracelet mean?

  1. love

Beaded bracelets are relatively old gemstones. Many men make bracelets for their lovers as a token of mutual affection, expressing their deep love for each other, and hoping that the other party can understand their own feelings. A perfect expression of love that means wanting to be with you for the rest of your life.


  1. Cherish

A beaded bracelet is a relatively precious and magical gemstone. It has always been called "the gem of the moon god". It has the meaning of cherishing and cherishing. After wearing the bracelet on the body, it can consolidate one's friendship and improve Your self-confidence, it is best to give it to your confidant and friends, which means that the friendship will last for a long time.


  1. Soft

The beaded bracelet is relatively smooth and represents the soft beauty of oriental women, so it also has the meaning of gentleness, softness, and virtuousness. It is best to give it to your lover to express a high degree of recognition for the other party, regardless of the passage of time. The luster on its surface cannot be washed away, just like love, love for you never changes.


The Meaning of Wearing a Lady's Name Bracelet

  1. Many women who love beauty like to wear a soft and lustrous named bracelet on their wrists to set off their elegant and noble, demure and elegant temperament. Natural beaded bracelets not only have a beautiful appearance and luster but also have many benefits for women to wear beaded bracelets. How can such a wonderful jewelry stunner not be fascinating?


  1. It is well known thatwomen's name bracelets can clear the body's blood vessels of oxidative lipids, whiten skincare, and delay skin aging. Therefore, women wearing natural beaded bracelets on their wrists can naturally take care of the skin on the wrists and make the skin look more moist, bright, and elastic.


  1. The beaded bracelet is an organic colored gemstone rich in high-grade fatty alcohols, which can promote the metabolism of human cells and enhance their vitality of cells. If the skin on the wrist is accidentally scratched, the lady's name bracelet worn on the wrist can promote trauma. The collagen cells in the skin grow to fill the gaps, help the skin to regenerate, make the wound on the wrist recover more quickly, and restore smooth and white skin as soon as possible.


  1. Wearing a character beaded bracelet can also promote the circulation of human blood. Because the wrist is the end of the blood circulation of the human body, and the blood backflow of the body is realized by the pressure of the heart. If you wear a beaded bracelet on the wrist, under the continuous grinding, it can effectively promote the blood circulation of the wrist. Blood circulation, this physical effect is also an important reason why people love to wear bracelets.


  1. The natural beaded bracelet has colorful colors. Wearing it in the hot summer can bring people a cool and colorful feeling. Wearing a beautiful and delicate lady's name bracelet on the wrist makes people feel relaxed. , comfortable, people are full of passion for life!


  1. The most important thing is to make people beautiful and confident and to increase the softness and affinity of women. The main components of the beaded bracelet are generally 91.7% calcium carbonate, 6.1% organic matter, and 2.2% moisture; the organic matter contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, making beads a holy product for health care and beauty. Therefore, wearing a beaded bracelet for a long time has certain benefits and health care effects on the body, and can play a role in promoting sleep and calming the mind.


Benefits of Text Beaded Bracelets

  1. Skin beautifying effect: Beaded bracelet is a very popular topical oral skincare product for beauty and beauty nowadays. Wearing it can also play a certain role in beauty and skincare. Some friends who like to wear beaded bracelets report that the surgical scars on the neck have gradually faded to disappear because of the long-term wearing of the bracelet. Gently massage the skin in the morning and evening to achieve skincare, beauty, and wrinkle removal.


  1. Wearing a bracelet with a lady's name can not only remove the oxidative lipids in human blood vessels, but also improve skincare, delay skin aging, and improve human immunity. It can also prevent bone loss, nourish the liver, improve eyesight, clear heat and detoxify, and has anti-aging and longevity effects. It can also effectively treat pharyngitis and oral ulcers.


  1. Calming and soothing effect: It is rumored that Empress Dowager Cixi likes to wear it or hold it during negotiation and foreign affairs activities, which can make him calm and clear, which is convenient for making correct decisions. Nowadays, more and more women in the workplace choose jewelry as the best accessory for calming aura at the negotiating table. There are also expectant mothers who have been disturbed by pregnancy and said that their irritability has been significantly relieved after wearing the beaded bracelet.


