5 Antique Female Watches You'll Wish You Had In 2022

Antique female watches are becoming more and more popular, but which ones will be worth the most in 2022? You might be surprised to learn that watches made in the early 20th century are worth the most now - especially those with famous designers behind them. Here are 5 antique female watches you'll wish you had in 2022!

 Antique Female Watches

1) Apple Watch


Let’s face it—there are a lot of reasons to buy an Apple Watch. It looks like a cool high-tech gadget, sure, but it also promises to bring health benefits and more efficient lifestyles. But let’s say you own one already or bought one before they became so popular. There are plenty of vintage watches that will give your watch box some new life while staying true to its purpose as an accessory that can stand out from the crowd.


2) Classic Rolex Wristwatch


If you're a woman looking to buy an antique female watch, there are a few tried-and-true options. When it comes to timepieces for women, Rolex has one of the most iconic looks around. Rolex watches have always been popular with both men and women due to their classic style. If you’re looking for a fashionable but durable timepiece that can stand up over time, you might want to consider buying yourself a Rolex.


The company is best known for its luxury line of wristwatches. Many current models feature sapphire crystals and alloys made from platinum or stainless steel, which are more durable than precious metals like gold. The first ever Rolex was sold in 1905 and since then, many vintage models have become collector's items. In fact, some rare vintage Rolexes fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction today. This makes them among some of the best antique female watches available on today's market.


3) Vintage Cartier Watch


When it comes to top antique female watches, you can’t go wrong with a good antique Cartier watch, especially if it was made prior to 1950. What makes this vintage Cartier watches so special? For one thing, Cartier is an iconic brand. The company has been making luxury goods for more than 160 years and its dedication to quality means that vintage Cartier watches are built to last—something that's incredibly important when purchasing a luxury accessory you want to wear every day. Additionally, even high-end brands today often play it safe with their designs; however, back in 1951 when one of our favorite vintage Cartier watch styles was released (the Calibre de Cartier Santos), things were different.


This women’s watch featured a rectangular case, thin bezel, and thin lugs—all details that helped make it stand out from other timepieces on the market at that time. If you're looking for something truly unique, look no further than a good or best antique female Cartier watch from 1951 or earlier. The Best Vintage Omega Watch: One of our favorite best antique female watches is also one of our favorite affordable antique watches: a good vintage Omega watch from around 1960 or earlier. Most people don't realize just how many variations there are within Omega's Speedmaster line (they're also known as Moonwatch models) but we've always loved how great they look in white gold.


4) Patek Philippe Wristwatch


Named for its Swiss founder, Antoine Norbert de Patek (1747-1823), and a Polish immigrant to Paris, Adrien Philippe (1791-1883), Patek Philippe was founded in 1851 as Wristwatch & Co. It's just one of several names that have produced some of the top antique female watches over its 150 years. The watchmaker introduced the first wristwatch with a minute hand, crafted watches for Queen Victoria and Thomas Edison, commissioned pocketwatches for Chinese rulers in Beijing and royal courts throughout Europe—and still produces some of its own components today.


In 2018 it will unveil plans to build a replica of Cristie's $24 million dollar watch collection. For now, here are five you might want to buy while they're still affordable. As of November 2017: Patek Philippe Calatrava - Probably my favorite antique female watch ever made. This is an elegant timepiece that can be dressed up or down. It’s a classic design that looks good on everyone who wears it and will never go out of style. I bought my wife one when we were dating and she wears it almost every day! These are probably not going to appreciate much in value but if you like them I would buy them now before they get too expensive!


5) Omega Wristwatch


This elegant Omega Wristwatch is a good antique female watch. This watch has been in my family for generations and still has many years to go. It can withstand anything you throw at it, including temperature variations and water pressure. If you want a vintage watch that will last through anything and look good doing it, consider buying an Omega Wristwatch. Patek Philippe Wristwatch: Another good antique female watch is Patek Philippe Wristwatch. The design of Patek Philippe wristwatches is so timeless they’re often mistaken as new by people who don’t know any better.


That’s why I recommend them to anyone looking for good antique female watches because they’ll hold their value well over time and never need replacing or repairing. These wristwatches are also made from quality materials such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel – so they won’t fade or rust like other cheap replica watches do. Breguet Wristwatch: A third good antique female watch is Breguet Wristwatch. Although Breguet's name may not be as widely recognized outside of Switzerland, these luxury wristwatches have been around since 1775. What makes this one of my favorite antique female watches is that they combine traditional Swiss craftsmanship with modern technology to create some truly beautiful timepieces unlike anything else on today’s market.

 Antique Female Watches

They're also crafted from high-quality materials which makes them extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear so you can enjoy your Breguet for years without worrying about needing repairs. Rolex Wristwatch: Another great antique female watch on today's market is Rolex Wristwatch.


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