8 Reasons Friendship Bracelets Will Be Popular Again In 2022

If you were an eight-year-old girl in the early 2000s, you most likely had at least one friendship bracelet dangling from your wrist, or perhaps it was wrapped around your binder to keep it closed? We all remember our first one, don’t we? Our friends told us they would bring us luck or that they were good luck charms from our favorite movie or singer. The rules of friendship bracelets varied from person to person but most generally involved having an even number of strands with no more than two colors per strand and no more than two knots on each strand.


Millennials Are Bringing Them Back

Today’s millennials are bringing friendship bracelets back. According to a recent report, those born between 1980 and 2000 have embraced friendship bracelets as a way to stay connected. While today’s teens and twenty-somethings are embracing friendship bracelets as a way to show their individuality and personality, few actually know about where these cool accessories originated from.

 good friendship bracelets

Many people won’t admit it, but they miss them. When you ask people why they stopped wearing friendship bracelets, you typically get an answer about growing up or losing interest. The thing is that people didn’t lose interest; they were never taught anything new. That is exactly what drives Millennials to bring them back!


As Fashion Statements

Just like bow ties and suspenders, friendship bracelets will be making a fashion comeback. They'll be worn by men and women alike. Good friendship bracelets will still be made from real strings (or real leather) with elaborate designs in different colors; cool friendship bracelets will simply come in an array of colors. The meanings behind them will probably change too, but for now, we can just stick to eight basic styles that are sure to make a fashion statement in 2013 plain black, colorful stripes, polka dots, swirls, diamonds, and flowers (traditional), two-tone diamond patterns (simplistic), rainbow patterns (crazy), and woven rainbow patterns (funky).


As long as you’re wearing good friendship bracelets you won’t have to worry about anyone mistaking your bracelet for one they bought at Claire's. That’s because they don't make any anymore. So get some today! And remember: Good friends wear matching ones.


Revival Of Childhood Memories

When friendship bracelets were in their heyday, they weren’t a sign of global friendship but a symbol of our teenage years and school days. As we near 2020, millennials have embraced their inner child by bringing some of these childhood memories back into style. Nostalgia is now king and following suit, consumer trends from decades past are making waves on both a social and consumer level.


Most of us grew up wearing friendship bracelets—those colorful pieces that can transform from simple to stylish depending on how you wear them. They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes with loads of designs available for every kind of personality or fashion style. Wear it as a bracelet or even wrap it around your bag for added flair! You can also make your own top friendship bracelet on the one you see online or create something completely new with your own unique twist to take it up a notch.


Celebrities Are Wearing Them Now

The trend didn’t last long, but celebrities like Jessica Simpson have turned to friendship bracelets. These look great on everyone, and—most importantly—they’re a fashion accessory you can pick up at just about any department store. Best of all? They’re a lot of fun to make!

 good friendship bracelets

Unfortunately, most people stopped wearing them once they were no longer cool. But things change fast these days, and new trends are constantly emerging. There’s nothing that says today’s teens won’t see something they want to start wearing again next year or even five years from now. Plus, there are plenty of trends from your youth that you wish would come back into style—like leggings under tights or VHS tapes for movies!


They're Showing Up On TV

If you grew up in the ’90s or early 2000s, you may remember watching a kid at school with a cool friendship bracelet wrapped around her wrist. But over time, they fell out of fashion and didn’t make much of a comeback until 2017. That’s when Chanel included them as part of its fall runway collection. Now, everyone from Kendall Jenner to Victoria Beckham has been seen wearing them.


Facebook Is Selling Them Now

Facebook has been on a purchasing spree lately, scooping up apps and tech companies that are super-popular with millennials. And what do these companies have in common? They’re all fun. So when Facebook acquired an app called TBH (which stands for, to be honest) earlier in August 2017, it was no surprise to anyone—especially savvy entrepreneurs looking to make some serious cash.

 good friendship bracelets

The company is based in San Francisco and launched in March 2016. It started as a polling app but quickly evolved into something much bigger: best friendship bracelets! Users can anonymously ask questions about their friendships, then share their answers with friends who can vote on them by adding their own responses. The best part is that people can also add images of their friendship bracelets as proof of how strong their bonds really are!


Wearable Tech Trend

Although many bracelet wearers have moved on to devices that are less bulky and more socially acceptable, bracelets are still a symbol of friendship. These days, good friendship bracelets have smart features; they’re more than just accessories—they’re tech-savvy with apps and features like texting, health monitors, streaming music, Bluetooth compatibility, and more. And even though you might not see them as often, there’s no doubt that good old-fashioned friendship bracelets will be popular again in 2022.


Bands Are Replacing Shoe Laces

If you didn’t know, there are cool (and expensive) high-tech smart shoe laces out there. These are shoelaces with an embedded microchip that monitors a variety of activity-related stats—from speed and distance to calories burned and times lapsed. If you want to track your fitness without carrying around a wristband or a watch, all you need is a set of smart laces.

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