What's Old Is New Again: The Comeback Of The Mechanical Watch Movement In 2022

Mechanical watch movements are finally coming back in 2022, after being left behind by the rise of digital watches starting in the early 2000s. As a result, these mechanical timepieces have disappeared from the market, with only niche companies producing new timepieces and collectors buying them up to hang on their walls as collectibles. But this trend was about to change in 2023 when several small Swiss luxury watch companies began producing new high-end mechanical watches that would appeal to vintage watch collectors and traditionalists alike.

 Mechanical watch movements

Why Do They Call it a Comeback?

Not so long ago, the top relaxed mechanical watch movement was considered the height of fashion.


But then, as technology progressed, digital watches became all the rage, and it seemed like the old-fashioned automatic watch might be a thing of the past.


But now, in 2022, it looks like these watches are making a comeback! Why? For one thing, people are starting to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into making a good mechanical watch movement.


 And for another, there has been an increasing awareness about how harmful radiation from EMF can be for humans. So if you want to protect yourself from EMF radiation, what better way than wearing an analog wristwatch with no battery or electrical component? It may take some getting used to, but the timeless design and quality craftsmanship of a nice mechanical watch will make it worth your while.


Rediscovering Traditional Timekeeping

In a world where we're constantly plugged in and connected, something is appealing about going back to a more traditional way of telling time. And that's exactly what many people are doing regarding their wristwatches. In 2022, the top mechanical watch movement will come back as people seek ways to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the world around them. Brands like Rolex, Omega, and Jaeger-LeCoultre have responded by rolling out an assortment of new high-end watches for this market segment. But don't think these luxury pieces cost an arm and a leg - you can get your hands on one for less than $5K!

Mechanical Watch Movement


Another thing that makes mechanical watches so alluring is the amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into making each piece. For example, Rolex spends nine hours crafting every look before it hits shelves. Their artisans work meticulously by hand to ensure precision and perfection in every step of production, from cutting down raw metal rods using milling machines to polishing the steel cases until they shine brilliantly.


The Revival of an Ancient Art Form

In a world where digital watches reign supreme, it may seem like there's no place for the old-fashioned mechanical watch movement. But in recent years, there has been a growing appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into these timepieces. And now, it seems that the mechanical watch movement is making a comeback. People realize how much nicer it is to be able to check the time by feeling your wrist rather than looking at your phone or pulling out your wallet.


Plus, with more people living on their phones, wearing a mechanical watch is a great way to de-stress from technology overload and enjoy life again. And as new generations grow up without ever knowing what it was like to live without constantly being connected, they're excited that a mechanical watch can't send notifications or track you everywhere. They're also starting to get excited about the idea of passing down an heirloom piece of jewelry when they get married - because who knows what will happen with our gadgets in 10 years?


Where Do the Parts Come From?

All over the world, skilled watchmakers are racing to create the best mechanical watch movement. But where do the parts come from? Watch details come from all over the world and will keep coming for a long time.

- Some top mechanical watch movements can be made in one day!


- Cool mechanical watch movements can cost up to USD 2 million and be one of a kind!


- Good mechanical watch movements are often made by small craftspeople who work on them for years.


- Best mechanical watch movements can last centuries without ever needing a service!


Handmade Movements for the Modern World

In a world where everything is digital, there's something special about a mechanical watch movement. It's a sign of quality and craftsmanship. And in 2022, it's making a comeback. Automatic watches are not just for collectors anymore - they're for anyone who appreciates high-quality timepieces with centuries of history behind them.


As more people understand the value and rarity of these movements, prices will rise again, creating an elite market that many can't afford. So if you've been thinking about investing in a traditional Swiss or Japanese-made watch powered by hand-crafted mechanical movement, now might be your chance! Remember that big names like Rolex, Cartier, and Omega have been at this game since long before mechanical watches went out of style in 1969. So keep up on trends to ensure you get a good deal on your new investment.

Mechanical Watch Movement




Bringing Back Their Original Beauty and Functionality

Though quartz watches have overshadowed them recently, mechanical watches are returning significantly. In 2022, these timepieces are seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to their original beauty and functionality. Unlike most modern-day electronic devices, mechanical watches can be repaired by an experienced watchmaker using just a small kit. Moreover, they'll never need to be charged or replaced with batteries; you wind them up, and they work until the natural oils dry up inside them. That means they're always accurate too! Best, this movement has no display screens that can burn out or break as digital displays do. So, as technology advances, we're rediscovering what's old is new again!


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