Which High End Watch Brands Will Still Be Popular In

High end watch brands will still be popular in 2023? If you love wearing watches, the question of which high-end watch brands will still be around in 2023 may have crossed your mind at some point in your life. In order to answer this question and help you decide which high end watch brands are likely to succeed, you need to take into account more than just the brand name and its history. You also have to look at the larger picture of the entire watch market, including recent trends and new technologies. Let’s take a look at what future horologists are most likely to wear as we enter into our third decade of the 21st century.

 High End Watch Brands

Patek Philippe


Though Patek Philippe prices can be expensive - starting at around $5,000 - they make up for it with their incredible durability and timeless design. It's so rare to see one of their watches break or need repair that they're generally considered good investments as well as high-quality timepieces. In our opinion, this makes them the best high end watch brands in terms of value.


Audemars Piguet


One of the best high end watch brands currently available is Audemars Piguet. The company was founded by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet over 200 years ago in 1875. If you're looking for a good high end watch brand, this may be a good option. There are many models to choose from, with prices ranging from $5,000 to $200,000. Some notable watches include the Royal Oak Offshore Steel (with a price tag of around $6,500), which features an automatic mechanical movement; as well as the more affordable Royal Oak Offshore Rubber (priced at around $1,350).


Vacheron Constantin


The company's success means it can afford to produce some exceptionally expensive pieces that are only available through private ordering or at auction events like Sotheby's or Christie's. Examples of these include the Double Balancier and the Patrimony Perpetual Calendar, which cost $190,000 and $250,000 respectively. Vacheron Constantin is a brand with a rich history that still maintains its traditional values while still being progressive in terms of design and development of new watch technologies




Since it was founded, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been known for its complicated timepieces - a term used to describe timepieces that have many different functions. It also produces simpler watches but is mostly known for its complicated timepieces that are an elegant addition to any wardrobe or collection. In 2023, this will still be true and this brand will be considered among the best high end watch brands of all time.




The IWC watch company has been around for 150 years, and it is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands. The company's slogan is no compromise and its motto is IWC - a tradition of excellence. They are known for their high-end watches that have elegant designs and cost a lot of money. IWC is most famous for its Big Pilot's Watches, which are automatic chronographs with robust engines that can go up to 45 hours without winding. If you want to get your hands on an IWC watch, you will have to spend anywhere from $7,000-$25,000 because they are considered to be good high end watches.




Known for their luxurious designs, Cartier watches are a favorite among men and women. One of their most popular models is the Cartier Santos 1003. The watch features a white dial with Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, and a date window at 3 o'clock. A secondhand makes it easier to tell the time on your watch. The three-hand watch is 38mm wide and 7.5mm high. The case is made out of 18K yellow gold, while the strap is made out of calfskin leather that's been dyed black to look like crocodile leather! This model also comes with an automatic movement that will keep accurate time without a battery change.


In addition to all these amazing features, this luxury watch also has a sapphire crystal face and comes with one year warranty. For those who can afford it, Cartier has created the perfect piece of jewelry that they'll be able to pass down from generation to generation! If you're looking for a great way to show off your wealth, then Cartier is the best place to start.



Omega's most famous lines are their Seamaster, Constellation, De Ville, and Speedmaster lines. These watches make up the bulk of their business and continue to be popular today. The Omega Company also produces the world's thinnest movement with its Co-Axial escapement technology (as low as 2 mm thick). This provides an advantage to diving watch enthusiasts since most other manufacturers' movements are thicker than 5 mm. Additionally, Omega was the first company to produce a digital quartz watch back in 1969. They were also the first company to produce a watch powered by solar energy in 1976.




One of Breitling's most popular collections is their Navitimer series which was originally designed for pilots. These watches are considered iconic due to their aviation-inspired stylings like oversized hour markers and a rotating bezel that allows pilots to calculate flight data or speed with ease. The company has also been making waves by introducing sleeker, smaller, and lighter designs while still maintaining the traditional style.

 High End Watch Brands

The brand has been recognized as one of the best high end watch brands since it introduced the first wristwatch in 1952. And even though it hasn't had an updated design in about 15 years, it continues to remain one of the top high end watch brands today.


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