The 8 Best Rolex Yacht Master For Men And 2Jewellery In 2023

Rolex yacht master is a model that has been concealed by Daytona and submarines for a long time. It is also one of the youngest and shortest models of Rolex. Nevertheless, Yacht Master fills a vacancy in the Rolex watch series and becomes the most exquisite and elegant professional sports watch provided by Rolex.

  Rolex Yacht Master

Yacht Master is a sports watch, but compared with Submariner or Sea Dwell, it has a more elegant design and less tool inspiration. This makes it a perfect choice for those who like Rolex professional models, but want to be more elegant and versatile, and can work in many different occasions.
Because the Yacht Master series is relatively young, this model is sometimes forgotten and will not be recognized like other models in the Rolex series. However, in this article, we focus on yacht masters and learn some of the most interesting facts about yacht masters.

 Rolex Yacht Master

Yacht Master was launched in 1992 and is one of the youngest Rolex models.
Rolex is not a brand that often releases new styles. They often release new watches, but they are usually just iterations and updates of existing models. A new bracelet, a new dial, an exquisite case and so on. So when Rolex released a brand-new model, it was a big deal. Since Rolex does not often release new models, Yacht Master was launched in 1992, but it is one of the youngest Rolex models in Rolex.



Yacht masters pay more attention to luxury and elegance than other professional models.
As the name implies, this watch is developed for yacht lovers. This is naturally much lower than using submarines to dive in demanding waters.Although Yacht Master is based on Submariner in many aspects, its design has been adjusted, improved and changed to better adapt to different target audiences-jet sailboats. Therefore, the design has been adjusted to get a more elegant and luxurious feeling.

  Rolex Yacht Master

The first yacht, Master, was made of all gold.
As discussed, Yacht Master is different from other professional watches in terms of customers and purposes. It represents a more elegant and fashionable choice. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first yacht Master was made of 18 carats of gold. Nowadays, with the increase of its popularity, the model series has been expanded to include various materials from steel to pure gold.Besides, nowadays, most people who wear yacht masters are not yacht lovers.

  Rolex Yacht Master

The first yacht master was the reference number 16628.
The first yacht Master launched in 1992 was 16628. As mentioned above, it is made of 18 carats of gold, with a pure gold oyster bracelet and a 40mm case. One of the biggest differences with submersible is that the bezel is bidirectional, not unidirectional.

  Rolex Yacht Master

Yacht Master series has added new dimensions.
Initially, Yacht Master released only one size, namely 40mm, but in the next few years, Rolex will expand its series with more sizes and new iterations. Today, Yacht Master has three sizes to choose from, namely 37mm, 40mm and 42mm. But in the past, Rolex also produced 29-meter and 35-mm yacht masters, which have been discontinued.The 29 mm and 35 mm sizes were discontinued in 2019 and replaced by Yacht Master 37.

  Rolex Yacht Master

Yacht Master's bezel is bidirectional.
We talked about this earlier, but it is easy to believe that the 60-minute bezel is one-way, because most people associate it with diving watches, but this is not the case with yacht masters. Yacht Master's bezel is bidirectional, which means it can rotate in both directions. The fact that the bezel of a diving watch can only rotate in one direction during diving is very important for diving watches, but Yacht Master is not a diving watch. On the contrary, in Rolex's own words, the bezel is used for:"This menu circle-for example, the wearer can calculate the sailing time between two buoys-is also a key part of the unique visual characteristics of the model."


2Jewellery Mechanical Watch

2Jewellery men's watch

3D three-dimensional wishbone, high hard ceramic rotating watch ring, forged at a high temperature of over 1400 ℃, with a technology luminous display, 316 fine steel watch case, synthetic sapphire mirror, three beads fine steel watchband, fully automatic mechanical movement, and more colors.
Movement: Automatic movement
Movement model: CAL.7H50
Drive: single spring drive
Power storage: 80H
Vibration frequency: 28800 (times/hour)
Chain-up mode: automatic chain up
Case diameter: 40.5mm
Band width: 20mm
Case material: fine steel
Strap material: fine steel
Waterproof depth: 50m waterproof
Mirror: synthetic sapphire glass
Bottom cover: synthetic sapphire glass
Crown: Straight-in type


2Jewellery Perfect Watches

2Jewellery men's watch

Synthetic sapphire crystal, sunray movement.

Movement: CAL.3H45

Model: 1915

Drive mode: double mainspring drive

Power reserve: 72 (hours)

Vibration frequency: 28800 (times/hour)

Winding method: manual winding

Case diameter: 45-30mm

Case Thickness: 11.9mm

Strap width: 20-26mm

Case Material: 316 stainless steel

Strap Material: Rubber

Waterproof depth: 5ATM

Glass material: synthetic sapphire crystal

Buckle style: Butterfly double snap

Crown: Straight


2Jewellery Leather Watches For Men

2Jewellery men's watch

meteorite texture literal, Geneva dial, 6-digit tourbillon, 316L fine steel case, top layer cow leather strap, super energy storage, multi-color optional.
Movement: flying tourbillon
Movement model: CAL.3H35
Drive: single bar drive
Power storage: 42 (hours)
Vibration frequency: 28800 (second hour)
Chain-up mode: manual chain up
Case Material: 316 fine steel/PVD electroplating rose gold
Gem bearing: 19
Material: first layer cow leather
Case diameter: 40-42 mm
Waterproof depth: life waterproof
Case thickness: 13.3mm
Mirror: synthetic sapphire mirror
Strap width: 20mm
Bottom cover: steel bottom
Weight: 92.3g
Crown: straight in


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