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  • Sandalwood with Beeswax Jasper bracelet men's I like the smell of sandalwood, the faint fragrance pours into the lungs, the aroma has a calming effect, which can make people relax their minds and immerse themselves in the senses brought by the smell. The bracelet is selected from the heart and head of the tree, which is more oily and dense, and the fragrance is more mellow. With a golden honey wax, rich and delicate. Get started and play with your hands.Speaking of Laoshan sandalwood, the fragrance is the first and foremost. Smell it in your spare time.The fragrance is refreshing, the slightly sweet milk fragrance is slightly rose fragrance, the fragrance is mellow, and the fragrance is left behind.

Sandalwood with Beeswax Jasper bracelet men's

Laoshan sandalwood bracelet

main bead: Laoshan sandalwood bead diameter (7*5mm)

with beads: 18K gold/beeswax/jasper

inner wire: elastic rope

Size: the same size of beads, the number of beads is different

Laoshan sandalwood is made from India Old sandalwood, only the sandalwood produced in Mysore, India can be called old sandalwood

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