How To Care For Women's Gold Bracelets

                                How To Care For Women's Gold Bracelets
  1. It should not be worn while doing housework or heavy work as it will cause your bracelet to deform and wear out.
  2. Avoid contact with chemical reagents, such as mercury, lead, and other metals.
  3. Avoid contact with corrosive items, such as cosmetics, vinegar, bleach, correction fluid, etc., and chemicals containing lead, mercury, and other elements, so as not to corrode the surface of the bracelet and cause discoloration.
  4. Summer sweats a lot, in order to reduce sweat corrosion, it is necessary to wash frequently. You can go to the jewelry store where you bought it to wash it for free.
  5. Avoid collisions and scratches to avoid deformation of the bracelet.
  6. Precious metal jewelry should be avoided to be worn together to prevent them from rubbing against each other and causing damage to the jewelry and affecting the beauty the jewelry. Precious metal jewelry with different components should be worn separately to prevent the jewelry from rubbing against each other.
  7. After all the clothes are finished, finally wear the gold bracelet. The process is reversed when undressing.
  8. Gold bracelets should be cleaned regularly. You can refer to the neutral cleaning solution formula for gold and silver jewelry on the Internet to prepare and clean them by yourself.
  9. If you feel less shiny, you can use a soft cloth to dip a little toothpaste and rub the bracelet lightly. Then rinse with clean water and dry.
  10. When swimming in the water, such as the sea, river, swimming pool, or hot spring, the bracelet should be removed to avoid liquid erosion.
  11. When spraying perfume, spray with the bracelet removed to avoid the chemical reaction.
  12. If there is discoloration, it cannot be solved by simple scrubbing by yourself, you can burn it with an alcohol lamp. If it still doesn't work, send it to a gold shop for professional processing.


Benefits of Women's Gold Bracelets

Wearing a gold bracelet can promote blood circulation. Wearing a gold bracelet on the body can continuously rub against the skin, and the friction is also a physical massage of the skin. In addition, the process of wearing the gold bracelet can continuously stimulate the local skin. Under the stimulation of the bracelet, the local blood circulation will become more smooth.

  1. Physical massage

Physical massage is one of the main benefits of wearing women's gold bracelets. When the gold bracelet is worn on the body for a long time, the gold bracelet can continuously rub against the skin, and the friction is also a physical massage on the skin, and the muscles under the skin will be affected accordingly. Get relaxed.


  1. Promote blood circulation

In addition, wearing women's gold bracelets also has the effect of promoting blood circulation, because, in the process of wearing gold bracelets, the bracelets can continuously stimulate the skin, and under the stimulation of the bracelets, the local blood circulation will become more smooth.


  1. Improve temperament

Gold is a very precious metal. It has always symbolized wealth and power in our country. In ancient times, only generals and princes were qualified to wear or use gold objects. Therefore, when wearing gold bracelets on the body, you can add to yourself. Noble and elegant temperament.


What should I pay attention to when buying gold bracelets?

Gold bracelets are gold jewelry that is often worn in daily life. It can not only bring out the noble and elegant temperament of women but also can be used to preserve value. When buying gold bracelets, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Pay attention to the weight of gold bracelets:The price of gold bracelets mainly depends on the weight of gold bracelets. I believe many people know about this. When buying gold bracelets, most women's gold bracelets are about 12-20 grams. When buying a gold bracelet, it is best to buy it according to your hand shape or body shape. If you have a plump body, it is recommended to buy a gold bracelet of about 20 grams. If you are petite, buy a gold bracelet of about 12 grams to wear like this. It won't look too awkward either.


  1. Pay attention to the style of gold bracelets:Now the common styles of gold bracelets include hollow bracelets, solid bracelets, hollow bracelets, and thin round bracelets. Different bracelets are suitable for different women. Don’t buy the wrong one when choosing. For example, the hollow bracelet has less gold and a large face, which is suitable for giving to the elderly or wearing at weddings; solid bracelets are suitable for wearing with more requirements for style, and are also suitable for daily wear; hollow bracelets are suitable for ordinary people who don’t want to buy too heavy bracelets and need to show their face when they are married. People; thin round bracelets are more suitable for young women. In addition to these, gold bracelets also include solid flat bracelets, retractable round bracelets, wedding bracelets, etc. Different gold bracelets are suitable for different groups of people. You can learn more about them when buying and wearing them.


  1. Pay attention to the meaning of gold bracelets:Different gold bracelets have different meanings. When buying gold bracelets, you should also pay attention to the meaning of the bracelets. For example, the dragon and phoenix bracelet is naturally the meaning of the tie, the dragon and the phoenix are auspicious, and it is the accessories that the newlyweds need to buy at the wedding. The bracelet style of the transfer beads means luck and good luck.


  1. Pay attention to the price of gold bracelets:To buy gold bracelets, you should look at the international gold prices of several companies on the day, refer to the gold prices of two or three first-tier brands on the day, and then refer to the gold prices of several second-tier brands on the day, and comprehensively average the reasonable price of gold.


  1. Pay attention to the merchants who buy gold bracelets:The most important thing to buy gold bracelets is to pay attention to the popularity and brand reputation of the merchants. Well-known and old brands not only have more guaranteed quality, but also more guaranteed after-sales services in the future, such as gold recycling services.


Precautions for wearing women's gold bracelets

  1. don't bring too much.

Many people who like gold like to wear all the jewelry in their homes. If they wear too much gold jewelry, the gold will lose its original beauty together, and it will give others a feeling of being very rich and powerful. The overall fit also looks very dirty. And when we go out, if we wear too much gold, it will attract the attention of other people, and if we accidentally encounter a thief, it will also put us in danger. Therefore, when carrying gold, you must remember not to carry too much at one time.


  1. do not wear it on the right hand.

We all know that the hardness of gold is relatively soft. If the bracelet is often bumped, it will deform. Most people usually work or write with their right hand. If the bracelet is rubbed against our wrist for a long time, it will be seriously deformed. The bracelet was severely damaged. So I personally recommend that you don't wear it on your right hand, you can wear it on your left hand.


  1. Regular cleaning is required.

Many people are habitual to wear bracelets every day, so they ignore the hygiene of the gold bracelets on their hands. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause serious dirt on the surface, which will also affect our skin health. Therefore, when wearing a gold bracelet, you must remember to clean it on time and keep it properly after cleaning.


  1. pregnant women do not take.

Pregnant women and other special groups are best not to wear gold jewelry, because the fetus in the stomach is very sensitive to metal, and long-term wearing will also affect the health of the fetus, and many pregnant women have edema during pregnancy. When the bracelet is worn it affects the circulation of our body.

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