The Efficacy And Role Of Obsidian Bracelet

As the best guardian stone, the obsidian bracelet has an excellent effect on warding off evil spirits, whether worn or placed at home. Obsidian is a natural glass. The rainbow eye that is unique to the obsidian bracelet is lovely, it will give off a good luster, and it is beautiful. Today, I would like to introduce to you a color treasure that is very powerful to ward off evil spirits and purify energy - obsidian.

Obsidian Bracelet

Types of Obsidian and Recommendations for Selection

The obsidian bracelet will form different colors and shapes under other natural conditions, so obsidian is divided into pure black obsidian, rainbow-eyed obsidian, ice obsidian, and gold obsidian. Of course, there are many less popular ones, such as obsidian; we will not introduce silver obsidian.

  1. Pure black obsidian

The whole body is bright black and can also be called ordinary obsidian. This is the obsidian variety with the most significant yield and the lowest value. A type of obsidian.


  1. Ice Obsidian

Unlike ordinary obsidian, which is entirely black, ice obsidian will still show a fine form without lighting. This is because most of them are translucent to transparent, and the color is lighter than ordinary obsidian. However, many ice obsidians on the market become transparent after high-temperature treatment, so beginners must be vigilant.


  1. Rainbow Eye Obsidian

This kind of obsidian can see colorful luster under sunlight, and it will show a beautiful ring pattern like a rainbow; rainbow-eyed obsidian can also be divided into a single eye and double eye. Generally speaking, the larger the rainbow eye, the richer the color. Higher.


  1. Gold obsidian

Also known as golden sand obsidian, it can be said to be the best among obsidian. The golden sand emanating from the beads inside will form a "golden eye" effect, which is very beautiful, and its value is higher than that of rainbow eye obsidian. Its function is more vital than that of ordinary obsidian. Obsidian also has another effect, which is to attract wealth! The black primary color extremely wards off evil spirits and can powerfully expel negative energy. In addition, the golden eyes are the gods of wealth, which are suitable for those who need to attract wealth and ward off evil spirits.

 Obsidian Bracelet

Choose a suggestion:

Generally speaking, rainbow-eyed obsidian and gold obsidian are more expensive to counterfeit; it is more difficult to fake, and there is no need to counterfeit. The beads are also more beautiful and have a higher collection value, so it is recommended that novices choose these two kinds of purchases. The golden obsidian not only has the function of obsidian to ward off evil spirits but also has the effect of attracting wealth and transporting, and it has more vital energy. When buying golden obsidian, I recommend Twilight crystal. I often purchase crystals at their house. The most satisfying double golden-eye golden obsidian was also believed in Twilight. The quality is excellent, and my colleagues will buy it too without stepping on Over thunder.


Second, the efficacy and role of obsidian

  1. To ward off evil spirits and turn evil spirits into good luck

Obsidian is also known as "Black King Kong Warrior," which has the effect of exorcising evil spirits. Therefore, wearing a natural obsidian bracelet with you can help ward off evil spirits and protect your body, and it is a perfect charm to ward off evil spirits. In addition, if you often need to work at night or go in and out of places with heavy air, wearing obsidian can also avoid the proximity of "dirty things."


  1. Dispel negative energy and improve the fortune

Obsidian belongs to absorbing energy, which can effectively expel negative energy, bad luck, and bad luck from the human body. Wearing an obsidian bracelet can eliminate the negative energy attached to the wearer and avoid bad luck. It is a perfect transport treasure. If you have had bad luck and bad luck recently, you might as well try wearing obsidian.


  1.  body protection, security, townhouse

Obsidian has powerful and mysterious energy. When worn with you, it can be used as a personal amulet, which can effectively protect the body, ward off evil spirits, and keep the peace. In addition, obsidian has been a feng shui treasure in townhouses since ancient times. Therefore, placing obsidian ornaments at home or in the company can significantly protect the body. Good townhouse effect.


  1. Obsidian corresponds to the bottom wheel to protect the health

Obsidian corresponds to the bottom chakra in the seven rounds of the human body. In addition to helping the human body to eliminate negative energy, it can also increase the supply of new energy, help eliminate fatigue, reduce stress, improve physical vitality and energy, and protect the wearer's health. , It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a gem that protects health.


  1. Lucky fortune

The power of gold obsidian is extreme. In addition to the function of obsidian to ward off evil spirits, block evil, and resolve negative energy, gold obsidian also has a very prominent role in attracting wealth. Therefore, it can be said to be a great treasure for blocking evil, transporting, and attracting wealth.

 Obsidian Bracelet

What are the taboos about wearing obsidian bracelets

  1. It should not be worn on the left hand

Obsidian bracelets are recommended to be worn on the right hand. Chinese qi science focuses on "left in and right out." In simple terms, it is left-hand air in and right-hand exhaust. As we said earlier, obsidian belongs to absorbing energy, which can absorb and resolve some negative energy. Therefore, it can play this effect when worn on the right hand.


  1. It should not be left unpurified for a long time

Obsidian needs to be purified regularly because after obsidian has absorbed a lot of negative energy for a long time, it is easy to have adverse effects without regular purification. Therefore, wearing obsidian should not be left unpurified for a long time. It is recommended to purify it 2~3 times a month. If you often go to places with heavy negative energy, you can increase the frequency appropriately.


  1. It should not be worn when sweeping graves

The purpose of tomb-sweeping is to cherish the memory of the ancestors. Therefore, it is inappropriate to wear obsidian at this time and should be removed.


  1. It is not suitable to wear when exercising, bathing, and sleeping

Sweat, chemical lotions, etc., will cause unavoidable damage to obsidian; in addition, obsidian should not be worn when sleeping because obsidian has vital energy, but it will affect sleep and easily damage the surface of obsidian, so put it on the bedside when sleeping. Well, it can also play the role of warding off evil spirits and blocking evil spirits.

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