6 Best Benefits Of Silver Bracelet For Women

Silver bracelets for women can be worn on the body to sterilize and sterilize the human body. You can also relax your hands and massage your hands to relieve hand fatigue and promote blood circulation in your hands. It can also prevent allergies. Most of the silver jewelry on the market is made of s925 silver, which has unique skin-friendly and hypoallergenic properties.

 Silver Bracelet For Women

  1. Clean the body

The silver bracelet is worn on the body, which can sterilize and sterilize the human body and clean the human body. In addition, silver ions are toxic to bacteria, fungi, viruses, and algae, and when worn on the body, they can reduce the growth of bacteria on the skin's surface.


  1. Relax your hands

Silver bracelets are worn on the body and can also relax the hands. When the silver bracelet is worn on the hand, the writing will be slightly pressed and rubbed to play a specific massage effect, relieve the fatigue of the hand, and promote the hand's blood circulation.


  1. Prevent allergies

Silver bracelets for women are worn on the body and also prevent allergies. Standard silver bracelets on the market are made of s925 silver, which is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, which has good skin-friendly and hypoallergenic properties and can be used as ear studs to prevent ear piercings Inflammation or made into jewelry worn on people with the sensitive constitution.


  1. Toxic test

Remember that the invention of silver in ancient times was in foreign countries, which was very rare then. So if you have the existence of silver, it is definitely a symbol of status. In addition, silver can also detect poisons. We often see on TV that some people use silver needles or silver hairpins to identify whether there is poison in food. If the silver needles are black, The silver hairpin turns black, indicating that it is poisonous.

If we wear women's silver bracelets every day, we can absorb the toxins in our bodies little by little, and then we will find that our silver bracelets become black. If there is no toxin in the body, you will find that the silver bracelet you wear will become brighter and brighter. By wearing the silver bracelet, you can judge whether the toxin in the body exists.


  1. Detoxification

A woman who wears a silver bracelet for a long time can effectively absorb toxins from the body. So it is indeed a good help for those female friends who have a lot of toxins in the body so that they can get rid of the toxins and garbage in their bodies and promote. At the same time, our body's metabolism can also bring out a woman's temperament. So it also corresponds to the saying that men wear gold and women wear silver.


  1. Sterilization

In daily life, drinking water also contains a certain amount of free silver ions, which can effectively kill bacteria in the water. This is mainly because silver ions can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in the water quickly, so they can effectively kill bacteria in the water. In addition, lose the ability to reproduce and metabolize until death, so silverware also has the effect of sterilization.

So, is it better to wear silver bracelets for women on the left or right hand?

According to our body structure, it is better to wear the left hand than the right. However, because our right hand is often used to do things, wearing a silver bracelet may affect our efficiency, and the left side is closer to our heart, which can quickly clean up the toxins in the blood vessels and the garbage in the body. At the same time, it also means Peaceful and auspicious.

 Silver Bracelet For Women

Who is not suitable for wearing women's silver bracelets

Each of us has different allergies. Some people are allergic to pollen, some are allergic to seafood, and some are allergic to silver jewelry. Players allergic to silver jewelry are not suitable for wearing silver bracelets.


Players prone to sweating are also not suitable for wearing silver bracelets. The sweat secreted by our body contains a lot of sulfur. Wearing silver bracelets can easily cause silverware to turn black. People with this constitution are not suitable for wearing silver bracelets.


The skin of a newborn baby is relatively delicate. If you wear a silver bracelet, it will easily cause damage to the skin. It is recommended not to wear it first, and then wear the silver bracelet when you are older.


During pregnancy, it is best not to wear any jewelry. In today's society, most people are prone to edema when pregnant. However, they often wear some jewelry, which quickly causes a backlog and insufficient blood supply, which is very bad for the body and the baby.

Silver Bracelet For Women

How to clean silver bracelets for women 

  1. Alkaline surface cleaning

The blackened silver bracelet can be cleaned with an alkaline surface. The main component in the alkaline surface is sodium carbonate, which can remove black impurities from the bracelet. You can take an appropriate amount of alkali surface and put it in a container filled with clean water. After the alkali surface is melted, soak the silver bracelet in water for 20 to 30 minutes, and then take it out and dry it with a cotton cloth.


  1. Toothpaste

The blackened silver bracelet can also be cleaned with toothpaste. The calcium carbonate particles in the toothpaste can dilute the black impurities. First, wipe the bracelet's surface with a damp paper towel, smear an appropriate amount of toothpaste on the soft brush and then brush the blackened area. After brushing, rinse the toothpaste on the surface of the bracelet.


  1. Silver washing water

Silver bracelets that turn black can also be cleaned with silver washing water, an item specially designed to maintain silver jewelry. When cleaning, you can directly soak the bracelet in silver-washing water for 5-7 seconds. Affected by the silver-washing water, the black impurities on its surface will slowly fall off, then take it out quickly and rinse with clean water.


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