2Jewellery The Role Of Women's Charm Bracelet

2Jewellery The role of women's charm bracelet,Titanium is a kind of ionized cell that can ionize cells by emitting consistent wavelengths, regulating the current of the human body, and thus have beneficial physiological effects on the human body. There are several effects, and there are treatments for sleep. There is a treatment for the spine, such as people who have a long time next to the computer, the spine will be very sore. It will remove the soreness of the spine. Resist computer radiation.


Titanium steel is just special steel with good corrosion resistance and bright appearance, and no damage to the human body. It has the same luster and texture as titanium, and its strength and corrosion resistance are only slightly worse than titanium alloys. There is no titanium in it. , so it's cheap. Regulating the current, relax the mind and improve motor function. By modulating local energy, the muscles are relaxed. By stimulating blood flow to help remove pain-producing agents and fatigue factors from the bloodstream, it is effective in relieving symptoms such as bursitis, sciatica, headache, arthritis, and PMS.


Regarding the benefits of titanium steel bracelets to the human body, titanium is a kind of ionized cell that can ionize cells by emitting consistent wavelengths, regulate the current of the human body, and thus have beneficial physiological effects on the human body. Wearing a titanium steel bracelet is also beneficial to the body. It does not cause allergies, the chemical properties are stable, and no harmful substances are produced during use.


The specific benefits of wearing a charm bracelet at ordinary times:

一、Benefits to the Nervous System

Effects of titanium steel bracelets on the nervous system. It can strengthen the function of the cerebral cortex and mental activity, invigorate the spirit, improve work efficiency, and improve the quality of sleep. Negative ions can also strengthen the oxidation process of brain tissue, so that brain tissue can obtain more oxygen.


二、Benefits to the Cardiovascular System

Titanium steel bracelet is an effect on the cardiovascular system. According to the observation of scholars, negative ions have the effect of obviously dilating blood vessels, which can relieve arterial vasospasm and achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure. Negative ions are also very beneficial for improving heart function and myocardial nutrition, which is beneficial to the condition of patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. recover.


三、Benefits to the blood system

The effect of titanium steel bracelets on the blood system. Studies have confirmed that negative ions can slow down the blood and prolong the coagulation time, which can increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is beneficial to the transportation, absorption, and utilization of blood oxygen.


四、Benefits to the Respiratory System

The negative ions in the titanium steel bracelet have the most obvious effect on the respiratory system. This is because negative ions enter the human body through the respiratory tract, and it can improve the lung capacity of a person. Some people have tested that inhaling negative air ions in a glass mask for 30 minutes can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by the lungs by 2%, while the amount of carbon dioxide discharged can increase by 14.5%, so negative ions can improve and increase lung function.


Is wearing a charm bracelet harmful to the body?

As far as the material itself is concerned, steel titanium is a kind of special steel that is harmless to the human body, and its model is 316L. It has the same luster and texture as titanium, and its strength and corrosion resistance are only slightly inferior to titanium alloys. There is no titanium in its composition, so it is cheap and beautiful. Titanium is a very special metal. It is very light in texture, yet very tough and corrosion-resistant. It is often used in aerospace & military precision components and is very valuable.


At present, there is much jewelry called titanium steel. The material used is not titanium, but 316L stainless steel. It is called steel titanium because it is attractive. Some are even called titanium alloy jewelry. In fact, it is stainless steel jewelry without titanium, but the price is higher than General 304 stainless steel is expensive.


Titanium steel has strong corrosion resistance, can not be deformed or discolored for a long time, and can maintain luster and smoothness for long-term wear. The metallic luster of steel titanium is very close to the luster of platinum, which is both elegant and modern. The maintenance and cleaning of steel and titanium jewelry are also very easy. It is not in an environment of strong acid and alkali, and it does not need special maintenance. It is simple and casual. But steel titanium is hard and easily scratched.


Generally speaking, real steel-titanium bracelets are not harmful to the human body, but many steel-titanium bracelets on the market are alloy bracelets made of stainless steel. Nickel and cadmium, so if the skin is more sensitive, wearing it may cause skin discomfort. In addition, if you wear it for a long time, the nickel and cadmium components in the jewelry may also be absorbed into the skin through the pores. If introduced into the blood, it may even cause chronic poisoning. Therefore, it is recommended to buy regular high-quality steel and titanium jewelry, and it is recommended not to wear it for a long time. This is incomparable with silver jewelry. Silver jewelry can be worn for a long time, but it is easy to oxidize and discolor, but the premise is regular silver jewelry. Instead of "fake silver jewelry" such as silver-coated or silver-plated.


