In 2022, The Diamond Bezel Watch Will Be All The Rage

In 2022, the diamond bezel watch will be all the rage among consumers and style-setters alike. An offshoot of what was once the ubiquitous diamond ring trend, the diamond bezel watch will be the hot new item for men and women alike to wear on their wrists. As with the original diamond rings of the 2010s, diamond bezel watches will be made with tiny chips of diamonds set into metal casings around the outer edge of the face, giving each eye its unique shape and personality...

Diamond Bezel Watch 


I know what you're thinking. Wait for a second; 2019 is less than one year away. How can I see what people will want to buy in 2022? Trust me—this isn't psychic power we're talking about here; it just takes a little research. The watch industry has been around for centuries, and with a few exceptions, trends have remained relatively consistent over time. With that said, let's get started! Title: In 2022, The Diamond Bezel Watch Will Be All The Rage Introduction: I know what you're thinking. Wait for a second; 2019 is less than one year away. How can I see what people will want to buy in 2022?


How does it look?

I can't give away too much—just yet. We'll reveal how it looks in a few months, so stay tuned! But I can say that it will be part of our Classics Collection—and will be a little more precious and glitzy than most of our current timepieces. From afar (i.e., on your wrist), it looks like any other watch in our Classic line: simple, understated, and wearable for everyday wear. But once you get up close and personal, you'll notice something special about its face. That's when you realize there are no numbers to tell you what time it is; instead, there are diamonds—literally thousands of them! And they aren't just glued onto the surface; they're actually embedded into every single one of those hours markers. It's going to look good with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses...but we'll leave it up to you to decide exactly how to rock yours.


Let's talk tech. The best diamond bezel watch uses sapphire crystal for added scratch resistance and boasts top-notch materials. There won't be a quartz movement inside – all activities will use our proprietary Vintage Automatic Movement Caliber A203A12L6M 21 jewel mechanical movement.

Diamond Bezel Watch 

What's driving this trend?

The diamond bezel watch is on track to continue its dominance as a status symbol among men and women. Two significant factors are driving its popularity: First, it's much more affordable than ever—thanks to advancements in technology—and second, most millennials associate these watches with an earlier decade when their parents or grandparents wore them. By 2022, we'll likely see fewer dials on high-end wristwatches—except for diamond-decorated bezels. And by then, smartwatch technology will have advanced enough to make traditional watches obsolete. Title: In 2022, Diamond Bezel Watches Will Still Make Great Gifts! What makes a great gift?: A diamond bezel watch is a timeless gift because it can be worn daily without looking out of place at work or play. And unlike other types of jewelry (like rings), there's no risk of losing your diamonds if you wear one daily.


Why buy a diamond bezel watch?

Your watch is a reflection of your style and taste. So why settle for anything less than spectacular? A diamond bezel watch is a brilliant addition to any man's wardrobe. There's no better choice than diamond bezels if you're looking for something tasteful that exudes class and sophistication. The sparkling stones will have people questioning where you purchased your timepiece—and once they find out that it was an affordable investment, they may just have to get their own! Title: In 2022, Best Men's Watches Are Going To Have Diamond Bezels. What makes a good diamond bezel?: It all comes down to quality. There are plenty of online retailers offering up great deals on both new and used pieces. One site we recommend checking out is Amazon; they offer free shipping on select products and free returns on items that don't meet your expectations.

Diamond Bezel Watch

Where can you get them?

You might think diamond bezels are limited to high-end watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe. However, brands like Movado also produce good diamond bezel watches if you want a standard timepiece to show off your love of precious gems. Some online sellers even have lists of non-luxury watches with diamond bezels—so if you're looking to go more casual or less expensive, you're in luck. No matter where you buy them from, these good diamond bezel watches will always remain a luxury for people who want something fancy on their wrists. They aren't flashy or ostentatious; they are well-made watches that add elegance to an outfit without making a big fuss about it. In fact, good diamond bezel watch models sometimes feature simple dials so as not to draw too much attention away from their real highlight: the diamonds themselves!

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