The Benefits Of Bracelets For Women

                    The Benefits Of Bracelets For Women 

Women's bracelets can relieve hand fatigue. When wearing, the bracelet will massage the hand to relax the hand. It can also enhance personal temperament. Bracelets are usually beautiful in appearance, bright in luster, and can decorate the human body when worn. When wearing it, women should avoid exercising to prevent the bracelet from being bruised or scratched, or contaminated with sweat and eroded.


The benefits of bracelets for women

  1. Relieve hand fatigue

Women wearing bracelets can relieve hand fatigue. When wearing them, the bracelets will massage the hands to relieve muscle fatigue of the hands, promote blood circulation in the hands, and relax the hands.


  1. Improve personal temperament

Women's bracelets can also enhance personal temperament. Bracelets usually have a beautiful appearance and bright luster. When worn, they can decorate the human body, enhance the wearer's personal temperament, and make women more attractive.


  1. Massage the wrist

Women's bracelets have the advantage of massaging the wrists. When people wear gold bracelets, they will have a friction effect on their wrists. After wearing the gold bracelets for a long time, they can massage the muscle tissue around the wrists and gradually relax.


  1. Moisturize the skin

Wearing a bracelet has the benefits of moisturizing the skin. The bracelet is more friendly to human skin. After wearing it for a long time, it can make people's skin become white, red, and shiny, and the bracelet can be worn for a long time. smooth.


  1. Toxic test

It was very rare at the time, and if there was silver, it was definitely a status symbol. In addition, silver can also detect poisons. We often see on TV that some people use silver needles or silver hairpins to identify whether there is poison in food. If the silver needles are black, The silver hairpin turns black, indicating that it is poisonous.

If we wear silver bracelets every day, we can absorb the toxins in our body little by little, and then we will find that our silver bracelets become black. If there is no toxin in the body, you will find that the silver bracelet you wear will become brighter and brighter. By wearing the silver bracelet, you can judge whether the toxin in the body exists.


  1.    Detoxification

If a woman wears a silver bracelet for a long time, it can effectively absorb the toxins in the body. For those female friends who have more toxins in the body, it is indeed a good help to get rid of the toxins and garbage in their bodies and promote At the same time, the metabolism of our body can also bring out the temperament of a woman, and it also corresponds to the saying that men wear gold and women wear silver.


  1. Sterilization

In daily life, drinking water also contains a certain amount of free silver ions, which can effectively kill bacteria in the water. This is mainly because silver ions can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in the water quickly so that they can effectively kill bacteria in the water. Lose the ability to reproduce and metabolize until death, so silverware also has the effect of sterilization.


The correct way to wear women's bracelets

  1.    Girls wearing bracelets are recommended to wear the left hand, because the texture of the bracelet is soft, and the frequency of use of the left hand is generally lower, which can prevent the bracelet from being damaged.


  1. When wearing the bracelet, be sure to avoid contacting the bracelet with other irritating liquids.


  1. Special attention should be paid to the silver jewelry inlaid with stones, try not to get wet, because there will be gaps at the junction of the inlays and the stones will easily fall off when exposed to water. In addition, keep it dry, do not swim with it on, and keep away from hot springs and seawater. After each wearing, use a cotton cloth or tissue paper to wipe the surface lightly to remove water and dirt, and then store it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air.


  1. Clean the jewelry correctly and wear it in the correct way; when wearing a bracelet, it should be worn from the narrow side of the wrist, and then rotated around the wrist to the normal position. Or the bracelet itself is deformed.


The meaning of women's bracelets

  1.     Auspiciousness, the meaning of prayer. Bracelets have always been one of the most important pieces of jewelry. The concept and design of bracelets are generally based on auspiciousness, love, and prayer.


  1. Peace, eliminate disasters and ward off evil spirits. Wearing it, people believe that it can have auspiciousness, peace, eternity, happiness, wealth, and a bright future.


  1. It symbolizes unity, harmony, and elegance. and feminine tenderness. To this day, there have been stories that the bracelet can protect its wearer from harm, that the bracelet can defuse various negative effects and bring blessings to its wearer. For example, a person wearing a women's bracelet may find that their beloved bracelet is damaged in an accidental accident, while not being hurt themselves.


4,      Xinnuo things. Another interesting legend is that the good color in the bracelet can spread throughout the bracelet, but it depends on the blessing of the wearer. In the past, bracelets have always been made in pairs, which comes from the belief that good things come in pairs, and such stories add to the perfection of paired bracelets. Bracelets, arm bracelets. A ring ornament is worn on the wrist or small arm. Feminine as a sign of being married. Some historians believe that due to the absolute dominance of men in economic life, the bracelet has a barbarian custom of metaphorically grabbing women and preventing them from running away.


  1. Noble, the right thing. Women are used to expressing the noble status of identity. Women's bracelets have a strong meaning to exorcise evil spirits. For example, the ancient Greeks believed that wearing a snake-shaped bracelet would bring luck. The appearance of bracelets and the fact that humans wear such makeup accessories have been confirmed by many objects unearthed in China and abroad. In the round-carved nude woman of Venus unearthed in Willendorf, the small wrists, which are out of proportion to her plump breasts and buttocks, are engraved with ornaments such as bracelets. Bone figurines excavated in Isturiz also have ornaments resembling bracelets. Among the objects unearthed in Grimaldi on the Riviera, the coast is bracelets made of fish vertebrae, shells, oyster shells, animal teeth, etc.


  1. Healthy and beautiful things. Put on the bracelet, massage the arm, dredge the lung meridian, let the soul return safely, and insomnia caused by the injury to the lung will be cured naturally. Wearing a bracelet can actually stimulate the lung and large intestine meridians on the arm. These two meridians govern gas exchange, respiration, excretion, and water metabolism in the body.


Women's bracelet wearing taboo

  1. Avoid collision:

When women wear bracelets, they should pay attention to preventing them from falling from a high place or hitting hard objects, especially jade bracelets with a small number of cracks, otherwise, they will be easily damaged or broken. In addition, the storage of bracelets should be lined with natural fiber and should be placed separately to prevent collisions with each other, and storage conditions such as temperature, environment, and humidity should also be kept stable.


  1. Avoid oil pollution:

When women wear bracelets, do not go near places with too much oil smoke, such as the kitchen. Although it is common to cook rice, if it is not removed before entering the kitchen, the adhesion of grease and dust will make it look ugly. Over time, the luster and texture of the bracelet will change badly, which affects the price. Therefore, women should pay attention to wearing bracelets, and don't think that the kitchen does no harm. In addition, the temperature of the open flame is high, and if the bracelet comes into contact with it, it is even more serious, and cracks are prone to occur.


  1. Avoid wearing too much:

Although one bracelet can be worn on each hand, it is taboo to wear two jade bracelets on one hand at the same time. This is because when they collide with each other, it is easy to crack, or dark cracks are generated. Once there is too much contact with a hard object, it is likely to break.


  1. Avoid corrosion:

In daily life, perfumes, cosmetics, and shower gels are items that women often come into contact with. However, the substances they contain are harmful to jade bracelets and will gradually erode the surface structure of jadeite. Therefore, when women wear bracelets, it is taboo to touch these items for a long time.

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