New Tourbillon Watches For 2022 – Can't Wait To Get My Hands On Them!

New tourbillon watches for 2022; if you’re like me, your affection for beautiful things extends to the realm of luxury watches, but unlike many other fans of luxury watches, you also have a keen interest in how exactly tourbillon watches work.

 Tourbillon Watches

How did the first-ever tourbillon watch come about?


The first-ever tourbillon watch was created in 1801 by Abraham-Louis Breguet. At the time, it was a little-known invention, and only five examples of the device were made. The modern watch would be re-invented and patented by Louis Cartier, who introduced it in 1917. However, over the next 20 years, most other manufacturers adopted the innovation too.


From there on out, all top tourbillon watches were designed according to these principles and featured at least one per watch as a finishing touch, if not more than one each, with four or more becoming standard today. The best tourbillon watches will cost anywhere from USD 30,000 to USD 50,000, but many good tourbillon watches can still be had for around USD 2,500 or less. As long as you research before making any purchase, you should have no problem finding the perfect watch for you.


Where does the name tourbillon come from?


Tourbillon originated from the French word, tourbillon, which means whirlwind or whirlpool. This is a perfect name for this incredible feature because tourbillons are designed to reduce and eliminate positional errors when regulating the watch's rate.


Tourbillon watches have always been considered luxury items by many interested in horology, with some top-rated tourbillon watches having price tags of up to $150,000 each. One of the most sought-after tourbillon watches today is Breguet's Abraham-Louis Bréguet Squelette Rose Gold and Diamonds - Model 9712 (though it may not come cheap). It features an unusual skeletonized design where you can see all the workings inside.

 Tourbillon Watches

This particular timepiece offers what I believe to be one of the best examples of how important aesthetics can be regarding tourbillon watches. It's not just about style but also about showcasing craftsmanship and technology that doesn't get hidden away behind crystal displays.


Breguet has long been an industry leader in high-end watchmaking techniques and has produced some beautiful examples over the years; however, this particular timepiece does stand out among its ranks as one of its finest achievements.


How exactly does a tourbillon watch operate?


I am interested in the tourbillon watch, but I would like more information. How exactly does a tourbillon watch operate? A tourbillon is a device that stabilizes a mechanical timepiece by compensating for wrist movements and bumps from carriage wear. Rotating constantly inside the watch movement, effectively brings balance back to parts of the clock that have been worn out by prolonged use or improper positioning on the wearer's wrist. Top tourbillon watches are engineered so that when you look at them from any angle, they still seem perfectly balanced.


The best timepieces of this type are painstakingly assembled by hand and take up to six months each to complete. They are made with precious metals such as gold, platinum, stainless steel, and titanium. These materials make these luxury goods resistant to magnetism and water infiltration while providing their unique luster to the watch face. If you're looking for good tourbillon watches, cool tourbillon watches, or the best tourbillon watches, come see us today!


All About Tourbillons, Explained


A tourbillon is an intricate mechanism with a rotating cage on top of the dial. The cell makes one complete rotation every minute and was first patented in 1801 by watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. The original intent was to compensate for inaccuracies in timekeeping due to gravitational fluctuations. Unfortunately, most contemporary watches that feature tourbillons are pricey and high-end, so you might not see them on the wrists of many people outside wealthy families or among those with good taste. I think there's nothing wrong with that because it ensures these watches maintain their value.


Some good options include Patek Philippe's Grand Complication Platinum World Time (with a black dial) and Rolex's Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II Green Ceramic Bezel (with green hands). For more cool tourbillon watches, look at Breitling Bentley Gold Watch for men -it features a rose gold case back (on the homepage). And finally, don't forget about Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch, which has three bands—a rubber strap, link bracelet, and leather strap.


See What a High-End Mechanical Watch Looks Like in Action


I'm not the only one excited about new tourbillon watches on the market. The most high-end mechanical watch collectors in the world are drooling over them. I'll be waiting patiently for them to hit store shelves, ready to plunk down my hard-earned money. Check out this short video clip of a tourbillon in action from Maurice Lacroix - it is fantastic to see these incredible devices up close and personal, even if they're just a fraction of their actual size. They really do make an elegant statement, as well as offer some serious performance improvements.

 Tourbillon Watches

Both the balance wheel and escapement mechanisms (which control timing) have been relocated inside separate cages that rotate around the movement's axis while remaining parallel to each other at all times. This makes them much more accurate than a traditional timepiece because there's less friction between parts, which causes less wear and tear over time. Mechanical movements have never looked so good before now!


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