2jewellery The effect of women's crystal bracelet

                  2jewellery The effect of women's crystal bracelet

2jewellery women's crystal bracelet  is very suitable for girls to wear, it has a girly freshness, and exudes a ladylike quietness, and long-term wearing helps blood system circulation and enhances complexion. It can also increase interpersonal charm, so the effect of strawberry crystal to attract peach blossoms has been circulated.

The benefits of wearing strawberry crystal bracelets for women

  1. Emotional transmission

    Strawberry crystal bracelet can act as a transmitter of love. Its special magnetic field will record your emotional frequency and emotional information, and then it will be communicated to people with similar frequencies, so that TA can feel your emotional existence, which can attract peach blossoms and enhance Love fortune, the exchange of strawberry crystals between couples can also make the relationship sweeter.

  2. Increase love fortune

    Strawberry crystal bracelet can increase the luck of peach blossoms and love. Its powerful energy can affect your magnetic field, making you more confident and attractive, so that it can attract more people's attention. At that moment, you are one step closer to being single.

  3.  Good for physical and mental health

    Strawberry crystal corresponds to the heart chakra, which is very helpful to physical and mental health. It can make people more humble, and make people's communication more smooth and pleasant. Salespeople wear it to help increase performance, and it can also help People dissolve their knots and become more cheerful since then.

Make people proactive

Strawberry crystals can also make people more active. Its energy can affect people's magnetic field, change your lazy side, and make you active from now on, saying goodbye to the lazy state of the past.

Strawberry crystal bracelet to wear left or right handWhen wearing crystal jewelry, the left hand represents the spiritual level, and the right hand represents the material level, and we often say that "left in and right out" refers to traditional Chinese qi, rather than wearing methods.

 According to the Seven Wheel Law of the Great Satellite Health Palace, crystals can be divided into two categories, radioactive crystals and absorbing crystals. Among them, radioactive crystals refer to high-frequency crystals that can emit their own energy and attract some magnetic fields; while absorbing crystals refer to low-frequency crystals that can absorb cohesive forces.


In terms of wearing, radioactive crystals are generally worn on the right hand, while absorbing crystals are worn on the left hand.

  •  Common radioactive crystals: white crystal, citrine, amethyst, hair crystal, green ghost, citrine, etc.;
  • Common absorbing crystals: amethyst, pink crystal, strawberry crystal, etc.;

Therefore, strawberry crystals are absorbing crystals and should be worn on the left hand.

Strawberry crystal wearing taboo

  • Avoid sun exposure and heat

Strawberry crystals exposed to the sun will cause the strawberry crystals to lose their delicate color due to fading, so when we place and store strawberry crystals, we must avoid placing the strawberry crystals in places exposed to strong light.

  •  Avoid collision

The hardness of strawberry crystal itself is almost the same as that of glass, so remember to shake your hands hard, or let them collide with each other, or fall from a height, etc. When exercising or taking a bath, be sure to store the strawberry crystals first to avoid breaking them, and avoid collision or friction with sharp and hard objects, so as not to leave scratches and affect the appearance.

  •  Regular cleaning

Strawberry crystals can help the wearer to block the absorption of bad negative energy around it, but the energy absorption will always be full, so it is necessary to purify the strawberry crystals regularly to ensure her pure state.

  •  Wear it on the left hand

The strawberry crystal bracelet is worn on the left hand, which helps us absorb the pure natural energy of the strawberry crystal, so that the strawberry crystal can play a better and more role.


Purification method:

  • Soak in clean water. Although it is also invalid, the comparison is not obvious. Note that the props used should be clean, the water should be mineral water, and the container should only be a glass cup. Hold it around four hours.


  • Water droplet pollution. Put the strawberry crystals in a bowl, turn the faucet into a droplet shape, and drop it into the bowl. Just continue for ten minutes.


  • Magnetic field purification. This is the most effective purification method. You can get it from the natural crystal store and use the white crystal family to purify it for 8 hours.


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