How To Spot A Fake Watches For Men Rolex: 5 Things To Look For

Watches for men Rolex watches are some of the world's most highly-regarded, top quality watches. They’re also some of the most frequently faked, with fakes showing up everywhere, from pawn shops to flea markets to websites like eBay. If you want to purchase or sell a Rolex and don’t want to get ripped off, make sure you know what to look for to spot a fake Rolex. With any luck, this guide will help you avoid doing so!

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1) What is a Rolex


A Rolex is a watch that is so expensive, that it’s worth more than a car. We’re talking $5,000-plus. That’s why it seems like everyone is trying to get their hands on one these days. The only thing is that there are a lot of phony Rolexes out there too – so the company has created some guidelines for knowing whether you have the real deal or not. Let’s take a look at five things to know about spotting a fake Rolex.


1) Ask yourself if the face of the watch is reflective.

2) Take a close look at how deep the engravings are and check for imperfections in craftsmanship.

3) Look closely at how thick and uniform each lettering appears - sometimes fakes will have inconsistent thicknesses and spacing between letters.

4) Check to see if they've signed Rolex with an actual signature - this doesn't always happen but when it does, it's one of your best bets.

5) Turn over your watch and read Swiss Made on its backside - if it says anything else then chances are that's just another knockoff!


2) Is the watch gold or platinum?


There are many different metals that can be used in watch production, but the most expensive and popular are gold and platinum. Gold watches vary in color depending on the karat of gold (24k-10k). Platinum watches come in two shades: white or grey. To know if your watch is made from gold or platinum, take a quick look at the inside of the band near where it attaches to the watch face. If it's black, it's platinum. If it's silver, your watch is gold. However, this doesn't mean all gold watches are less valuable than platinum. In fact, the quality of a Rolex and how much its value increases over time has more to do with how well the watch was made than what type of metal it is composed of. A vintage Rolex could be worth millions even though it's only gold!

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3) What material are the links made from?


It is difficult to tell the difference between an authentic watch and a counterfeit. However, there are many little clues that you can use in order to be sure you are buying the real thing. First, always make sure that the links are made from stainless steel or gold because if they are made from other materials, it could be a sign of either being replica or not genuine. Next, look at how the links and bezel surrounding the dial wrap around each other - how tight the link is wrapped with another and if this coincides with your clasp. If these two do not meet up evenly, this may be an indication of replica. Lastly, check out the box or certificate that comes with your purchase - if it is not sealed, do not buy it!


4) Does it have a serial number?


Does it have a serial number? That’s probably the first question you should ask when you’re given an opportunity to buy a watch at a good price. Serial numbers help identify genuine watches as well as protect consumers from counterfeits. They also help law enforcement seize counterfeit watches and identify the thieves. Without it, we have no assurance that the watch is what it says it is or was made by the company whose name is on it, which puts both our safety and reliability at risk. Luckily, there are ways for us to spot a fake even if it has a serial number!


One of the easiest things to check for is whether the text on the watch face matches up with what’s on the back of the box. A real Rolex will always say Rolex Swiss Made while a fake will usually say Swiss Made instead. Another good way to tell whether your potential purchase is authentic or not is by checking its weight. Fake watches tend to be lighter than their authentic counterparts because they use cheaper materials, so don't hesitate to hold onto your potential purchase and compare its weight with other authentic models before making your decision!


5) Are there holograms/stickers on the caseback and movement?


  1. Check the watch caseback. A good rule of thumb is that a real watch will have one sticker and it will be on the back side of the caseback (opposite side from the crystal). It's also possible that there is no sticker, but these are usually handmade watches so you'll know they're original without having to check further into this quality. Always feel free to google images and compare it with your purchase; if there are no close-up shots then show someone who knows what they're doing so they can go over the authenticity of your purchase with you in person.


  1. Does the back of the watch movement have holograms? If so, then there may be some questions about its authenticity as Rolex doesn't put stickers or holograms on their movements. There may not even be any stickers or symbols at all - this would mean that the watch is either custom made or counterfeit.

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  1. Check where the strap attaches to the buckle - does it line up well? The rolex buckle should always sit flush against the end of the strap when attached; otherwise, something might be wrong with its construction and could cause stretching over time which could lead to irreparable damage.


  1. Turn the watch around in your hand - does it weigh more than usual? Well-made watches will typically weight much less than other types of fashion accessories such as bracelets or necklaces due to their size and material makeup.


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