  1. Be careful not to rinse with water. Because residual water may enter the pores of the pearl, not only is it difficult to wipe dry, it may ferment the inside, or it may turn green.
  2. If you sweat a lot when wearing it, you can carefully wipe it off with a fine and soft wet flannel. Do not use tissue paper, because the friction of some tissue paper will wear the bracelet.
  3. Occasionally, it can be washed with light alkaline water to maintain the moisture of the bracelet.
  4. If the beaded bracelet turns yellow, it can be soaked in dilute hydrochloric acid, which can dissolve the yellowed shell, so that the bracelet can reproduce the brilliant and charming color. But if the color becomes too yellow, it is difficult to change.


Taboos for Wearing Text Beaded Bracelets

  1. Avoid leisure

It is often used to describe the beauty of old age as "people's old pearl yellow", which shows that the yellowing of the beaded bracelet is irreversible. A beaded bracelet that is not worn for a long time will cause the main component to oxidize and yellow, thereby losing its luster and collection value. The best way to save the beaded bracelet is to wear it more. It should not be left idle in the jewelry box for a long time. The oil and alkaline sweat secreted by the human skin can protect the beaded membrane. Wearing it will prolong life, and if it is idle, it will cause premature aging.


  1. Avoid contamination

The text beaded bracelet is particularly afraid of acid and alkali, so it is recommended that friends do not wear jewelry in the kitchen, especially avoid oil smoke, oily stains penetrate, it will turn yellow, this is because the main component of the beaded bracelet is calcium carbonate, acidic and Alkaline liquids that come into contact with pearls will dull it. After wearing the accessories, you can use a soft toothbrush dipped in neutral soap to wash them clean. After cleaning the stains, put them in clean water to rinse off the soap stains, then dry them with a soft dry towel and then dry them.


  1. Avoid water

Although beaded bracelets are inseparably related to water, jewelry is afraid of water, so don't wear them whether you are swimming, bathing, or exercising, because if water penetrates into pearl jewelry, it will cause the separation of the beaded bracelet layer and damage the pearls.


  1. Avoid heat

Ladies' name bracelets are particularly afraid of heat. The overheated temperature will accelerate the decomposition. It should not be placed in high temperature and sunlight, which will affect the moisture and reduce the luster. So never expose your beaded jewelry to the sun, and wrap it in a clean, soft cloth when storing it.


  1. Avoid scratching

Beaded bracelets are soft, so beaded jewelry is afraid of being hard. Never let the jewelry be placed with some sharp objects to avoid scratches.


  1. Don't be bored

Do not keep the beaded bracelet in a safe for long periods of time, and do not seal it in a plastic bag. Need fresh air, take them out and wear them every few months, and let them breathe. Jewelry is afraid of being stuffy, so jewelry cannot be placed in a sealed jewelry box for a long time. Even if you don’t wear it, you should let the jewelry breathe regularly to avoid yellowing.


Who is not suitable for wearing a text beaded bracelet

  1. A young girl.

Generally, women who wear beaded bracelets are girls with mature temperaments. This type of girl can bring out the elegant temperament and noble temperament of the beads. And if it is worn by a young girl, it will give people a very rustic feeling, which will not only lower their temperament but also feel that they cannot be worn. Wearing such a girl is like a child who has to wear an adult's shoes.


  1. Obese girls.

Many older women like to wear beaded bracelets. Although they have a mature temperament, if their figure is of the obese type, it is recommended not to wear it. This is because the neck of obese people is generally not very obvious. In such a case, if you also wear a graceful and luxurious beaded bracelet, it will only appear that your neck is very short. Show your body's shortcomings.


  1. Girls with dark skin.

We all know that most pearls are creamy yellow or whitish. If a person with very dark skin wears pearls on their hands and necks that are very different from their own skin color, it will only make their skin color darker. It is conceivable that such a picture is not good-looking.

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