In addition, the production process of steel and titanium is still relatively complicated, so the price will not be too cheap, but if it is ordinary stainless steel, it will be another matter. After all, ordinary stainless steel is still relatively cheap. Of course, ordinary stainless steel, and cosmetics If you touch them, will rust!


Pros and Cons of Women's Charm Bracelets:

  1. Titanium steel jewelry will not change color. Titanium steel is simply the stainless steel we see in our daily life, but it uses 316L stainless steel, which is currently the highest quality material in stainless steel. And one of the best things about jewelry designed from this type of material is that it won't stain. This is also the reason why many titanium steel jewelry manufacturers have taken a fancy to this market in recent years. If you have any silver jewelry, you know that when it comes in contact with oxygen it stains pretty quickly. Some titanium steel jewelry manufacturers, especially in China's coastal cities, don't do this for their titanium steel production, because it is a piece of stronger jewelry, and won't oxidize. Since it doesn't oxidize, it's a perfect choice for jewelry, as you can wear it over and over again, without needing to polish, or worry about becoming stained.


  1. Titanium steel jewelry will not cause allergies. Allergies are more common in people who are allergic to metals. But when you wear this type of jewelry, you don't have to worry. Many people are allergic to nickel found in jewelry. It's harder with nickel metal, but titanium steel is tough since it's self-contained, you don't have to worry about adding anything. As a result, most people can wear titanium steel without suffering from allergic reactions.


  1. Titanium steel jewelry does not have luster. Many people like this type of jewelry because it does not have a mirror luster. What makes dull jewelry more responsive. You can wear formal clothing accessories as well as casual attire. If you want jewelry "because they're beautiful, but not too noticeable," when you put it in comparison, it's the right type for you. The lack of luster also means that you can easily match pieces that are not bought or sold together.


Titanium steel jewelry is undoubtedly one of the very popular accessories at present, and many young people like to wear it, especially titanium steel bracelets. So what are the advantages of titanium steel bracelets over other bracelets?

There are many advantages of titanium steel bracelets, such as various styles. Jewelry styles on the market are endless, and the update iteration is very fast, and titanium steel bracelets can be made into various complex shapes thanks to the ductility of the material to meet the needs of customers and give consumers more choices. While other bracelets have a single style, the choices are not so diverse. In contrast, titanium steel bracelets will have stronger market competitiveness.


Titanium steel bracelets are also more expensive than other bracelets. Because of this, you can equip several different titanium steel bracelets according to your own style. As expensive as gold and silver bracelets, many people can't change styles at any time, but titanium steel jewelry can.


Another advantage is that compared with other bracelets, the maintenance of titanium steel bracelets is simpler. The material itself has the properties of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to rust. As far as maintenance is concerned, just wipe the surface of the jewelry regularly to make it look beautiful and shiny, and you don't have to worry about other problems. Even if it is an electroplated titanium steel bracelet, the color retention time is half a year or even longer, and you can directly change the style at that time.


How to clean the charm bracelet?

  1. It is very simple to maintain, just wipe it with a fine cotton cloth to keep it bright.
  2. If there is any dirt on the surface, you can use warm water and a fine cotton cloth dipped in neutral lotion to gently clean it, and then dry it after cleaning.
  3. The most important thing when wearing it is to prevent the jewelry from being scratched by sharp objects and destroying its surface smoothness.

Extended information:

Titanium Steel Bracelet Care:

  1. During the wearing process, if you have time, it is best to wipe it with a fine flannel frequently to keep the jewelry bright.
  2. Remove the titanium steel jewelry when swimming or bathing, so as to avoid chemical changes on the surface after touching the seawater or pool water.
  3. If there are friction scratches on the surface of the product, it is easy to accelerate the oxidation of silver or metal. Therefore, when the surface of the product is oxidized to light brown, or corroded by chlorides (such as swimming pool water), please deal with it in time.
  4.    When engaging in strenuous exercise or moving heavy objects, please try to avoid wearing titanium steel jewelry to avoid damage to the surface of the jewelry due to friction and collision, and gemstones fall off., it is recommended to wear this accessory after dressing up.

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