2jewellery Best bracelets for men 2022

---Beeswax Southern Red Sandalwood Bracelet---

2jewellery Best bracelets for men 2022.Original design style, beeswax beads and southern red agate sandalwood beads are suitable for men and women who like big beads.

Beeswax is secret wax, a variety of amber, opaque or semi-opaque amber is called beeswax, beeswax is an organic mineral, with a smooth texture, colorful, versatile and excellent value, just like other natural gemstones , enjoys the reputation of "star of the earth". Beeswax contains countless colors, some transparent and bright, some translucent, and some opaque but colorful. If the transparent one is exposed to light, there are often many colors. The colors of beeswax include egg white, beige, light yellow, chicken oil yellow, orange, blood red and other yellow-based colors. men's bead bracelet  beeswax are all hand-polished into beads, with natural texture beeswax, round color, with flowing lines, very beautiful, about maintenance and defects Beeswax is afraid of fire, high temperature, and exposure to the sun, try not to place it higher than 50 degrees Above the temperature, beeswax has a natural texture, and each texture is different.

Southern red agate is a type of agate, known as "red jade" in ancient times. It has a delicate and oily texture and is produced in China. Due to the scarcity of production, the price of southern red agate has risen sharply. Southern red agate has been used as medicine by the ancients to nourish the heart and blood. The punching hole of the men's bead bracelet  is very unique. The aniseed material is punched on both sides before the beads are released (the hole will not be very small). After being used for too long, the hole wears very smoothly. Agate beads will have a half-moon-shaped weathering pattern, which is mainly due to long-term use.

Sandalwood is an ancient, mysterious and rare tree species that is prolific to the hot and humid regions of India. It is a semi-parasitic plant that grows extremely slowly, often taking decades to reach maturity. Is one of the slowest growing tree species, men's bead bracelet  Indian sandalwood is characterized by its white and yellowish color, large oil quality, and long-lasting fragrance.

  1. Beeswax Nanhong Laoshan sandalwood bracelet should avoid collision with hard objects.
  2. Beeswax Nanhong Laoshan sandalwood bracelet should try to avoid direct sunlight or overheating, so as to avoid thermal expansion and contraction and damage;
  3. Beeswax Nanhong Laoshan sandalwood bracelet should avoid contact with chemical reagents and other items as much as possible to avoid corrosion and affect its brightness and brightness;
  4. The wiping of the beeswax Nanhong Laoshan sandalwood bracelet should use a soft cloth or towel to avoid scratches and help maintain and maintain the original quality.

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