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The role of sandalwood

  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial; sandalwood is helpful for the genitourinary system, can improve cystitis, and has the effect of clearing blood and anti-inflammatoryScarce, complex forming conditions, more precious.
  • Skin efficacy; basically, sandalwood is a balancing essential oil that is especially beneficial for dry eczema and aging and dehydrated skin, softens the skin, improves itchy or irritated skin, and its antibacterial properties help to improve acne infections 's wound.
  • Sandalwood has a unique invigorating effect, dispelling anxiety and helping to increase romantic mood. Sandalwood is also antispasmodic and tonic on the body, providing a feeling of relaxation and pleasure.
  • Sandalwood also has a great contribution to the therapeutic effect of the mind. It has an excellent relaxation effect. Ordering a plate of sandalwood incense can soothe nervous tension and anxiety, and the sedative effect is more than invigorating. Refreshing meditation can bring users a more peaceful and calm feeling.

Taboo of sandalwood

After the carbuncle is swollen and ulcerated, there are many sores and pus and yin deficiency and fire are prosperous, all should not be used.



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