Upscale Watch In 2022: The Top Brands And Styles

Not long ago, buying an upscale watch was out of reach of all but the most wealthy individuals. In 2022, it's no longer a problem - you can find top brands and styles everywhere you look, so you don't even have to go to a specialty store anymore! We've put together this guide on the best upscale watches on the market right now, as well as some exciting innovations that will hit stores in the next few years!

 Upscale Watch


Good upscale watches are a must-have for anyone that wants to look good. They signify wealth, prestige, and style. So if you're looking for the best upscale watch brands of 2020, this blog post is for you.

It's been a while since I've updated this blog with some new posts - my apologies! But I thought it would be a good idea to write about the top upscale watches of 2022. So here they are, listed from most expensive to least expensive: Rolex, Patek Phillipe. Of course, these are just a few great names out there, so don't feel limited by these two when shopping for your next upscale watch.



The most common misconception about luxury watches is that they are all expensive. There are indeed several luxury watch brands with exorbitant price tags, but this isn't always the case. Hublot, for example, offers some of the most excellent upscale watches on the market for an affordable price. Hublot has you covered; iso if you're looking for a unique exclusive eye. Their HUB4100 series (price range $3,900 to $7,600) comes in different colors, such as blue and black. These are stylish and cool upscale watches that will make any outfit pop.



In 2022, Omega will continue to make strides by releasing a new line of excellent and superb watches. This will be done through various partnerships with actors and musicians and brand ambassadors like Usain Bolt. Omega is a leader in luxury timepieces, so it's safe to say they'll do well over the coming years. That said, watchmakers should keep up with what trends pop up in the industry if they want to stay relevant.


The Bvlgari brand is a worldwide leader in the luxury watch industry. With a history spanning over 125 years, they have been able to keep up with the latest trends and create affordable pieces for all types of buyers. One of their most famous watches is the Octo Finissimo Automatique Skeleton Tourbillon because it was named the thinnest automatic skeleton tourbillon in the world. This piece can be purchased for about $40,000. It is an excellent upscale watch with many useful features like waterproof, scratch-resistant, and anti-magnetic.



For those who are looking for a more classic style, Breitling offers two lines. The first is called the Professional Line, stainless steewith l cases and bracelets. These watches provide Swiss-made quality at an affordable price of $3,000-$5,000, depending on the model. The second line, called the Chronomat Line, has automatic mechanical movements with day/date displays or chronograph functionality at a starting price of $8,700.

The most popular models from this line have been the Navitimer 01 series with 44mm case sizes. These timepieces are available in steel and 18K gold versions, with sapphire crystal windows to protect them from scratches. In addition to that, they also come equipped with a tachymeter bezel, 24-hour dials, screw-down crowns, luminescent hands, and markers to make reading more accessible at night.

 Upscale Watch


The first watch company that comes to mind when we think of luxury is Rolex. They've been around for over a hundred years and have some of the most iconic designs, like the Datejust, Submariner, and GMT Master II. Rolex watches are famous for their durability as well as their stylish design.

One of the newest models from Rolex, released just last year, is called the Sky-Dweller. It's an exciting blend of classic style and modern technology. For example, it has a built-in GPS, which can be tracked by satellite anywhere on earth. It also automatically adjusts the time zone according to where you are traveling, so you never need to change your watch again.


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