The Timepiece Gentleman In 2022 – How To Dress For Success

In 2022, what does the timepiece gentleman wear? How does he stand out in the crowd and not only be a trendsetter but be among the most stylish men of his day? Luckily, you don't have to wait until 2022 to know how to dress like a timepiece gentleman because we here at The Timepiece Gentleman are going to tell you now. The advice we'll provide will work as well in 2022 as it does today.

 The Timepiece Gentleman

Wrist Watches Will Be Huge

While many things may change by 2022, one thing will never change: people want a watch. A good timepiece is essential in every wardrobe, and many people need one that tells time and looks good while doing it. In ten years, watches will be very different than they are today, and so will how people dress. This post outlines some advice on rocking the best wristwatch and living stylishly in 2022. So whether you wear your everyday jeans or an expensive suit, a watch style suits you.


It's important to know what kind of look you're going for before deciding on your next purchase! For example, if you want something with more flash, you might consider a Rolex Submariner (with two lines of text at 12 o'clock) or a Patek Philippe Calatrava (with three lines). On the other hand, if classic simplicity is what you seek, go with a Cartier Santos (with one line of text at 12 o'clock). The critical point is that while these brands have high price tags, they all offer something unique - no matter which type of look you're looking for.


Shirts, Jackets, and Pants

Good, the timepiece gentleman should always have a formal and casual suit that can be worn with khakis, jeans, or chinos. They should also have a navy blue blazer and light grey dress slacks. Lastly, they need two pairs of dress shoes - black patent leather lace-up oxfords and brown suede brogues. If you're feeling especially fancy, get a couple of wingtips. An excellent addition would be an overcoat with all this cold weather we've been having lately! Some colors the gentleman should try are olive green, mustard yellow, eggplant purple, black, and navy blue. The red overcoat is not only too bold but also a bit old-fashioned.


Shorts and T-Shirts

What's good, the timepiece gentleman? Everything. A top-the-timepiece gentleman knows that dress codes are just guidelines; even if they're not, it's still better to dress how you want as long as it looks good. So cool, the timepiece gentleman is always sporting a relaxed style with a splash of luxury thrown in for a touch of flair. It's all about looking your best, the timepiece gentleman, and knowing what suits you best.

 The Timepiece Gentleman

Like the timepiece gentleman who knew he looked his best in shorts and T-shirts, he had to start wearing a suit every day when he began working at this super high-end financial firm. There was no way around it because there were too many rules at this place. So now, on his days off or when he can get away with dressing casual on Fridays (everyone has those days), he doesn't wear anything but shorts and T-shirts again.


Outerwear (Coats & Jackets)

It's crucial that when you dress for success, your outerwear complements the rest of your ensemble. The best timepiece gentleman knows how to accentuate their attire by choosing a coat or jacket that ties together both function and fashion. Top the timepiece gentleman is comfortable and relaxed; the timepiece gentleman will make it easier to get through their work day with less bulk, and best, the timepiece gentleman has no holes. For example, take this cardigan from Gitman Brothers Vintage. Sure, it might be a little more formal than your typical hoodie, but it can still double as a great layering option on cold days and keep you warm without weighing you down on warmer days.


For a more business casual look, we suggest one of our woven cotton blazers like this beige one from Officine Generale. Pairing the blazer with denim trousers gives the watch a relaxed feel while still giving off an aura of professionalism.

 The Timepiece Gentleman

Accessories (Bags, Socks, etc.)

When dressing professionally, you must include accessories such as belts, cufflinks, pocket squares, and wallets. Naturally, you will want to dress them up but not over the top. Accessories should complement the outfit without taking away from it or overpowering it. In other words, they are a subtle enhancement of your enterprise. For example, if your suit is made of silk fabric, it may be prudent to wear leather for the belt and shoes. However, if you have a standard wool suit, leather would look more out-of-place than nylon fabric on the belt or shoes.


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